Install Catalina On Virtualbox On Mac

I have a MacBook Air with MacOS Mojave 10.14.6.
I use VirtualBox 6.1, but had the same problems with 6.0.14. is a Bash script that creates a macOS virtual machine guest on VirtualBox with unmodified macOS installation files downloaded directly from Apple servers. A default install only requires the user to sit patiently and, less than ten times, press enter when prompted by the script, without interacting with the virtual. Install macOS Catalina on VirtualBox on Windows PC will essentially work straightforward similar to a Mac, and devotes most of your Windows power and its graphics card to running Catalina. How much ever you allocate, it will get more thirsty of power. Install macOS Catalina on Vmware ( )Install macOS Catalina on VirtualBox ( )01:25 Fix Startup.nsh o. The real easy way to run Catalina is to use the script to install Mojave on VirtualBox and then run it in VMWare and upgrade it to Catalina. I was able to fix the UEFI problems as follows (credit to techrechard website):At UEFI prompt: Type exit You’ll be brought into an EFI text-mode GUI. Select Boot Maintenance Manager and click.

I'm running a virtual machine with MacOS 10.15.1 without any problems.
For me it is not possible to update the virtual machine to 10.15.2.
I tried these things:Virtualbox mac os catalina download
  • Chose the update in System Preferences / Software Update
  • Download the 10.15.2 combo update and install that
  • Create an ISO from the 10.15.2 Installer Application and boot from DVD/ISO Image
For the updates, after reboot and for the boot from ISO-disk, all activities on hard drive or DVD stop at the Apple Logo a second after boot.
Going to EFI and searching for the boot.efi in the macos_updates folder does not help. After failing, it is still possible to boot into the 10.15.1 version by manually selecting the correct entry in the Boot selection of EFI. Log files don't show anything.

Mac Os X Catalina Virtualbox

Was anyone able to update to 10.15.2 or install a clean 10.15.2? Can someone confirm the problem?