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Ex-GOP pollster Frank Luntz says 'I don't want to do this anymore' after 'unity' themed focus group goes off the rails [email protected] (Jake Lahut) 1/21/2021 Over a thousand gather in Chicago. — Frank Luntz (@FrankLuntz) November 21, 2020 Cortes finally called Luntz out over the weekend, telling him that “instead of tweeting at me all the time, I have a better idea: an in-person.

Republican pollster Frank Luntz has reached a breaking point, by his own admission.

Last week Luntz conducted a particularly contentious focus group, including a moment when one individual repeated the baseless claim of a stolen election spread by the former president and others.

On the eve of the #Inauguration, I held a focus group of ½ Biden voters and ½ Trump voters.

Here are some words they used to describe America right now:

• “Seeking solutions”

• “Divided”

• “Deceased”

Things escalated quickly from there…

— Frank Luntz (@FrankLuntz) January 20, 2021

On Sunday he spoke with Howard Kurtz and said, “They simply don’t believe they’re getting the truth, which is what they want, and they cannot distinguish between what former President Trump says and what others say. That in reality they’re getting their news to affirm themselves rather than inform themselves and that’s a problem.”

“It’s the responsibility of the news media to tell the truth, to provide the facts, and if you’re going to give opinion, make it clear that that’s exactly what it is. The problem with the Trump people is they think that’s all opinion. They think it’s opinion from the left and they can’t find any place to go that’s going to validate them and what they believe,” he added.

“But isn’t also true that people on the liberal side of the spectrum try to seek out news that validate their opinions?” Kurtz asked.

Luntz shared a survey that found the vast majority of those who watched CNN and MSNBC voted for Joe Biden, while the vast majority of Fox News viewers voted for Donald Trump.

He even got candid about how after conducting that focus group, he’s on the precipice of just no longer doing this for a living.

“Howie, this is a disaster. I know that you’re in the business of analyzing the news. I’m in the business of analyzing public opinion and I have to tell you, I’m not only frightened, I’m disgusted by it,” Luntz added.

He even bluntly said, “I’ve been telling my friends and colleague that they have to find someone to replace me because they still need to hear from the public. My frustration is that almost every news network goes to the pundits rather than the people.”

“We all have to teach civics, we have to teach civility, and we have to say enough is enough.”

You can watch above, via Fox News.

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Frank Luntz, who is famous for being an American political and communication consultant, made it to the news recently for his weight loss story. He shed over 50 lbs or 22.6 kg in just over 2 months.

Losing an average of 11.3 kg per month needs a serious lifestyle change and that’s what Frank did. He changed his whole lifestyle to incorporate good eating habits, workout sessions, and long walks. Post weight loss, Frank now weighs 84.64 kg or 186.6 lbs.

If you are curious to know how and why Frank Luntz started losing weight, then keep on scrolling.

The Reason Behind Frank Luntz’s Weight Loss

The 58 years old Frank Luntz’s weight loss reason was his near-death experience. Yes, you heard that right! In January 2020, he almost died. The man was taken to the UCLA and thankfully, he survived. He had a STROKE!

Luntz revealed about his trip to the hospital only on March 24, two months after the incident. On his reveal, he opened up about the stroke he had and the care he received from the hospital. Similarly, he also asked his followers to donate a small amount to UCLA’s coronavirus patient fund.

Now that we know about Luntz’s reason for slimming down, let’s look at his journey to 186.6 lbs.

Is Frank Luntz Sick

Frank Luntz’s Weight Loss Journey

The Connecticut native Frank Luntz started his 50 lbs shedding weight loss journey after he had a stroke. During his reveal on March 24, he also spoke about how he’s doing well with his new diet and trainer and his fans suddenly picked up on it.

I’m doing well now with my new diet and trainer.

Frank Luntz Tweet

Frank Luntz slipped in this line while revealing about his stroke.

After his fans asked him about what he has changed in his lifestyle, he revealed that he now only ate moderate portions of lean meats alongside tasty fruits and veggies. This change made it easier for him to lose 25 lbs or 11.33 kg in 7 weeks.

On May 7, Frank was back with some good news. He had lost well over 50 lbs and now he weighed only 186.6 lbs. The author tweeted about his slender self and posted a photo of his weight scale that read 186.6 lbs.

During this reveal, Luntz also opened up about his other reasons for losing all that weight. According to him, his 3 miles walk a day and his daily tutoring job made it easier for him to lose 50 lbs.

Thanks to his weight loss, Frank’s fans are happier than ever. One fan wrote, “Good for u frank. Hard work,” while another fan warned him about the extra weight that could come back faster. His comments sections are filled with similar comments.

Congrats to the University of Pennsylvania graduate for losing weight. Healthy as he goes!

If we’ve missed anything on Frank Luntz’s weight loss story, then be sure to let us know in the comments sections below.

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