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Browse other questions tagged windows-10 virtualbox macos-catalina uefi or ask your own question. The Overflow Blog Podcast 332: Non-fungible Talking. Dec 24, 2020 Install macOS Catalina on VirtualBox on AMD Systems After the installation is completed, the virtual server will reboot, but this time it will boot to a genuine setup at which you will have to customize, make your accounts, and much more. With setting everything up, the macOS Catalina soon be successfully installed.

This document will provide instructions on getting a macOS Catalina install working with Guest Additions on VirtaulBox 6.1.

Start by downloading a copy of the installer from the App Store. You will need a computer running macOS and you will need to convert the installer to an ISO. I will not be covering these steps here, but there are plenty tutorials online.

Installing VirtualBox

I’m hoping you already have this part covered and you are coming here only because you had issues getting macOS installed, but just in case, make sure the following packages are installed (Arch):

Creating the VM

Start by creating a new VM. Give it a name without spaces.

Give it enough memory so the install will run faster. We can change this later.

Select to create a new Virtual Hard Disk

Select VDI

Select fixed size

Give it a bare minimum of 25GB (I would advise on at least 50GB if you can spare the space)

Edit the machine, go into «System => Motherboard» and disable floppy boot and change the chipset to PIIX3

In the processor give more CPU if you can spare

In «Display => Screen» increase the video memory to 128MB and enable 3D acceleration

Enable USB 3.0

Note: if you can’t see USB 3.0 you might need to add your user to the vboxusers group

Mac Os Catalina On Virtualbox On Windows

Insert the install ISO

Additional Configuration

Now we need to run a few vboxmanage commands for additional settings. Either run the lines with vboxmanage from the script below (add your virtual machine name under $vm_name), or save the full script and run it.

Note: the default resolution is set to «1280x1024». You can change it in the last line of the update code. Make sure to keep it to “640x480, 800x600, 1280x1024, 1440x900, 1900x1200“

Installing macOS

We are now ready for the install. Start the machine and select you language.


Select disk utility.

Select the VirtualBox hard disk and click on erase.

Give it a name, select the same options and click on erase. Close the disk utility when done.

Click on install macOS.

Continue with the install as you would until you are presented with the desktop.

Note that the installer will reboot once in the middle of the install.

Installing Guest Additions

We now need to get Guest Additions installed. Remove the install ISO and mount the guest additions CD. Open it with finder and run the VBoxDarwinAdditions.pkg

Install it as if you would install any other package.

You will most likely get an error message that the install has failed.


Close everything, unmount the guest additions CD and open a terminal window (Command+Space, type terminal).

Now we need to restart the VM in recovery mode. Type in:

Once it has rebooted into recovery mode, on the top click on «Utilities => Termminal»

Type in the code below. This is to sign Oracle software as authorized. Then we disable recovery mode and restart the VM.

When the VM has rebooted you should have guest additions working. Remember that not everything works, but the features below should:

  • Copy/Paste
  • ~Drag and Drop~ Reported as not working (see comments)
  • VirtualBox Shared Folders
  • Guest Control

Installing macOS Catalina may seem easy but is no where easy to do so. It requires prominent files and image of macOS Catalina ISO. One of those important files is macOS Catalina VirtualBox Boot Image file which helps install macOS Catalina on VirtualBox. If you don’t know how to install macOS Catalina on VirtualBox, here’s how. In this article, we’ll get the macOS Catalina VirtualBox Boot image file and then we can install macOS Catalina on VirtualBox.

The reason this file is required is because on some systems macOS Catalina won’t install without it, so that’s why we thought it as nesseacry and our responsibility to bring it to you so we can serve you and you can get help from it directly. So here we will first know about the macOS Catalina and its new features, then we will get the file.

What’s New In macOS Catalina & Features

Some of the top changes and features to Mac OS Catalina I think you’ll agree is catalyst apps and these are applications previously iPad apps that have been migrated over to Mac OS. Now the theory behind this whole thing is that iPad developers will be able to check a single box in Xcode and then magically that application will be ready to go in Mac OS in reality it doesn’t work that easily but there is a nice handful of applications that are already available and there will no doubt be many more coming down the pipeline.



