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Australian porn actress Elle Knox claimed she was removed from a United Airlines flight after standing at her seat and ranting about the police involved death of Minneapolis man George Floyd.

“My flight from Houston to San Francisco just landed,” Elle Knox said. “I stood up and said, ‘This isn’t my country. I’m an Australian. But I’ve noticed your democracy being threatened. Do not be complacent. Decide what side of history you’d like to be on.'”

She included a video recorded with her cell phone revealing that United Airlines representatives were trying to decide whether or not she would be allowed to catch her flight back to Australia.


Watch below:


They are deciding if I’ll be allowed to take my next flight to Sydney… pic.twitter.com/YdpS4T6XvS


— Elle Knox 🌙🌻 (@ElleKnoxxxAu) June 2, 2020

Knox added that airline officials told her, “I couldn’t make a political statement on a United Airline,” but insisted that her declaration “was a human rights statement.”

“I’ve been told I scared people when I made the announcement!” Knox added “Even though everyone applauded me when I was escorted off. If I stood up and asked people to wish my friend a happy birthday, this wouldn’t be an issue.”


Ella Knox Twitter


In another tweet, Knox insisted that she could not make any protests, so she decided to speak out where she could.

“If I could, I’d be at a protest! But I can’t, so I used my voice where I could. I’d rather do what I did, than stay silent.”

If I could, I’d be at a protest! But I can’t, so I used my voice where I could. I’d rather do what I did, than stay silent.

— Elle Knox 🌙🌻 (@ElleKnoxxxAu) June 2, 2020

United Airlines eventually decided she could board her flight to Sydney and she flew without further incident.

“United flight 1853 from Houston to San Francisco on June 1 was met by law enforcement after a customer failed to follow crew instructions during landing,” the airline told Travel Weekly. “The flight landed safely, and all other customers deplaned as normal.”

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Australian pornstar says she gets dropped off United Airlines flight after she talks about George Floyd’s death

On Tuesday, June 2, 28-year-old Ella Knox flew from Houston to San Francisco on her way to Sydney. I agree with her post on Twitter, already on board she got up from her chair to defend the protesters against police brutality.

“This is not my country, I am Australian,” she said to 300 passengers on board. “But I noticed that your democracy is being threatened.” Do not be smug. Decide which side of the story you want to be. ” But some travelers “felt threatened” by calling the police – and when the plane landed in San Francisco, it was escorted from the plane.

Ella Knox Twitter Pics Leaked

According to Knox, she was later not allowed to make “political statements” on the plane. She was told that she might not be able to board her next flight to Sydney. “I was told that I can’t make political statements on United Airlines, I told them that this is a human rights statement,” she wrote on her Twitter account, where she calls herself “an Australian beauty who loves to undress and travel.” “.

But a United Airlines spokesman insisted that law enforcement agencies have to intervene because the star refused to sit down while the plane was moving. “This client refused to follow the crew’s strict instructions to sit down when the flight attendants were in their seats and the plane was on the runway,” the United Airlines statement said.