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I think what you posted will work just fine. As far as I am concerned, there are really just two big rules when buying a Keyboard (that should work well with osu!):-buy good switches (cherry or alike, no cheap clones)-don't buy corsair (several people (including me, rafis, kynan.) had problems with them, always the same one: random double inputs. You press once, keyboard sends two presses. Today I will be reviewing a wonderful keypad that works perfectly for osu! Sorry I have not uploaded for almost a month! I have actually started maki.

As it has to do with playing games, each gamer, professional or not, understands an excellent input apparatus is a secret to win some game.

In regards to games such as OSU!, a quick rhythm-based game that depends on player’s speed and reflexes, it’s even more critical to have an adequate computer keyboard with whom it is possible to reach on the circles and segments of notes quicker and better.

If you continue to be in doubt if you play with OSU! Using a keyboard or other input device or wondering what the ideal keyboard for OSU! Is, we’re here in order to present you a few of the widely used keyboards for playing with this widely-known game. We expect this listing could help you to find your best keyboard for OSU!

With the lowest prices online, cheap shipping rates and local collection options, you can make an even bigger saving. If you’re still in two minds about keyboard osu and are thinking about choosing a similar product, AliExpress is a great place to compare prices and sellers. Budget Osu Keypad? Posted by 18 days ago. Budget Osu Keypad? (since my switches are cheap and non swappable). Any help would be appreciated! My sister with cerebral palsy hitting osu! Combo with her eye tracking PC. Posted by 3 days.

List of 10 Best Keyboard For Osu



Cheap osu keypad manual

The YTC SkipPad V2 has been rebuilt with the user in mind. With an extra button, you can navigate osu! without a keyboard and without losing functionality. With the new 4key variants, the mania and taiko players are no longer left out. Finally, with the hotswappable option, the dilemma of choosing the right keyswitch can be mitigated. Don’t like your current switches? No problem! Just swap them out with the included switch puller and replace them!

The small keypad that packs a big punch, YTC SkipPad is custom-built to your preference. With 13 mechanical keyswitch options to choose from, you can find the perfect switches for your use. Whether it’s the heavy linear black switches or clicky tactile blues, with the reliability of Gateron mechanical switches’ 50 million keypress rating, you can ensure your SkipPad will keep on streaming through the longest of deathstreams (as long as your fingers don’t give out first)! You can also customize the keypad colour, size, keycap style, and LEDs—so your SkipPad is not only functional, but stylish too.


Cheap Osu Keypad Remote

  • Near-zero latency keypresses with 1000hz polling and 1ms response time
  • Extra side button, for more keyboard shortcuts.
  • LEDs included in base price of the keypad, no additional costs!
  • Reprogrammable keys and animated LED lighting with user-friendly GUI
  • Hotswappable variant will enable you to mix and match keyswitches, or try something new.
  • >4000 different customizable variants
  • 3D printed base
Cheap Osu Keypad


Osu 4k Keypad

  • Hotswapping: Enables the ability to change the keyswitches on your keypad.

Cheap Osu Keypad Locks


  • 1x 3.3ft Micro USB cable
  • 2x Keycaps of your choice (4x for 4key variants)
  • 1x YTC SkipPad with attached reusable suction tape
  • For hotswappable variants: 1x Switch puller

Additional switches may be available depending on stock. If you would like to purchase extra switches, please add this product to the SAME order you are purchasing the keypad in.

Cheap Osu Keypad

MEASUREMENTS (excluding switch/keycaps):

  • 2key: 56mm * 31mm * 12.5mm
  • 4key: 112mm * 31mm * 12.5mm