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High Sierra For VirtualboxI am stuck because the settings seem to indicate that the USB is open (unfiltered) and the USB memory stick's LED does light up like there is activity when I have restarted the VM then insert the memory stick.
There is a VERR_PDM_NO_USB_PORTS error message but the device driver on Windows says it is up to date.I have Windows10 Home 64bit installed on VirtualBox 6.0.8r130520 (Qt5.6.3) and it does NOT recognize that I've got a USB drive. I set up the filter under 'Devices->USB Settings->USB Ports' as a USB 1.0 device (for the sake of universal compatibility).
Windows is activated.

Please do not skip this step because it’ll help you to successfully install macOS Sierra on VirtualBox on Windows 10 PC. Minimum 2 GB memory (Recommended 8GB or higher) Minimum 2 cores of processors (Recommended 4 cores or higher) Hard disk free space 20 GB (Recommended 100GB or higher). In this video, we will learn: How To Install macOS High Sierra On VirtualBox On Windows using VMDK. Download The Required Files To Install MacOS High Sierra. This post contains the steps I extracted from various resources in order to get a fully working High Sierra install within VirtualBox 5. Step 1: Download The High Sierra Installer. To do this, you need to be on an existing macOS system. I was unable to find the download within the App Store itself, but following this link opened the App Store at the correct page. Hey there guys.In this video, I will show you how to install MacOS High Sierra On VirtualBox. Virtual Box is a Virtual Machine used to emulate various OS's.

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I have a USB filter on that allows any device to be connected (I plan to use the filter to allow ONLY the specified USB sticks, but that comes later).

Catalina Virtualbox

It does not show up even though in VirtualBox running Windows 10 even though it DOES show up if I use it on the Mac side (unless I have tried to use it on the VirtualBox side first). I have no way to eject the memory stick since, at this point, it does not show up on either the Mac or VirtualBox/Windows side.