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GoDaddy offers reliable and affordable WordPress hosting plans, one-click installs and the latest version so you have the most recent features available for your site. Your website content is managed from one place; you have a wealth of themes and add-ons giving you limitless options to succeed. WordPress and GoDaddy are the two most recognizable names on the internet. One is a completely free content management system used by more than a quarter of all websites, while the other leads the world in domain registrations and shared hosting services.

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WordPress Hosting from GoDaddy uses servers modified to ensure WordPress websites run smoothly. We also take care of pesky software and security updates so you don’t have to. Our WordPress Hosting is the perfect solution for anyone who wants the power and simplicity of WordPress without the hassle of managing technical adjustments. WordPress Hosting from GoDaddy uses servers modified to ensure WordPress websites run smoothly. We also take care of pesky software and security updates so you don’t have to. Our WordPress Hosting is the perfect solution for anyone who wants the power and simplicity of WordPress without the hassle of managing technical adjustments. Nov 02, 2020 GoDaddy WordPress hosting provides you with unlimited bandwidth. This is a great advantage compared to other hosts, such as WP Engine, that limit users to only 25,000 visits on the starter plan. GoDaddy has simplified the process of setting up hosting services without hiring a professional.

GoDaddy is one of the world’s largest cloud platform dedicated to small, independent ventures. With 19M+ customers worldwide and 78M+ domain names under management, It is the place people come to name their idea, build a professional website, attract customers and manage their work. Its offers Web Hosting services include Shared, WordPress, VPS, Dedicated, and Reseller Hosting, and Domain Names.

GoDaddy hosting solutions are built for speed, reliability and security. If your website is growing, it’s only a matter of time before you’ll need more power than shared hosting can provide. Business Hosting delivers the same power and performance as a Virtual Private Server (VPS) without the pain of server administration.

Services:Shared Hosting, WordPress Hosting, Business Hosting, VPS Hosting, Dedicated Hosting, Reseller Hosting, Domain Names
Server Locations:United States, Europe, Asia
Payment Methods:Visa, MasterCard, American Express, Discover, JCB, Diners Club International, Cash Cards, AstroPay Card, Electronic Check (ACH), PayPal, AliPay
Reliability:8 / 10
Pricing:7 / 10
User Friendly:7 / 10
Features:8 / 10
Support:7 / 10

GoDaddy Shared Web Hosting

GoDaddy Shared Web Hosting is the most budget-friendly type of hosting. Since you’re sharing resources like neighbors in an apartment building you spend less but have fewer options and less control.

Economy: Basic resources for starter sites.
Deluxe: More space and flexibility for multiple sites.
Ultimate: More power for complex sites and heavy traffic.
Maximum: Supports multiple complex sites with high-res photos and video.

GoDaddy Shared Web Hosting
Plan NameStorageBandwidthWebsitesOther
Economy100 GBUnmeteredOneFree domain
UltimateFree domain, Free SSL, Free Premium DNS

GoDaddy WordPress Hosting

GoDaddy WordPress Hosting is Optimized for speed, effortless updates and total reliability. Experience hosting designed specifically for WordPress.

Godaddy Wordpress Hosting Review

GoDaddy WordPress Hosting
Plan NameStorageBandwidthWebsiteOther
Basic30 GB25K visits / month1Free domain
Deluxe75 GB100K visits / monthFree domain, Built-in SEO wizard
UltimateUnlimitedUnlimitedFree domain, Built-in SEO wizard, Free SSL Certificate
EcommerceFree domain, Built-in SEO wizard, Free SSL Certificate, Free site-maintenance tools

GoDaddy VPS Hosting

GoDaddy VPS hosting is dedicated to specific portions of a web server’s capacity and processing to each customer. VPS makes it possible to isolate multiple applications from one another within the same container. While this VPS container shares physical resources (infrastructure) with other containers, its resources are dedicated to you.

GoDaddy VPS Hosting
140 GB SSD1 CPU Core2 GB
2100 GB SSD2 CPU Cores8 GB
3200 GB SSD4 CPU Cores16 GB
4400 GB SSD8 CPU Cores32 GB

GoDaddy Dedicated Server Hosting

GoDaddy Dedicated Hosting plans comes with Web Host Manager (WHM), which gives you complete control over creating and customizing your account, as well as managing all aspects of your server. It offers unlimited resources at a premium price. You can choose between full root access or managed plans.

