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Paint Brushes Buyer’s Guide. Choosing a high-quality paintbrush is an important decision in preparing for your painting project. As with most tools, choosing a good set of paintbrushes will last for many years providing that the paintbrushes have been looked after and maintained well.

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  • Paint brushes with polyester bristles are durable and won’t absorb moisture. They are an excellent choice for applying water-based paints but can also be used for oil-based paint and stain, varnish, lacquer and shellac. Natural bristle paint brushes Natural bristle brushes are made with animal hair.
  • This high-performance brush is versatile and is perfect for outdoor and indoor use. The filaments are made of a tynex nylon/orel polyester blend and it is designed for a ‘no drag’ application. Pro Grade - Paint Brushes - 2Pk - Paint Brush Set 4.6 out of 5 stars3,717.

Our paint brushes are manufactured by T.S. Simms, a Canadian company that has earned a solid reputation with a well-known tradition of craftsmanship since 1866.

High-Quality Paint Brushes and Rollers that are Ideal for Trade Use

Are you a supplier of premium-grade paint rollers, brushes, applicators or sundries to trade professionals? If you're looking for an established, well-known manufacturer and provider of paint applicators and related merchandise, we have the products you need. As the company of choice for a growing number of businesses across the country, our range of paint brushes, paint rollers for a smooth finish and other items offers excellent value and great results.

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Paint Roller Brushes That Offer Professional Performance

Although the paint rollers and paint applicators we stock are competitively priced, we still work hard to retain quality in workmanship, design and materials. The paint rollers, paint brushes and foam brushes you'll purchase from us have been made with care, resulting in highly durable products that do what's asked from them. Importantly, the paint rollers, brushes and other items in our extensive inventory can all be easily cleaned and maintained with no reduction in performance. If you or your customers value high-quality Simms paint brush choices and other brush options which are economically priced and offer professional performance, we've got the products you're looking for.

Paint Rollers for Smooth Finish Designed with a Private Label

Although we sell our own brand of goods, we are also able to produce items with your branding - a private label. All of our goods are made to the high standards you would expect from a company that's been manufacturing for sixty years. With quality at the heart of what we do, our rollers, brushes, and applicators include all purpose items as well as specialty options for particularly challenging jobs.

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One of the major advantages of buying your merchandise from us is that you gain access to our knowledgeable, friendly customer care team. Tasked with making sure that every aspect of your relationship with us proceeds smoothly, the team can help with customer questions, product recommendations, product information and plenty more.

High Quality Artist Paint Brushes

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Price matters, which is why we do everything we can to keep the quality and performance of our items as high as possible while at the same time keeping costs reasonable. If you want to work with a company that offers a 100% satisfaction guarantee, we're here to help. To find out more, or tell us what you're looking for, call us at 1-800-325-9561.

Many individuals enjoy doing creative things in their spare time and one popular creative act is that of painting. There are now many different ways in which to paint and there are many different mediums to play with. One of the most important tools that you will need if you choose to carry out painting is that of paint brushes. There are many different types of paint brushes and these will serve different purposes, depending on the type of painting that you choose to do and the type of paint that you choose to use. In this article we will take a look at a selection of different paint brush sets that are available for individuals who want to carry out painting in their spare time. We will review 10 different painting sets and will analyze the positive features, as well as the negative features.

1. 24 Paint Brushes Art Set

This is a well designed set of 24 different paint brushes that can be used through a wide variety of different mediums. Those who wish to paint in different types of paint will be able to use these brushes for watercolor, oil, guache, as well as acrylic and other mediums of paint. The paintbrush sizes come between zero and 10 and offer different shapes such as fan, flat and round to name a few.

2. Outop 12pcs Nylon Hair Paint Brush Set Artist

This set of high quality paint brushes comes with 12 nylon brushes that are of a high density. These brushes are designed to be incredibly sturdy and will stay in good shape after they have been washed from each painting session. They also come in a selection of different shapes and sizes so that you will be able to carry out paintings of all styles.

3. Cubecraft Art Brushes

The cube craft paint brushes have been designed with the painter in mind and come with a proper box that makes them easy to choose from, so as to use quickly and effectively. They are easy to store away and have been designed for many different painting mediums, including guache, oil, watercolor and acrylic. This is great as it means you can try out different mediums and combine mediums if you choose to do so.

4. ARTIST PAINT BRUSHES – Professional Quality

These professionally designed weasel hair paintbrushes have been created for painters of all different skill levels. The brushes come in the same shape and offer a number of different sizes and have been designed oil painting, acrylic painting, watercolor and gouache.

5. Art Advantage Oil and Acrylic Brush Set, 24-Piece

This is a large paint brush set comes with 24 different brushes of various sizes. 12 of these brushes are designed as white nylon brushes and 12 of them have been designed as hog bristle brushes that are sturdy and effective for painting in a number of different styles.

High Quality Paint Brushes For Walls

6. 36 Paint Brushes Art Set for Acrylic, Oil & Watercolors

This large paint brush set offers 36 different brushes of varying sizes and shapes and also comes in a canvas pouch that allows the brushes to be rolled up and kept securely. These brushes are also effective at using different paint mediums such as acrylic, oil color and watercolors. This wide variety of different brush styles means that you can carry out many different styles and effects by using the same kit brushes.

7. Paint Brushes – 15 Pc Art Brush Set

This kit offers 15 high quality paint brushes that can be stored away and then propped up so that they are easy to access when painting with. They can be used for many different mediums as well as for face painting, acrylics and oil painting mediums.

8. Paintbrush Set- Oil and Acrylic Artist’s Brush Set with Canvas Bag, 28 Pieces

This is a brush set of high quality 28 deluxe brush designs that feature synthetic bristles with long handles so that the painter can carry out different styles with ease. The brushes also come in a canvas bag that can be rolled up and stored away effectively.

High Quality Art Paint Brushes

9. Detail Paint Brush Set – 12 Miniature Brushes for Fine Detailing & Art Painting

This set of 12 paint brushes have been designed for a detailed painting on minatures for games workshop models and for smaller pictures that require a lot of detail. They can also be used for different mediums including acrylic, oil and watercolor to name a few.

High Quality Paint Brushes Art

10. Paint Brush Set – 7 Travel Brushes

High Quality Oil Paint Brushes

This set comes with seven chunky paint brushes that are of a high quality and have been designed for professional painting and a wide variety of mediums. They also come in a carry case that can be propped up and this allows easy access to each brush.