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Fallout 76 is an online multiplayer action role-playing video game developed by Bethesda Game Studios and published by Bethesda Softworks. It is the ninth game in the Fallout series and serves as a narrative prequel to the series.

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  • BLWright #RestoreTheSnyderVerse #ReleaseTheAyerCut (@BrandonLWright) reported

    @Fallout My PRNT SCRN button will not work in 76, Im trying to screenshot items for cosplay props, I have searched the internet but no one has a fix, anyone have any ideas? #Fallout76

  • Nicholas Polachi (@NicholasPolachi) reported

    @Fallout Please fix the stupid ******* collision issues. It's been so long since you guys launched and I still have the boss from a colossal problem teleporting into the floor and not being killable. After doing all the work to launch a new solo it is so frustrating. I'm done.

  • Nicholas Polachi (@NicholasPolachi) reported

    @Fallout You guys are spoiled rotten with your community. We love the fallout universe so much we try to ignore all the problems with fallout 76 like the fact that I can't beat a colossal problem because at the end of the raid the boss just teleports into the floor and can't be killed.

  • Nicholas Polachi (@NicholasPolachi) reported

    @Fallout Hey maybe you could fix all of your collision issues so that when I try to fight endgame bosses in events they don't teleport into the floor after I've wasted my entire arsenal worth of ammo almost killing it just to have it disappear through the floor.

  • Nicholas Polachi (@NicholasPolachi) reported

    @Fallout Well I'm done with your 76 because I just launched a new to complete something sentimental and after me and multiple high-level players got the enemy down to low health it glitched through the floor and was unkillable. Fix fallout 76 it's been so long and it's still broken

  • Aaron “thewindowsguy” (@Imthewindowsguy) reported

    @Fallout I just had a message where server was going to disconnect due to maintenance. Was there any maintenance going on tonight

  • N R Kriss (@NRKriss01) reported

    @Bethesda_ANZ @Fallout Dudes, fix your bugs and we might actually quest more. I have more fun questing in @TESOnline and hearing The Prophet calling me Vestige.

  • Dave Petroff (@davepetroff) reported

    @Fallout how about you fix bugs in the game instead of releasing new content first. Also remove the guass shotgun from nuclear winter, you know that mode you've neglected.

  • Joey Schmoey (@JoeShmoAintPro) reported

    @Fallout Please fix the power armor quest glitch

  • Orange Flame (@OrangeFlameHU) reported

    @Eyesinthatsky @Fallout If you want a lonf explanation google it. But in short: noIts repetative, still has a lot of bugs, server crashes, perfomance issues etc etc.

  • James (@James55157000) reported

    @brokeassdrummer @Fallout I see a potential spot at the moth man museum area fix the bridge as an access point to load up a whole new map to the west

  • wouldntyouliketoknow (@brokeassdrummer) reported

    @Fallout So it’s a bunch of stuff people have been begging you to fix for two years but, again, you didn’t add any actual content. Not all of us want to grind the same map. Add new maps. Appalachia is bigger than just WV and I’m bored with WV no matter how many new features you add.

  • wouldntyouliketoknow (@brokeassdrummer) reported

    @DaveLittler @Fallout If I still can’t mark off abandoned bogtown as discoverable then they didn’t fix much.

  • rdi0r ™∞ (@rdi0r) reported

    @Fallout Will you fix constant crashing? Can we now exchange more than 150 scribs by day or more than 20 treasury notes by day?

  • Vaultboy_Dave (@VaultboyDave) reported

    @Fallout Caps have lost there value guys please step your game up noone trades or buys with caps its ammo flux weps so fix the caps by upping the limit permanently why is this so hard to see that you need to do this

  • godessnerd #blacklivesmatte#freemelee#freesplatoon (@hailie75643531) reported

    @BethesdaGear @Fallout Hey am I the only one here getting log in issues?

  • Ad (@adilehg) reported

    @Fallout I’d pay Bethesda to fix the frame rate on PS4. Oh wait, I already purchased the game so shouldn’t it already work?

  • Baddtraxx (@Baddtraxx) reported

    @Fallout All the while Events like 'Uranium Fever' and 'Line in the Sand' appear less, so the loot grind to sell is higher. Mention that too ;) Also make it permanent. Or better, double everything permanent. We all know this is not a server issue, this is strictly a FOMO tactic 🙄

  • Coltzie (@Coltzie) reported

    The fact that Fallout 76 still doesn't have an offline mode says to me that Bethesda are still heading in the wrong direction. Being online simply adds more bugs and issues to the game, they've not added singleplayer because no one would then buy the cosmetics.#Fallout76

  • Chris TheCynicalKitty (@TheCynicalKitty) reported

    I just wish @Fallout 76 would do a 'State of Health' Season where its just them fixing constant issues with the game (3 months is normally a season) and id be happy to support them, I love this game but man the bugs and issues it has DRIVE ME NUTS.

  • edwards szn (@MNSP0RTSPAIN) reported

    @ColdHarbourBois @Bethesda_ANZ @Fallout I played 76 this fall and got ~125 hours out of it. Still has some annoying issues but the game is very fun when it works (which it did for me)

  • Jeff Messer (@jefmes) reported

    @Fallout 4 with everything Ultra Quality, with config file tweaks to run at 3440 x 1440 and a wider FoV is still pretty magical. Also learned RTX owners need to disable 'Weapon Debris' or it'll literally crash your PC, full on Blue Screen. Maybe @bethesda can fix that now??? ;)

  • Sean Wisheropp (@swisheropp) reported from Bakersfield, California

    Been trying to log in to @Outriders for a few days now and it says I have an internet connection error and it can't connect to #Outriders servers. But I'm able to play #Fallout76 two minutes later. Is this server issue normal?

  • Justin & Sammy (@Justin_Sammy_TV) reported

    Did I say #Raft for Sammy's Birthday? I meant @Fallout #Fallout76 ... computer issues...

  • Gingersnapz (@crazyprsn) reported

    @Fallout why are the yao guai broken now? They’re too over powered.

  • Mica, the Great Doer of Stuff (@micadoesstuff) reported

    The fact that a lot of the videos I have seen by Youtubers promoting the petition to have @BethesdaStudios fix their trade system in #Fallout76 are being sponsored by an RMT site has not escaped my notice. That's some shady dealin.

  • JarlGrBane (@RobertW04523526) reported

    @Fallout Is something going on? Scoreboard took a while to load, fast traveled to foundation and has been in load screen for a very long time. Server issue, are you working on something new?

  • Tadas (@Tadas46037519) reported

    @noblechairs @Fallout poor quality chair bad customer service

  • HaywireMac ☭ (@haywire_mac) reported

    Ok the mission to launch nukes in #Fallout76 is dumb and now I know why I never bothered The part right at the beginning is so stupid I just left after five minutes because I was bored and all my armour was broken

  • Tyler (@TylerIsHere111) reported

    @Fallout I stopped playing but did they ever fix the problem with never being able to carry enough stuff?