Well-executed science fiction proves to present the most effective social commentary. This is what the genre, regardless of the media, is known for. Apart from that, good sci-fi movies (or TV shows) often need to rely on stunning visuals too, other than a compelling plot. After all, it is equally necessary to make viewers believe that the speculative universe of the story can exist. ‘Archive’ is a science-fiction movie that manages to do both of that: tell an effectual story with some breathtaking visuals.

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‘Archive’ is set in the year 2038 and revolves around the character of George Almore. The movie revolves around a humanoid robot that Almore is attempting to make. The robot functions on Artificial Intelligence. However, the secret that he is desperately trying to hide is that the robot is his attempt to reconnect with his late wife. The cast includes Rhona Mitra, Theo James, and Toby Jones. Several viewers would have wondered where ‘Archive’ can be streamed.

Is Archive on Netflix?

Netflix can be crowned the king of streaming easily. The platform features some compelling originals that have managed to find high levels of popularity. Additionally, there are also some prominent third-party productions that can be accessed in its library. Unfortunately. ‘Archive’ can not be streamed on Netflix. Instead, you can check out this list of best sci-fi movies on Netflix.


Is Archive on Amazon Prime?

Amazon Prime comes at a close second position when it comes to streaming. The service is a part of the Amazon ecosystem, increasing its appeal. Apart from some engaging originals, Amazon Prime Video also hosts prominent third-party movies and TV shows. Unfortunately, ‘Archive’ can not be streamed on Amazon Prime. Instead, you can check out this list of best sci-fi movies on Amazon Prime.

Is Archive on Hulu?

Hulu is a streaming service that manages to defy expectations and survive in a rather competitive industry handsomely. Like Amazon and Netflix, Hulu has some interesting originals and acclaimed third-party offerings too. Unfortunately, ‘Archive’ can not be streamed on Hulu. Instead, you can check out this list of best science-fiction movies on Hulu.

Where to Stream and Watch Archive?

‘Archive’ is available to be streamed on iTunes. The movie can be rented for $5.99 and bought for $17.99. Watch it here.

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Can I Watch Archive For Free?

We encourage our readers to pay for the art that they consume. At the moment, ‘Archive’ is only available for rent or purchase on iTunes. It cannot be legally watched for free.

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