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Dry Ink Brush Set – Free If you want to try dry ink brushes before committing, give this freebie a try. Splatter and Smear Brushes - $12 These splatter and smear paint brushes are a great choice if you don’t want neat and orderly paintings. An ink brush with a lot of versatility. It is a single brush for all steps of your inking process. This brush was made to allow for wide use of your tablet's pressure sensitivity. It can do very fine details by pushing lightly as well as large fill-in areas by pressing down hard. The Pentel Aquash Pigment-Filled Ink Brush contains light black permanent ink that is ideal for layering and creating value gradients in your work. The ink is acid-free, fade-resistant, and water-resistant when dry. A durable nylon tip holds its point over time.

Non-realistic Brushes

Unlike most other digital painting solutions Black Ink doesn't try to mimic tradional tools but uses your computer as a really unique creative platform.

New Inspirations

With Black Ink you can finally free your imagination from realistic medias and imagine new shapes, new behaviors, new ways to create.


The generative art brushes

Black Ink's groundbreaking Controller system opens a whole new world of possibilities in brush creation and customization. From simple stylus inputs to complex generative behaviors, anything is possible with the Controllers.

A new philosophy

Ink paint brush png

Ink Pen Brush Paint Tool Sai

The Controllers use a simple node-based language to give you access to every brush parameter and create any behavior you can imagine.

Limitless potential

Chinese Ink Brush

Ink Paint Brush

Ink Sans Paint Brush

Custom brushes can then be shared with the community, giving everyone a wide choice of tools. Just visit our forums to download and try new brushes!



Computer power

Black Ink’s unique GPU-based rendering engine enables blazing fast performance on any picture resolution.

4K, 8K, 10K, just choose a number and draw incredibly fast with the finest details.

True beautiful colors

Bleank's vector rendering technology enables real time 64 bits linear rendering for high fidelity colors and transparencies.


Black Ink's GPU based rendering also powers its user interface to provide the most responsive and comfortable user experience ever.

Combined with its compact and elegant design, numerous ergonomic tools like brushes and color history or real time brush settings preview, nothing stops you from simply enjoy drawing.