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Jitsi is an audio/video and chat communicator that supports protocols such as SIP, XMPP/Jabber, IRC and many other useful features. Audio java chat video irc sip xmpp 7 packages Java Apache-2.0 875 3,330 188 10 Updated Apr 12, 2021. Contribute to jitsi/jitsi-slack development by creating an account on GitHub. Try Slack for free with your teammates. All it takes is an email address to get started. This browser is no longer supported. We know it's a hassle to switch browsers. Hi All, I’m trying to deploy an instance of Jitsi on an AWS EC2 box and am unsure where I am going wrong. I’ve had good success with Nginx as my web server prior. But am hoping to leverage the 443 only environment when using Jetty as we hope to use Jitsi in Schools to deliver Online mentoring. Step 1 Configure and EC2 box with 80 & 443 ports open ( Do I need other ports here? Slack is a new way to communicate with your team. It’s faster, better organized, and more secure than email.

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Noisebridge conducts internal discussion and chat on our team on Slack. We use Slack as a glorified IRC, with multiple rooms to discuss different topics, often separated by working group, such as SecWG or CommunityWorkingGroup.

Disambiguation of this Slack from the Slackware Linux distribution's 'Slack'.

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Slack is accessible to logged-in users via desktop and mobile apps and on the web, as well as via IRC or XMPP clients.

Who to invite?[edit]

Slack is for communication supporting Noisebridge the physical space. If you want to invite someone, they should satify the following:

  • 'Do you want to hang out with this person again?' and
  • 'Has this person been coming around for a little while?'.

How to get on[edit]

Unlike Noisebridge's IRC channel, Slack requires an invitation to join. It's recommended that you meet up with someone knowledgeable in the space and talk to them about Slack, or if all else fails, request an invitation on Noisebridge-discuss.

Why slack? - replacement?[edit]

Some are not comfortable with slack as it is (add!):

  • corporate entity
  • not free
  • archives and logs all messages and sends SMTP transcriptions by default to all users unless they otherwise select to disable that feature, which can be used in court. 'Both the California Evidence Code and the Federal Rules provide that admissions by a party opponent do not constitute hearsay. (See Cal. Evid. Code § 1220; Fed. R. Evid. 801(d)(2).).' This principle is *anti-thetical* to PFS (Perfect Forward Secrecy) principles of robust secure communications methodologies and protocols.


  • free open software
  • stored messages
  • encrypted
  • realtime chat
  • api/extensible


  • rocket
  • irc (not used, missing archive feature; [UPDATE: archival is a 'mis-design' and bad for security, IRC can be logged as well read up on the /log feature in many popular clients, e.g. irssi.])
  • Mattermost
  • SILC (end to end encrypted, free and open source, distributed or [multiple servers can share messages between each other providing message coherency to users more robust than 'federated' services like Mastodon. Heavily audited and vetted by w00w00, Coverity, OpenBSD developers and more over the course of a decade+. PFS can be tuned to have arbitrarily slow or fast key rotations, messages from users are encrypted *from* the server eavesdropping as well, especially with use of private message signing.)
  • PSYC2 (end to end encrypted, distributed, free and open source, multiple client implementations, the lead developer is excellent, worth looking into more deeply)

Digging in teh weeds[edit]

URL Schemes[edit]

Unauthenticated profile image serving:

The last bit after the '-' is the image size requested, generally 48-512

Unauthenticated, non-domain restricted image proxy server:

Emoji sets:

Custom emoji:

Jitsi Slack Tutorial

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Terms, etc.[edit]

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Hi Zimbra Friends, Customers & Partners!

Jitsi Slack App

Zimbra 9 offers 2 UIs: Classic & Modern, and users can toggle easily between UIs.

Zimbra 9’s Modern UI integrates email with the best collaboration tools (e.g. Slack, Zoom, Dropbox, Google Drive, Jitsi, Webex, etc.). The next Zimbra 9 patch (coming very soon!) includes an update to the Modern UI, so users will have easier and faster access to the tools they need.

Here is what you should know about the updated Modern UI:

  • The navigation bar has a new look and some new icons! Email, Calendar and Contacts are still there, PLUS icons for Video, Chat and Cloud Storage tools.* Looking for Briefcase, Dropbox, OneDrive or Google Drive to share and store files? Click the Cloud Storage icon!

Jitsi Slackware

* If you don’t see the new icons, your email administrator has not enabled those tools. Please contact your email admin for more information.

Want a quick video tour (3 mins)? Click here!

And built-in and available for you to use right away are …

  • Briefcase — Share and store files in Zimbra Cloud Storage (just click the cloud icon!)
  • Jitsi** — Click “Make it a Jitsi Meeting” in a calendar meeting invite to automatically create a video meeting

** If you don’t see the “Make it a Jitsi Meeting” button in your meeting invite, your email administrator has not enabled Jitsi. Please contact your email admin for more information.

Jitsi Meet Slackware

We hope you love the new Modern UI as much as we do!

Jitsi Slack Download

Your Zimbra Team