So I think this is a good thing to sort of reinvigorate or add some some new life to the Mac obviously iOS and to a lesser extent iPad OS has you know garnered the most attention as far as Apple is concerned so this is in theory a good way to reinvigorate the Mac and get developers excited about bringing their applications that they’ve worked so hardon on the iPad to the Mac now the the jury is still out as to whether or not this will actually prove to be successful whether developers will really jump on board and support this thing gung-ho.


I’ve tried several catalyst apps in I have mixed feelings about many of them but some of them are really good they show a lot of promise one such app is of course carrot weather which is beautifully designed reminds me a lot of the iPad experience it translates very well to the Mac I think most of you guys will agree to that other apps that I’ve tried are sort of a mixed bag at this point but again it’s very very early in the game and I think we have to wait and see whether or not this will actually translate into something special.

What do you guys think what is your experience been like with catalyst apps thus far I’m interested to hear your experience your thoughts on iPad apps running on the Mac the other really big feature this year is of course sidecar and that is the ability to use an iPad as an external display like this twelve point nine inch iPad pro next to my 13-inch MacBook Pro so all you do is go to the airplay settings in the menu bar select your iPad and it will automatically connect to your iPad wirelessly it works wired as well but wirelessly and function as an external display for your Mac you can tell how incredibly useful this would be for a macbook pro owner like this in this situation here so you’re traveling maybe you’re editing videos and Final Cut.

Security & Privacy Enhancement

So here it is annotating so this is the the continuity markup portion so I am annotating right here in real-time look at that this PDF just like that now there are several security and privacy enhancements to be found in Mac OS Catalina so if you go into the privacy tab under the security and privacy preferences you’ll see things like screen reporting so you can set permissions for that so if you try to record your screen with ScreenFlow it’s going to ask for permission first there’s also input monitoring there’s also files and folders speech recognition Apple has really locked down Mac OS so that these applications that formerly just had unadulterated access to all these different functions now have to request access which is a good thing for the user now this is really cool probably one of my favorite features you can authenticate from your Apple watch just like that that is so nice now.


Mac Os Catalina On Virtualbox

like I mentioned in sneaky sasquatch something I promoted numerous times in pretty much every video that I’ve talked about Apple arcade I’ve mentioned sneaky Sasquatch and for a good reason it is a gem among many great apple or arcade titles nihlus Hulk iTunes actually No now let’s talk the music app podcast app and TV app because iTunes is no more in Mac OS Catalina finally write the music app is centered around Apple music that is sort of its focal point but that doesn’t mean you can’t access your iTunes music or your iCloud music library you can still do that but it is centered around Apple music.

Also see: Install macOS Catalina 10.15 on VMware on Windows PC [New Method]


I just drag and drop set a where it dragged can I say that dragged didn’t dry want to see drug and drop dragged and dropped that mp3 over to my library I can go and get info and I can actually edit details about the song and even update the artwork if I wanted to do so the really interesting thing though is you can add to library so if I click here you’ll see where it says updating cloud music library so it’s actually adding that to your library so you can access that song that didn’t originate from Apple music didn’t originate from iTunes right there in your library across all your devices even your TV OS Apple TV so that’s the really cool thing about Apple music if you’re an Apple music subscriber you get access to that you know the music app also gives you access to your lyrics it also gives you access to up next and music listening history which is a new feature that recently came about on iOS 13.2 and also here.

Macos Catalina On Virtualbox

Download macOS Catalina VirtualBox Boot Image File

Now that you’ve known all the features and stuff. Here’s the macaOS Catalina VirtualBox Boot image file.

BTW, if you don’t know how to install macOS Catalina on VirtualBox, here’s how.

Here’s the direct link to macOS Catalina VirtualBox boot image file.

  • VirtualBox Boot Image File: (Google Drive – Direct Link)

    The file is zipped and compressed into a single working file which you can use to install macOS Catalina on VirtualBox easily by booting into, erasing the drive and clicking install to get it installed. It is completely without password.

Mac Os Catalina On Virtualbox Amd

Here are a few links if you’re interested in.

And Good news, the new macOS Big Sur has also now released, here’s how to install it.