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Andrew Pierce urged people to 'get over it' (Image: ITV) Figures suggest the BBC lost six percent of its viewership week on week and BBC 2 lost two-thirds of its audience over the weekend.

Andrew Pierce hails from Bristol, England. Thus, he belongs to an English nationality. Presently, Andrew Pierce is active on Twitter Bio under the username @toryboypierce. He joined Twitter in October 2013. He has 143.9k followers and 676 followings. Is Andrew Pierce gay? According to outlet mailplus, he clearly states that he is a gay man. View the profiles of people named Andrew Pierce. Join Facebook to connect with Andrew Pierce and others you may know. Facebook gives people the power to.

The Green New Deal would eliminate well over 1 million Texas jobs. Annual electricity costs would increase from $1,500 to $14,000. Simply put, the GND would be bad for Texas.

Green New Deal on Twitter

Ryan Knight ☭ ()

@POTUS Then why have you approved over 31 drilling permits? And why did the DNC add fossil fuel subsidies for Big Oil companies back into its platform? And why are you against an eco-socialist Green New Deal? Platitudes aren’t going to stop the climate crisis. #EarthDay2021


Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez Speaks On The Revolutionary Green New Deal Legislation That She Introduced.

StefanieWithanF ()

@SenTedCruz The Green New Deal will never get fully implemented in your lifetime, so nothing for you Boomers to really worry about. You science deniers need to go back to some basic 5th grade coursework to get a better understanding.

🌻The Official New York Socialist ✡️ ()

President Biden is against the Green New Deal and pro fracking so I have no idea why he thinks that his administration has “brought science back.”

Colorado Trek 🇺🇸 🦅 ()

@disclosetv China benefits the most under the green new deal by being forgivin not only for all pollution, but all genocide. #UyghurGenocide

Carol ()

From ATR AOC Wants Taxpayers to Pay for million Green New Deal Hall Monitors

Rosalyn ()
Andrew Pierce Twitter

Is AOC actually gonna do the new green deal debate? Please tell me she isn’t. It does no good. There are better ways for her to put out information than that. All it’s going to be is a media spectacle

No IDC NY ()

Scott Stringer is the Green New Deal candidate for NYC. Pass it on.

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Emma ()

republicans not being able to read all 14 pages of the green new deal is very funny to me bc i read the whole thing in exactly 4 minutes

// Chad // Rodriguez // ()

How is the green new deal bad again @tedcruz. You little weasel of a man.

Filiz Parmaksız ()

@blgcdm Ahh ahh insanlar şunu anlayabilse hele the new green deal“i araştırsalar altında neler yattığını anlayacaklar da işte 😒

Laura 🌅‏ ()

Continuing my celebration of Green New Deal week with my @GenerationGND mug! 💚

The Ordinarian ()

Incoming from Andrew Donaldson: Green New Deal (Slight Return): Read It For Yourself #AOC #GreenNewDeal

Cat - Get Vaccinated! Wear a Mask! ()

She *thinks* the burn is the number of pages in the Green New Deal

Stephen Sipila ()

It will be interesting to see Alexandria Ocasio Cortez debate Marjorie Taylor Greene about the Green New Deal. It will be fun seeing Alexandria Ocasio Cortez be eloquent while Marjorie Taylor Greene gets scared by all of the big words from all 14 pages of it. #ThursdayThoughts

Elizabeth Brown🌊🌊🌊 ()

What pisses me off more is the fact that Marjorie Taylor Greene has been complaining all this time without even reading one page of all 14 pages of AOC Green New Deal proposal #MTGvsAOC #AOC

Christina Pimental ()

The Politicians are pushing the New Green Deal. Another 10 Trillion dollar boondoggle. Pray for America

QM_GlobalHealth ()

The Public Health Case for a Green New Deal from Dr Andrew Harmer 🌍🌍 #qmulglobalhealth

Elizabeth Warren ()

The climate crisis is the existential threat of our time. We have a moral obligation to protect our planet. And with the Green New Deal, we can also create millions of good-paying jobs and strengthen communities across the country.

Senator Ted Cruz ()

The Green New Deal would eliminate well over 1 million Texas jobs. Annual electricity costs would increase from $1,500 to $14,000. Simply put, the GND would be bad for Texas.

James C Lawlor ()

What has Ed Markey done for He is a Green New Deal proponent. What has he done for America? He is nothing more than a rubber stamp for Democratic Presidents. Come on Massachusetts!

Hartmut Noack ()

Andrew Pierce Twitter News

@PGexplaining Das größte Problem der Grünen ist die neoliberale Sozialpolitik, die sie seit Schröder gemacht haben. Habeck hat sich davon demonstrativ distanziert, redet von H4 abschaffen, bessere Löhne/Arbeitsbedingungen, Green New Deal etc Wie ist es mit Baerbock in dieser Hinsicht?

Morty Smith (D) ()

@jaxinn @DCelesteSpencer None of this would matter because Taylor would turn this into a screaming match. To her it would not be about the green new deal but a chance for her to scream at and disrespect a Latino woman on TV to entertain her White supremacist base. This should be a hard no from AOC.

Lary Mitch ❌⚔️ ()

@jgt1011jt @1813Doncarlo Yes ... Cortez too busy on the green ( 🤢 ) new deal ...

MTW ()

⁦@AOC⁩ would wipe the floor with @mtgreenee⁩ and embarrass her. 🤣Taylor Greene wants to debate Green New Deal with Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez TheHill

Greg H. Laborde ()

@TimeIsNow2020 The problem is you neglected to mentioned the extremist legislation currently being proposed by Democrats in the for DC& to make fraud permanent like new tax vote 4 Marcus is a vote for D !!

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D3serk 🇭🇰🇹🇼🇪🇪🇬🇪🇮🇪 ()

Biden Trump politicamente correto. Imposto Corporativo Mínimo Favorecer países ricos e aumentar ainda mais a pressão migratória fortalecendo nacionalistasGreen New Deal Deixar os EUA mais limpos exportando inflação para os outros países.

Dr. Gee ()

@BrodyWilbur @thehill The actual title of the article is “Marjorie Taylor Greene wants to debate Green New Deal with Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez.” So how is MTG being baited here?

Chrislyn ()

@HStarshot Afraid she will win? Maybe people would learn facts about the Green New Deal instead of lies.

Andrew Pierce Uk

Stacy ()

The Hill: Marjorie Taylor Greene wants to debate Green New Deal with Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez TheHill. via @GoogleNewsYeah😆 me too!