Cdj 350 Rekordbox

Cdj 350 Rekordbox

If you are looking for your first media players or simply your budget is tight, it is inevitable that you will come across these two models, the classic Pioneer CDJ-350 and the renovation of the same that Pioneer DJ called Pioneer XDJ-700.

Construction and durability

Pioneer cdj 350 pair

Both devices should withstand the ramming that presumably should be carried in the cabin without much difficulty, although the Pioneer CDJ-350 here has a slight advantage.

First, because it is a CDJ that has been on the market for more than 15 years and that in this time has amply demonstrated its durability, in fact it is a booth that most professional sound companies usually have and we all know that in such companies movement and extreme use is guaranteed.

An excellent digital turntable. It has a USB port which allows you to carry your music in USB sticks for greater mobility and in addition to this, the CDJ-350 is totally rekordbox compatible so you can use it to organize your music library for each peroformance.

On the other hand, the CDJ-350 to the touch seems heavier and better built than the Pioneer XDJ-700, this statement is greatly influenced by the fact that the 350 has a CD tray, something that supposes an extra weight to the product.

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The XDJ-700 for its part does not have a CD tray, so its weight is much less and that can give the end user a feeling of fragility.

However, the Pioneer XDJ-700 is still an excellent player, even though it weighs less, something very positive from the point of view of mobility, it still uses practically the same materials as the 350. This is plastic housing combined with metal hardware and a large 7-inch full-color screen.

As we always point out in this section, only the evolution over time of the Pioneer XDJ-700 will show whether it is a reliable product or not, although with a simple search on the Internet we can see that at the moment it does not present many problems in this regard, with which presumably it will last as long in the cabin as its predecessor.

Cdj 350 Rekordbox

Media playback

The Pioneer CDJ-350 is compatible with both pendrives and CDs and on top of that it is perfectly usable as a controller since it is compatible with both Rekordbox DJ and Traktor Pro.

The Pioneer XDJ-700, on the other hand, does not have a CD tray, although it is logically compatible with USB memories. And while it can be used as a controller in conjunction with Rekordbox DJ, it doesn’t do the same with Traktor as the 350.

In short, the CDJ-350 is much more flexible and the XDJ-700 is more limited in terms of supported formats so in this section the Pioneer CDJ-350 wins.

Cdj 350 Rekordbox License

Differences between the Pioneer CDJ-350 and the Pioneer XDJ-700

The most notable apart from the fact that the 350 mounts a CD tray and the 700 does not, is the large screen that the XDJ-700 has that allows the vast majority of its operations to be tactile. Of course the size and definition of the 700 screen is infinitely higher than the 350.

The fact that many of its functions are tactile means that the Hot Cues have to be applied through the screen, which for many can be a critical disadvantage is not so much if we take into account that for example the 350 does not even have physical buttons by Hot Cues.

Of course, both models have the crucial physical controls for any DJ, this is Play, Cue, looping buttons, audio source selection, etc.

Cdj 350 Pioneer - Usb/rekordbox

Another difference is the weight, the Pioneer XDJ-700 weighs 2 kg and the Pioneer CDJ-350 is about 2.3 kg. Although they are only 300 grams different, if you hold one device and then the other it appears that the 350 is much heavier than it actually is.


Another section in which there are notable differences is in that of the connections. The two players have a USB type B connection to use them as controllers, RCA input, in the case of the 350 it comes with a minijack input to control the CDJ remotely but that the manufacturer has not incorporated into their players for years and of course both they come with a Kensington slot to secure the device with a compatible cable.

But the Pioneer XDJ-700 comes with an RJ-45 port to link two or more compatible units and the Pioneer CDJ-350 does not. This difference is crucial because the Pioneer CDJ-350 forces us to load at least two different USB memory sticks, whereas the XDJ-700 since it can be linked, allows us to work with only one USB stick.

final thoughts

Cdj 350 Rekordbox

If you need a player that comes with a CD tray or that is compatible with Traktor via the controller, your selection should definitely be the Pioneer CDJ-350. Without either of these two issues, the decision is very simple, the Pioneer XDJ-700.

Aspects of the Pioneer CDJ-350 such as the jog wheel make little difference, obviously the 350 is compatible with more media but for everything else the XDJ-700 is an excellent way to enter the world of CDJ or XDJ and slowly learn more about them.

Pioneer Cdj 350 Pair

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