Mac Pencil Whirl

MAC’s ‘Whirl’ lipliner has been around for a while but once Kylie Jenner got her hands on it, there wasn’t a store that could keep it in stock. It is often on backorder so that is why I have decided to share my favorite dupe of this bestseller with all of you!

Free shipping and returns on MAC Lip Pencil at What it is: A lip pencil designed for shaping, lining or filling in your lips. What it does: It features a smooth, creamy texture perfect for outlining or coloring in lips and is available in a wide selection of. MAC Lipliner Pencil Whirl. $17.50 (You save $7.35).exclusive offer for you. Congrats! You have special access to this product and the rest of the VAULT! MAC WHIRL & WHIRL No, that wasn’t a typo. After Kylie Jenner hyped up the MAC Cosmetics Whirl lip pencil, MAC decided to make an exact copy of it in a lipstick form. Whirl is a pinky brown beautiful MLBB color with a matte finish. Looks kinda boring and dull upon initial swatch. But ever since purchasing this liner, it has be. MAC Other - Lip Pencil - Whirl 1.45g/0.05oz by MAC Brand: MAC Lip Care 226 ratings Available from these sellers.

There are a few NYX lipliners similar to ‘Whirl’, but I found ‘Mauve’ to be the closest. Here are the details surrounding the two liners:

MAC ‘Whirl’ lipliner

  • $16 (USD)
  • Described by MAC as a “dirty rose”
  • Available at ULTA
Mac lip pencil whirl swatchMac

NYX ‘Mauve’ lipliner

  • $3.50 (USD)
  • Conveniently described as a “mauve”
  • Available at ULTA and WALGREENS

Here is a close up of the two swatches:

Mac Whirl Pencil Dupe

As you can see from the swatches, the NYX ‘Mauve’ liner is a tad darker with cooler undertones and closer to a rose shade. I personally like how ‘Mauve’ looks here as compared with ‘Whirl’, but I am such a loyal MAC girl so this one is a toughie!

Mac Pencil Whirl

As I was swatching all of my lipliners, I found another NYX pencil to be quite similar to ‘Whirl’ as well, so here is a swatch of MAC “Whirl” vs. NYX “Natural” lipliner:

The Results: Overall, I think the huge difference in price is enough to go with the NYX “Mauve” lipliner. The quality of the NYX pencil was just as good as any MAC lipliner, so the only reason to choose ‘Whirl’ is for it’s brand name or if you like the slight difference in color more. Both pencils have a great texture, making them easy to apply. They also both have rich pigmentation so the color doesn’t just blend in with your natural lip color. I give an A+ to both!

Mac Lip Pencil Whirl Review

What do you think about this dupe? Which lipliner do you like better? Let me know your thoughts in the comments below! 🙂

Whirl By Mac

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