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Famous actress Demet Özdemir is one of the most talked about young players of the last period. Especially after her performance in the Day Dreamer series, she attracted much more attention. After the romantic comedy productions, the actress plays the role of Zeynep in TV8’s new series, My Home My Destiny.

They have a harmonious relationship with İbrahim Çelikkol, who plays Mehdi in the series, in front of and behind the camera. The two actors, who are likened to each other as partners, make their followers laugh with some funny videos from social media.

Although there is a drama in front of the camera, the fans who follow Demet Özdemir with her energetic personality, natural and sincere moods come across an interesting video or surprise photos at any time.

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The videos made by Özdemir with her humorous personality are followed with interest by her fans on social media and spread instantly. The videos that the actress has taken using Instagram’s filters for a few days are breaking down!

While waiting for the shoot on set or in her caravan, the actress often shares videos and photos with her followers. Finally, she attracted attention with her photos that made her look like Elves.

Demet Ozdemir Twitter Official

Recently, one more has been added to the actress’ content that made the audience laugh. Demet Özdemir, who transformed herself into a completely different shape with the filter, started to convey the situations experienced behind the camera on the set in a fun way.

She made the followers laugh with a video of her explaining that she did not drink real alcohol in the scenes where drinking was taken on the set, and that they were drinking cherry juice instead of wine.

Demet Özdemir InstaStory’den yeni bir video paylaştı!😁 @dmtzdmr#DemetÖ

— Demet Özdemir Fan Club (@DemetOzdemrNews) February 2, 2021

Özdemir also explained a similar behind-the-scenes trick with a video she shot in a fun way. Look, how does he tell her followers that prison scenes are not real prison?

Demet ozdemir updates twitter

Demet Özdemir InstaStory’den yeni bir video paylaştı!💙 @dmtzdmr#DemetÖ

— Demet Özdemir Fan Club (@DemetOzdemrNews) February 3, 2021

Here is one more funny behind-the-scenes videos of Demet Özdemir …

Demet Özdemir InstaStory’den İbrahim Çelikkol ile setten yeni bir video paylaştı! @[email protected]@ibrahimcelikkol#DemetÖzdemir#İbrahimÇelikkol#Doğduğ

— Demet Özdemir Fan Club (@DemetOzdemrNews) February 3, 2021

Here is another fun content…

Demet Özdemir InstaStory’den yeni bir video paylaştı!😁 @dmtzdmr#DemetÖ

Demet ozdemir twitter official

— Demet Özdemir Fan Club (@DemetOzdemrNews) January 30, 2021

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Demet Özdemir, who came to the screens with the TV8 TV series, My Home My Destiny, is also on the agenda with her posts on social media. The young actress continues her humorous posts that make her followers laugh. Finally, the actress, who had to work on Sunday, made her laugh with her reproach.

The actress is in the brand of her fans as a name that uses social media effectively. The actress, who made her followers happy with behind-the-scenes videos and photos from the set, did not break the rule today.

After İbrahim Çelikkol’s departure, she started sharing a photo with Engin Öztürk, who shared the lead role of the series, with the following pose from the set.

The actress, who posed with a set of pieces in the background, dropped the grade “voice is her job” and wrote the words “Don’t look at me, I woke up too early” for herself.

A video shot by Demet Özdemir while he was waiting for her stage on the set revealed the situation. The actress was experiencing the stress of going to bed late on Saturday evening and waking up early on Sunday morning.

Demet Özdemir, who took the situation a little tense, made the audience laugh with her words of regret not sleeping after 12 o’clock at night with a tearful filter. The actress, who promised herself, also promises that she will sleep when she gets sleep again.

The video, which broke up on social media, was also attracted by her fans. Here is Demet Özdemir’s humorous video full of regret of leaving her sleepless.

Demet Özdemir InstaStory’den yeni bir video paylaştı!🥺
🔹“Kendime söz veriyorum. Gece 12’den sonra yok ya uykum gelmedi daha diye oturduğum bütün dakikaları bir daha yapmayacağım, yaşamayacağım. Direkt uyuyacağım. Sabah setim oluyor.” @dmtzdmr#DemetÖ

— Demet Özdemir Fan Club (@DemetOzdemrNews) April 11, 2021

Demet Ozdemir Updates Twitter

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Demet Ozdemir Twitter

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