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How to Sync Notebooks between Evernote and OneNote

Head over to cloudhq.net

NOTE: The acceptable mapping in Evernote and OneNote would be:

Evernote tags For Onenote that comes with Office: Notes are imported to Onenote in a tab that has the same name as the tag the note has. If a note has multiple tags, that note is imported multiple times to Onenote, so you get duplicate notes! To avoid duplicate notes, you should first remove duplicate tags from your notes in Evernote.

  • Evernote <> OneNote
  • Evernote stacks and notebooks <> OneNote notebooks
  • Evernote/stacks and notebooks/notebook <> OneNote/notebook/section
    where Evernote notebook is mapped to OneNote section
  • The OneNote Importer finds any Evernote content on your Mac and sends it to OneNote. You can choose any Microsoft Account to use with OneNote, no matter if it’s a personal Hotmail, Live.com, or Outlook.com account, or a Microsoft Account given to you by your work or your school.
  • Evernote has limited their free plans, increased the prices of paid plans, and introduced a privacy policy that allows its employees to read your notes (Update: they’ve backtracked a bit on this, but they’ve still lost some good faith with many, including us). If you’ve ever thought about switching to Microsoft’s OneNote instead, now is probably a good time. Thankfully, Microsoft has.

Here are short instructions on how to setup two-way synchronization between notebooks in Evernote and OneNote

Evernote Review Onenote

  1. Start synchronization wizard to sync two cloud accounts
  2. Click on Evernote icon
  3. Select one of already configured Evernote account or click “Add Evernote” to add a new Evernote account
  4. If you click on “Add Evernote” you will be forwarded to authorize cloudHQ to access account
  5. Select notebook you want to sync or click “Create Notebook” if you want to create a new one
  6. Click on OneNote icon
  7. Select one of already configured OneNote account or add a new OneNote account
  8. If you click on “Add OneNote ” you will be forwarded to sign-in Microsoft to authorize cloudHQ to access account
  9. Select OneNote notebook you want to sync or click “Create folder” for a new one
  10. Choose Options and synchronization starts automatically
  11. Synchronization status will display after initial synchronization
  12. Synchronization will start – Here is How to Monitor Status of Sync
  13. An email will confirm success of initial synchronization

Evernote Importer For Onenote

Now as you can see, this site is a one stop solution to sync clouds. Happy syncing:)