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While many are celebrating Chuseok, ENHYPEN has another reason to be thankful for besides their hard work resulting in a November debut.

After opening their promotional and personal Twitter accounts less than two weeks ago, the latter account broke and set a new record for all K-Pop groups.

Before officially debuting, the rookie group has reached one million followers in a mere ten days on the account reserved for its members. Their promotional account is also well on its way with three-quarters of that many followers.

Enhypen Official Twitter

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  2. Instagram: di VLIVE come ENHYPEN ITALIA.
  3. ENHYPEN - PROFILE PHOTOS ENHYPEN for Dazed Korea Magazine February 2021 Issue HQ ENHYPEN 'BORDER: DAY ONE' Concept Teasers 200919 ENHYPEN Twitter Update 201130 ENHYPEN 'BORDER: DAY ONE' Jacket Shooting Behind by Melon 201213 SBS Twitter Update - ENHYPEN at Inkigayo Backstage 201218 KBS Twitter Update - ENHYPEN at 2020 KBS Song Festival Red Carpet 201215 ENHYPEN at The Show (Starplay.

The only other K-Pop who held the record before them was TXT, who did so in eleven days. It makes them the only two groups ever to gain such a following in a short span before even debuting.

ENHYPEN GLOBAL on Twitter April 2021 “PHOTOS 201207 — ENHYPEN performing 'Given-Taken' on SBS Inkigayo #ENHYPEN #엔하이픈 #エンハイフン @ENHYPENmembers”.


Enhypen Twitter Members

Enhypen Twitter

Since Big Hit Entertainment had a hand in both groups, it’s a sign ENHYPEN’s debut will be one worth waiting for—especially for fans.

Enhyphen 2021

With only a couple of months to go, everyone will be looking at their tweets to keep them hyped for November.