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Want to learn best practices, tips, and tricks from Evernote experts? Click here to sign-up! Evernote has become synonymous with note-taking from its inception in 2008. But just because it’s popular doesn’t mean it’s the right tool for you. An Overview of Evernote. Used by 225 million people worldwide, Evernote is a leading note-taking app, with cross-platform syncing so you can update notes on any device. A widely used Evernote. How to sign in to Evernote Business using single sign-on (SSO) Once your Evernote Business account admin enables single sign-on (SSO) you’ll need to log in to Evernote with your SSO credentials to access any business content. Sign in with SSO You’ll need the following SSO login details for the SSO setup process. Evernote uses cookies to enable the Evernote service and to improve your experience with us. To learn more, check out our cookie policy. By clicking OK or continuing to use our site, you agree that we can place these cookies.

Evernote is a life saver — literally because I have some emergency information stored in there — but also because it’s a simple way to organize all the pieces of my life. If you haven’t started using it yet, let me share how to sign up for Evernote.

How to Sign Up For Evernote

Click HERE.

Enter your best email address in the text box and click “Sign Up”.

Note: If you don’t want to use your email address as your account name, click “Change” and follow the instructions.

Evernote checks username availability as you type (usernames are not case-sensitive). If the username is available, the word “Available” appears below the username field (other word).

Type in a Password.

Next you’re taken to the “Almost There” screen where you will need to enter a password. Your password must be 6 to 64 characters and may contain letters, numbers and punctuation, but no other symbols. Spaces are not allowed.

Try to choose a strong password because you will end up keeping important information in Evernote and you’ll want to protect it.

Click “Agree”.

After you enter your password, the license agreement appears. Read it (or ignore it if you’re like most people) and click “agree”.


Download & Run the App.

At this point you will need to download the application.

On a Mac: Drag the Evernote icon to the Applications folder. Once you see the message that the application has downloaded, click “Open”.

On a Windows PC: The Evernote executable file should start downloading itself, but if not click the download icon to begin installation.

Click “Run” to start the installation and wait for the application to install.


Confirm Your Account.

A confirmation screen will appear listing your Evernote e-mail address and asking you to confirm that you want to create the account. Click “confirm registration.”

Evernote Desktop App

(If you don’t already have the Evernote software, you can click Download Evernote in this screen to download the software.)

Check Your eMail.

Evernote sends an email to the address you supplied in Step 2.

Save the email in a permanent folder in your e-mail program so you can conveniently open it in all your web browsers and on all your devices or bookmark the login page in your web browser.

Confirm your identity.

When you click the link in the confirmation email, you see the welcome screen. Your registration is complete, and you can click the link shown to go Evernote.


Click “Sign In”, then enter your username and password. You can also check the “Remember Me for a Week” box if you don’t want to reenter your password on this computer. Note: Never check this box when you’re working on a public computer.

Click HERE to see how I use Evernote to organize my life.

You can do this!

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