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Our Google Maps widget allows for easy work with your locations and helps to get the most of them. Easily add locations by only address and mark as many of them on the map, as you need, using the library of 50+ types with icons. Show your website visitors the optimum route to your place right on the page with automatic route search. Adding a responsive Google Maps widget can help consumers locate your customers’ businesses, gives credibility to their organizations, and improves the overall user experience. Embedding a map on your site can also reduce the bounce rate and helps with your search engine optimization efforts. Add Google Maps to your website using Premium Google Maps Widget for Elementor Page Builder. This widget will provide you with amazing built-in features that will allow you to customize your own unique Google Maps very straightforward and simple. Google Maps for Flutter #. A Flutter plugin that provides a Google Maps widget. To use this plugin, add googlemapsflutter as a dependency in your pubspec.yaml file. Google Maps Widget is a fast-loading Google Maps solution that helps you to integrate maps into widget areas such as your website header, footer or sidebar. It boasts more than 100,000 active installations on

Use the Google Maps widget to show your location on the map

It is vital to have a website that represents your business on the internet. But often, clients also want to know your exact geographical location, especially if you run a store, restaurant, barbershop, or any other type of brick-and-mortar enterprise.

That is why Boxmode has introduced an easy-to-use widget that allows you to show your precise location on the map using the Google Maps service.

Adding the Google Maps widget

Google Maps Widget

To add the Google Maps widget to your page:

  • Click the “+” icon in the left sidebar when in the editor;
  • Select “Maps” in the list of the available widget categories;
  • To add the widget, simply drag it to the canvas (the widget selection menu will automatically disappear) and drop it wherever you need it (the drop area will be highlighted).

Note: To cancel the process, press “Esc” on your keyboard while dragging the widget.

Moving the Widget

To move the widget to a different area of the page, click on the widget to call out its controls. Click and hold the “crossed arrows” icon and drag the widget to any other location on the page. The drop area will be highlighted on the canvas.

Resizing the Widget

To resize the widget, simply highlight it and drag one of its anchor points up/down or left/right until you get the desired result. You can also adjust the widget’s padding in the similar way. Hover your cursor over the area around the anchor point (it will become highlighted as a half circle) and drag it up/down or left/right, accordingly.

Editing the Widget

To start editing your Google Map widget, click on it to call out its controls. Then hit the “Edit” button to open the editing menu.

The widget editing menu contains two tabs, allowing you to customize the widget in multiple ways.


Here you can set the address by which Google will mark your location on the map. Simply enter it in the “Address” field.

Whenever you add or edit your address, you can optionally enter the location description.

Google Maps Widget


Customize the appearance of your Google Maps widget by configuring its border and the shadow effect. Toggling the switches on grants access to more detailed parameters.

Google Maps Widget Android


Google Maps Widget For Website

Deleting the Widget

Google Maps Widget Html

To delete the map from the canvas, click on the widget to call out its controls and hit the “Trash bin” icon.

Embed Google Maps On Website

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