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Events Addon for Elementor covers all the must-needed elements for creating a perfect Event website using Elementor Page Builder. 30+ Unique & Basic Elementor widget covers all of the Event elements. Including getting a list of event posts from most popular Events WordPress plugins. Like, Accommodation, Venue, Conference, Event Timing Countdown, Organizer, Speakers, Schedules, Upcoming Events, and Tickets.

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Create a 100% FREE Event Website

35+ Event Website Widgets

Each elementor widget crafted based on Event Websites in Mind. So, this plugin covers all 35+ free must-needed elementor widgets to fulfill your event website needs. At the same time, it grabs your visitor’s attention. 🙂

Easy to Customize

User-Friendly wise Elementor is the best choice of Page Builder in WordPress. We assured that same editing experience in our Addons plugin too. Every widget comes with plenty of options with easy to edit user experience.

Professional Support

Our experienced Team supports your every question carefully, and your points/notes will take to the core development team to improving our plugin gradually.

Detailed Documentation

We’ve explained everything about the plugin in our detailed documentation, it does not only explain the (How to’s?) instead it’ll explain the effective way of using the addon.

Supported Event Plugins

35+ Event Free Widgets & Counting

You can find all of the following 35+ most useful widgets of your Awesome Event Website.

All elements list: Elements List

Basic Widgets

  1. About Me – Name, Profession, Social Media Links, Description, and Button link.
  2. About Us – All Basic Company Details Meta Information, Social Icons, Description, and Alignments.
  3. Blog – Columns up to four, Limit, Order & Order by, Certain Category posts, Certain ID’s, Excerpt and it’s length, Pagination, and more.
  4. Chart – Contains – Bar and PIE Charts.
  5. Contact – Contact form box, Title, Short Content and Contact form shortcode.
  6. Gallery – Filter, Title, Subtitle, Positioning Controls, Zoom, and Links.
  7. Get Apps – App Store, Play Store, and Chrome Browser Extension images, and links. Title, Sub-title, and short content.
  8. History – Time or Year, Title, Short Content, and Read More link. With Swappable Image.
  9. Image Compare – Before and After Images with a vertical and horizontal controller.
  10. Process – Includes Three Types of Different Design Layouts, Title, Icon, or Numbers and, Short Content.
  11. Separator – Vertical Alignment and Horizontal Alignment with Headings, Icon, or Text between separator lines.
  12. Services – Five style types of a service element, icon or image, Headings, Short Content and, Read More link.
  13. Slider – Sider animation control, background image uploads, Heading, Short Content and, two buttons.
  14. Subscibe – Title, Short Content with Shortcode Placement area. That you can able to install any third-party subscribe form plugin and include that shortcode into this design.
  15. Table – Easy to add row and columns, Supported multiple inside elements.
  16. Team Single – Name, Profession, Meta Informations, Contact Details, Social Links, and, Short Content.
  17. Team – Four Styles, Name, Short Content, Social Links, and Profession.
  18. Testimonials – Three Styles, Images, Content, and Client Name, Professions.
  19. Type Writter – Typing Animation Controls, Speed, and Cursor Controls.
  20. Video – Title, Cover Image with Animated Button – Video Popup.
Elementor Youtube

Event Specific Widgets

  1. Accommodation – Two Styles, Place Name, Pricings, Ratings, Image, Short Content, and Read More link.
  2. Conference – Title, Content, Location, Organizer, Countdown, Date & Time and more.
  3. Countdown – Two Styles, Counter for Specific Date.
  4. Discussions – Tab styled information for event discussion topics, Tag, Date, Title, Short Content, and Tab Informations.
  5. Event – Two Styles, Title, Date, Timing, and Short Content.
  6. Info Box – Icon, Title, and Short Content.
  7. Organizer – Two – Three – Four Column Controls, Image, Name, Profession, Short Content, and Read More link.
  8. Pricing Table – Title, Price, Tickets Left, Features, and Button.
  9. Schedule List – List of schedules Timing, Speaker, Location, Title, Short Content, and Read More link.
  10. Schedule Tab – “Schedule Tab” – Day, Date as a tab option for above element.
  11. Schedule – Schedule Slider & Grid. Date, Place, Title, Short Content, and Read More link.
  12. Sessions – Two – Three – Four Columns, Day, Session, Timing, Room Numbers.
  13. Ticket – A Call to Action for dedicated Ticket element, Title, Sub-Title, Short Content and, Buy Now button.
  14. Upcoming Events – Two Styles, Days left, Title, Date, Speaker, and Place.
  15. Venues – Two – Three – Four Columns, Date, Title, Short Content, and Read More link.
  16. Calendar Button – Direct click to add event information to your calendar app.
  17. Call to Action – Title, Subtitle, Content, and Button.


  • Make sure you already have a WordPress site and the Elementor plugin installed and activated.

Default Installation

  1. Install “Events Addon for Elementor” via WordPress plugin directory.
  2. Once installed Activate “Events Addon for Elementor.”

Manual Installation

Elementor Youtube

  1. Upload the plugin folder to the “/wp-content/plugins/” directory.
  2. Activate the plugin through the “Plugins” screen in WordPress
Elementor Youtube


This plugin work with any theme?

Yes, for sure! It will work with any theme that “Elementor Page Builder” works.

Is this plugin work without Elementor Page Builder?

No, it’ll not work without Elementor Page Builder, it’s an addon for Elementor.


Events Adds On Pro looks great with Event Manager. Great support !!
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