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  • I just updated the elementor version to 3.0 and now I can see some bugs. when i try to swap the column it duplicates another one and when I try to delete the row it just deletes the column inside. Is this a bug or just an update with new features? please see attached video

  • I am having similar problems. I cannot delete sections or widgets properly. Copy & Paste Styles not working properly as well. The fonts are not showing properly as well.
    The entire builder is so buggy after updated to 3.0 onwards. My worst experience using Elementor so far. Hoping that this will be fixed real soon.

    Yes, we have the same problems. We note that, after each big Elementor update, after it have a lot issues and fixes, this is not good!

    When we can expect a real good working Elementor?

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    I have the same problems. When can the bugs be corrected?

    I just updated too and my elementor messed up all of my fonts settings…..after 3 hours i finally figure out how to fix it.
    You need to go to elementor>tools>version control>Rerun Update Script….this returned all of my previous fonts and colors settings.

    I have similar problems, the UI is hardly workable anymore. Cannot delete sections and columns, then it deletes sections when I delete a column. After every change you need to save as draft and then reload page to see what elementor decided to do.
    Rerun Update Script makes no difference.

    Astonishing that Elementor can release something that is so broken.

    Waqas’s video is exactly what I experience. Its a mess

    Thanks Waqas, I first tried to go back to 3.0.0, but no luck. I now went back to 2.9.9 and things are back to normal. Much appreciate your feedback!

    The column error is in the powerpack elements plugin, i have the same problem, i hope update of powerpack to fix the problems

    @waqas7431 , same here. Elementor version 3 is breaking all my sites. I rolled back them back to ver. 2.9.9 and all the sites are working fine. Elementor support response has been very slow, and I suspect that they are dealing with all those issues we’ve been facing. I will stay with the older version until it gets solid.

    Same issues here, Editor is not loading, not even on Safe Mode. Unable to edit most of anything, and I´m even using Elementor Pro.

    Please fix. Will revert to previous version in the meanwhile.

    – SRS

Elementor Pro 3.0

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Elementor 3.0 Video Resources Free

Up until Elementor 3.0, whenever a page was loaded, Elementor’s Dynamic Tags module scanned the entire page for any elements that include dynamic content. If dynamic content was found, the module fetched that element’s dynamic values, wrote the relevant CSS into a. PHP GPL-3.0 934 3,718 2,052 (1 issue needs help) 116 Updated Apr 22, 2021 hello-theme A plain-vanilla theme, best suited for building your site using Elementor plugin. In this video, I show you how you can work with Global Colors and Global Typography using Elementor 3.0. In this new update, you can change the look and feel. Download now Elementor Pro 3.2.1 + 3.1.4 NULLED WordPress Page Builder Plugin from GPL Suite - Wordpress Themes & Plugin. 100% clean files. Elementor 3.0 is a major version and includes some substantial infrastructure changes, and unfortunately some conflicts are bound to happen. We always recommend having a backup for your site and using a testing environment before installing a new version.