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Mac Pro Longwear Concealer Review

Mac Pro Longwear Eye Liner- Strong Willed - Pro Longwear Collection 2013. 4.2 out of 5 stars 2. MAC Pencil Sharpener Small for Brow, Eye and Lip. MAC Pro Longwear Paint Pot Eyeshadow is a highly pigmented, long-wearing, blendable eye primer and/or cream shadow - MAC Pro Longwear Paint Pot goes on creamy and dries to an intense, vibrant finish that lasts for 24 hours.

I got this product ages ago on a trip to Buffalo, N.Y. They don't seem to sell this in Canada. I got it at a Kmart I believe and for L'Oreal, it wasn't super cheap. I think I paid around $12 U.S. or something. The product came with a brush I believe that was cheap and scratchy. I have since thrown it out. It is a really neat colour, somewhere in between electric and navy blue. In the pics above, here I am wearing the eyeliner today. I was going to swatch this for you, but I figured a swatch on the eye so to speak was just as good as. You can also use this as an eyeshadow base if you are doing a smoky dark blue look. The list of ingredients was on the box and I have chucked that too. I seem to remember that there were some questionable ingredients, but since I don't wear this often nor apply it to a large area of my body at any given time, I am not going to freak about it. In case any of you are wondering, I am also wearing my beloved MAC Shroom in these photos along with MAC Wedge in the crease for a natural look. That was my ELOTD or Eyeshadow Look of the Day....
This product glides on pretty smooth and there are some micro bits of shimmer in it. The container holds 4.5g or 0.159 oz. MAC's Blacktrack container has 3g or 0.10 oz. Needless to say, the L'Oreal HIP is quite a bit more generous with their quantity of product. I don't feel that this eyeliner though is as pigmented and as long wearing as my MAC or Clinique gel liners but it is super nice nonetheless. It also can flake a little after several hours of wear and I never have that problem with MAC or Clinique gel liners.

Mac Pro Longwear Eye Pencil Case

Rating: 7/10