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Paymentwall’s Jigoshop plug-in is easy to install and fully customizable. With a single integration, all products of your E-commerce business will be monetized with 150+ payment options localized in 75+ currencies and more than 200 countries.

This tutorial assumes that you have a Paymentwall account. Please Sign up if you don’t have one.

I’ve contacted Jigoshop support multiple times and they don’t know what the issue could be and the only developer that has done add-ons for them won’t reply to my emails. I’ve done a bit of research and it looks like it could be an underlying issue with a Child Theme or something of the sort. I’m running on WordPress 3.5 and BP 1.7.2. Jigoshop theme is a ready-made design for online stores being fully compatible with WordPress platform. It has a user-friendly interface and is created in accordance with the latest techniques and tendencies being able to provide you a responsive solution for your eCommerce store. Created by UK-based company Jigowatt, Jigoshop was an open-source e-commerce plugin for WordPress. This feature-packed plugin’s beta version was launched on May 31, 2011. Jigoshop soon became a very popular choice for many WordPress online store owners. It was used by thousands of store owners around the world. Jigoshop is an open-source and user-friendly WordPress e-commerce plug-in developed by highly-experienced folks at Jigowatt, a UK based company. The first public beta version of this feature-packed plug-in was released on 31 May 2011. Since then, it has been updated many times with the recently released version Jigoshop 1.11.4. Jigoshop is a feature-packed eCommerce plugin built upon Wordpress core functionality ensuring excellent performance and customizability.

Download plug-in

Jigoshop Ecommerce

Paymentwall’s plug-in for Jigoshop can be downloaded here.

The plug-in is not updated for the latest versions of Jigoshop. Any contribution from you on Github would be highly appreciated.

Project configuration in Paymentwall system

Jigoshop Themes

  • Login to Paymentwall system with your account.

  • Go to My Projects tab. You will see your new project already created. Project Key and Secret Key will be needed later to finish the project setup on Jigoshop admin panel.

    • In Settings section, please set your project type to Digital Goods.

    • Set Pingback type to URL.

    • Configure your Pingback URL to http://[your-domain]/?paymentwallListener=paymentwall_IPN

    • Choose the Pingback Signature Version to version 3.

Remember to save changes at the bottom of Settings section.

  • You can also enable Brick as a payment gateway by clicking the grey brick icon on your project overview. It will generate Brick Test Keys and Brick Live Keys right next to your Widget Keys.

  • In Widgets section, create a widget that you prefer. And save changes. You will see Widget code after widget creation, which will also be needed later on Jigoshop admin panel.

Setup Paymentwall module on your platform

  • Upload the plugin into your WordPress plugins directory, preserving the folder name paymentwall_module_jigoshop using an FTP client of your choice. Then log into your WordPress dashboard, navigate to your Plugins section, activate Paymentwall for Jigoshop.

  • Or you can navigate to your Plugins section, click Add New and search for Paymentwall for Jigoshop. Click Install now and then activate the plugin.

  • On the left sidebar of your WordPress dashboard, navigate to Jigoshop -> Settings.

  • Click on the Payment Gateways tab. Paymentwall and Brick should already be available as payment options.

  • Enable Paymentwall or Brick and fill all the required fields.

The Project Key and Secret Key can be found under your Jigoshop project overview’s Widget Keys in My Projects tab. If you are using Brick, Public Key and Private Key are under Brick Test Keys and Brick Live Keys. Widget code is available in your Widgets section of your project.

  • Please enter the Currency in ISO 4217 format.

  • You can specify the URL to redirect the user after a successful payment in the Success URL field.

  • The Test Mode option allows you to use the Test Payment Method even if your project is already LIVE.



  • Paymentwall requires Wordpress 3.8 & Jigoshop 1+ or higher and is compatible up to Wordpress 4.7 & Jigoshop 1.8.

  • List of available Payment Methods can be discovered here.


Next step

You can start to test payments of your projects.

Once you make sure everything works smoothly, please submit your project to go live.

Jigoshop: Wonderful eCommerce Platform:


Jigoshop is the open-source Wordpress e-commerce plug-in and it is free to use. This ecommerce platform has the best User interface, which makes it user-friendly. Jigoshop has best features which you desire to have for setting up your eStore in fraction of seconds.

Why Prefer Jigoshop?


Jigoshop is the perfect choice for those who wish to have enhanced ecommerce solution for your WordPress online store. Jigoshop is the amazing ecommerce platform which is developed in such a way that it can be easily organized for brining it to effective action in the WordPress environment. Jigoshop helps you to create feature-rich web shop in simple way and no such financial risk is involved for the same. Jigoshop is build on WordPress, which makes it highly favoured for various shop owners whose main aim is to expand their business and increasing revenues, rather than just maintaining a website.

Jigoshop Shiba Inu

  • Jigoshop is the commendable choice for your e-Commerce implementation.
  • Jigoshop is fully loaded with extension feature which includes payment gateways, shipping methods.
  • It is the simple eCommerce platform for developing online eCommerce store.
  • The inventory related feature in the Jigoshop will give the class apart facilities to eCommerce store.