GoDaddy Dedicated Servers
Plan NameStorageCPURAMSpeed
DS-322 x 4 TBIntel Xeon-D32 GB4C/8T – 3.0 GHz Turbo
DS-64Intel Xeon-E64 GB6C/12T – 4.5 GHz Turbo
DS-1282 x 8 TBAMD EPYC128 GB16C/32T – 2.9 GHz Turbo
DS-256256 GB
Godaddy Wordpress Hosting

When looking at GoDaddy vs. WordPress, you must look at what these two things are and the role they play in a website. Maybe you’re very new to building a website and you don’t know where to start. If this is the case, looking at both GoDaddy and WordPress is a pretty good place to start.

What is GoDaddy?

GoDaddy is a domain registration company that offers other tools, such as hosting. However, it’s important to understand that GoDaddy is a domain registration company first. This means, the domain you need for your website (i.e. – can be purchased and registered through GoDaddy.

As you register your domain name with GoDaddy, they will try to sell you many add-ons and upgrades, just as any other domain registration company would. These include hosting, which is very important to your website, as well.

However, hosting from GoDaddy is average, at best. This company isn’t known for hosting, but for selling domain names. Since hosting isn’t their primary focus, they simply don’t provide the best hosting you can get for your website, which is very important.


What is WordPress?

WordPress, on the other hand, isn’t a type of hosting or a domain registration company. It’s a platform used for blogging and the design of websites. Virtually every hosting company and package on the planet offers access to WordPress.

Godaddy Wordpress Hosting Cache

WordPress allows you to use many free and paid templates to easily create a website and a blog. You can actually create both your website and your blog on the same domain name with WordPress. This means, you will have both static pages and a blog page with recent posts.

Due to it’s flexibility and ease of use, WordPress has become the most popular CMS ( content management system ) in the world, and now powers 1 in 5 websites online.

Is the Battle Between GoDaddy vs. WordPress even Relevant?

The simple answer to this question is no. If GoDaddy and WordPress were both hosting companies, they could be thrown into the cage to battle it out. Since WordPress is available for use through GoDaddy hosting, there really isn’t a relevant battle here.

What You Should Understand about GoDaddy and WordPress

If you’re new to web hosting, website design, blogging and buying a domain name, there are a few things you need to understand before moving forward.

  • GoDaddy isn’t a top hosting company
  • WordPress is available (free of charge) from nearly every hosting company on the planet
  • WordPress is the most widely used content management system (platform for a website and blog)
  • GoDaddy is a good place to register a domain name
  • Choosing a top hosting company is vital to the success of your website

With these things in mind, it’s important to shop around and find the right hosting company for your needs. Since nearly every hosting company out there will give you access to WordPress, you have to look at what they offer.

Why GoDaddy isn’t the Right Hosting Company For You

GoDaddy provides an excellent service in domain registration because this is how the company started. They specialize in providing a fair price for your domain name, along with all the necessary features to make it easy to use.

However, they don’t provide a fair price for the lack-luster hosting they offer. Since hosting was something they added to the company later, it’s not a primary or even a secondary focus for GoDaddy. Yes, they offer you WordPress within your package, but that’s about the only good thing you get from hosting your website with GoDaddy.

It may seem easier to keep your domain name and your hosting with the same company, but it’s not. Many customers have spent hours on the phone with the GoDaddy support team and still have issues with their website. Simply put, GoDaddy doesn’t offer the best hosting you can find.

ITX Design – A Better Hosting Company Offering WordPress

Godaddy Blog Hosting

Not only is ITX Design a better hosting company than GoDaddy for many reasons, but they are also one of the best hosting companies you will find. With plenty of packages ranging from an inexpensive shared hosting option to an affordable dedicated server, ITX Design excels in every area of hosting.

Every hosting package offered by ITX Design provides easy access to WordPress and plenty of other features. This hosting company provides something you don’t get from every hosting company, top-notch support.

Technical support is one of the most important features of any hosting package and the way the best separate themselves from all the rest. ITX Design employs only the top industry experts to provide full 24/7 technical support. When you have an issue, they are ready to fix it, as fast as possible.

The Winner Between GoDaddy vs. WordPress

If you enjoy headaches, getting the run around and spending far more time working on your website than necessary, choose GoDaddy for your hosting. However, if you want the comfort of knowing a top hosting industry professional is just a phone call or an email away, ITX Design is a far better hosting company.

Godaddy Wordpress Hosting Review

There really isn’t a winner between GoDaddy vs. WordPress. GoDaddy isn’t a good hosting company and WordPress is a content management system (CMS) offered by most hosting companies. The real winner here is ITX Design with the wide variety of excellent hosting companies, all offering WordPress for your website and blog needs.