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Among Us Twitter Account Background

The latest tweets from @InnerslothDevs. The latest tweets from @AmongUsGame. Among Us launches official Twitter account with a first snippet of a new map, teases further information to be reveald at The Game Awards. AmongUsGame is the official Twitter account for the game Among Us created by Innersloth. Among Us is a online multiplayer game in which there is two roles crewmate and Imposter. Crewmates have to do tasks in order to win and they can win by finishing all of their tasks or voting off the Imposter, Imposters have to kill the crewmates and there can be 1 - 3 Imposters and they can sabotage so the. Among Us may have launched back in 2018, but in 2020 it really saw rapid growth. Recently, developer Innersloth introduced a Community Director to the team, and an official Twitter account has been.

This has easily been the most fun I've had on Twitter since Richard Dawkins had his honey confiscated. #au_twitfic

— Made Of Stars (@MadeOfStars3) March 16, 2014

Among Us Twitter

Among Us News

Among Us was a real-time, mass participatory Twitter Fiction story that I wrote/curated as part of the Twitter Fiction festival, 2014.

Official Among Us Twitter

It went live from 5pm GMT Saturday 15th March to 5pm GMT Sunday 16th March, 2014.

Over 24 hours, I tweeted summaries of news stories under the account @au_twitfic, giving details of a revelation that aliens were living among us on Earth. The news stories covered topics such as responses from governments, the UN, religious and political groups, as well as statements from the aliens themselves. This all led up to a further revelation from the aliens, explaining why they had kept themselves hidden and what their intentions were, released 24 hours after the start of the story.

Participants created their characters’ stories by responding to these news tweets and tweeting their own actions and speculations on the day this news came to light.

Among Us Twitter Codes


You can read the story here, or search the hashtag #au_tf to read it directly on Twitter. I’ve left the information on how to how to take part up here, even though the project’s been and gone now, in case it’s of interest to anyone investigating the process.

Among Us Twitter Account


Among Us Twitter New Map

You can also follow the Twitter and Facebook, and read/tweet non-fiction commentary about the project under the hashtag #au_twitfic.

Among Us Twitter

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