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Jewish Labour MP Dame Margaret Hodge shared some of the shocking abuse she receives on Twitter. (PA)
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^ 'Jeremy Corbyn slams Government's devolution promise as a 'cruel deception' as he unveils plans for the North'. Archived from the original on 4 March 2016. Retrieved 10 November 2016. CS1 maint: discouraged parameter ^ Corbyn, Jeremy (4 August 2015). 'Why I want to give more power to the north, by Jeremy Corbyn'. Soon afterwards, a screenshot of a fake Jeremy Corbyn tweet began to circulate on Twitter and WhatsApp. The image alleged that the Labour party leader had written: 'A man was murdered by British.

A Jewish Labour MP has shared some of the vile abuse she received after Jeremy Corbyn was suspended from the party.

Dame Margaret Hodge’s Twitter post contained several shocking anti-semitic tropes, unsustained claims and general abuse.

In a follow-up tweet she said: “This abuse is not normal. This is why zero tolerance matters. This is why people have to take responsibility for their actions.”

© Provided by Yahoo! News UK The twitter post shared by Dame Margaret Hodge. (Margaret Hodge/Twitter)

Yesterday the leader of the Labour Party Sir Keir Starmer decided not to return the whip to Jeremy Corbyn after he was readmitted to the party.

This means he will sit as an independent MP in parliament despite being an official member of the Labour Party.

Speaking on the BBC’s Today programme Dame Margaret suggested she would have left the party if Corbyn had been readmitted to the PLP and Sir Keir’s actions “did a lot to restore his credibility”.

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Dame Margaret said: “It was completely wrong for the party to let Corbyn back in under a process that was shown, again, to be broken and politically corrupted, and I think it was completely right of Keir Starmer to deny Jeremy Corbyn the whip.”

The equalities watchdog has ordered Labour to establish an independent process to deal with anti-Semitism issues, rather than the system which dealt with Corbyn’s case.

Watch: Jeremy Corbyn will not have Labour whip restored, Sir Keir Starmer says

The decision not to restore the whip to Corbyn has been met with anger by many on the left of the party as well as his former allies that served on his shadow cabinet when he was leader.

Former shadow home secretary Diane Abbott, an ally of Corbyn, questioned whether Sir Keir would ever have been elected leader if members knew how he would act against his predecessor.

She said excluding Corbyn was “wrong” and Sir Keir’s actions were “no way to unite the party”.

Jeremy Corbyn Twitter Trump

Abbott was one of more than 30 MPs and peers in the left-wing Socialist Campaign Group calling for Corbyn to have the whip restored.

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The group said: “The decision not to restore the whip to Jeremy Corbyn is wrong and damaging to the Labour Party.”

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Len McCluskey, general secretary of Unite – Labour’s biggest donor – said the refusal to restore the whip to Corbyn was “vindictive and vengeful” as he urged Sir Keir to “pull back from the brink”.