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Google Cloud Storage is geo-redundant, meaning your media is delivered by the closest server – reducing latency and improving page speed. Scale your WordPress website across multiple servers without the need of synchronizing media files. Native integration between Google Cloud Storage and WordPress. $300 free trial from Google Cloud. And in this post, we are going to show you how you can host WordPress on Google Cloud Platform (GCP)! It is one of the most trusted Cloud hosting providers, which is used by hundreds of thousands of bloggers and business websites! In the Google Cloud Console, on the project selector page, select or create a Google Cloud project. Note: If you don't plan to keep the resources that you create in this procedure, create a project. Deploy Wordpress, a website creation and publishing platform, to Google Cloud with a range of hosting options. View pricing checkcirclefilledblack24dp (1).

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From the course: Learning Google Cloud Storage


Google Cloud Storage and databases


- [Instructor] Okay, so for this next demo, we're going to set up a MySQL virtual machine and then I'm going to show you how you can use Cloud SQL instead of using a MySQL virtual machine to just overall improve the reliability of your database, and just take advantage of some of the perks of Cloud SQL in general. So the first thing we want to do, and this is going to be the fastest way to do it, is we're going to go into the Google Cloud marketplace. And in here, we're going to see WordPress. We're going to just click right on that. And the whole purpose of the marketplace is to help you get up and running on GCP as fast as possible. And one of the benefits, what I like about it, is when you look down here at the bottom, you're going to see your operating system name and package content, and so forth. It has all this stuff pre-installed for you, so you don't have to focus on doing all this yourself. And as you can see, we…

Google Cloud Wordpress Htaccess

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Google Cloud Wordpress Domain

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Google Cloud Hosting Wordpress

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