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Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu with visiting U.K. Cabinet Minister Michael Gove at the Prime Minister's Office in Jerusalem, April 20, 2021. Credit: Kobi Gideon/GPO.

MICHAEL Gove's Twitter account 'liked' a graphic porn video on Twitter last night. The post was a gif of a woman performing a sex act on a man with the words 'So Hott!!!' A Twitter account belonging to Michael Gove appeared to like a pornographic image of a woman before it was quickly deleted. Eagle-eyed social media users spotted that the Cabinet minister’s profile. 1 day ago  How Michael Gove could be real winner in Cummings text row, says LEO McKINSTRY Oprah says Meghan and Harry text her saying they wanted to share 'the. Michael Gove's Twitter account liked a picture of porn today. On the Chancellor of the Duchy of Lancaster's social media page, which has 186,000 followers, it appeared to 'like' an image of pornography. The like has since been deleted from the MP for Surrey Heath's account. Gove's account was a bit quicker to remove the like than Cruz and Barwell was but it is still an alarming moment that has prompted a response from a source close to the minister. In a statement given to The Mirror suggests that they are not sure how this happened but have updated the security on the account to prevent it from happening again.

(April 21, 2021 / JNS) Israel and the United Kingdom are exploring the creation of a “green travel corridor” between the two countries, Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu’s office said in a statement.

During a meeting on Tuesday at the Prime Minister’s Office in Jerusalem, Netanyahu and visiting British Cabinet Minister Michael Gove discussed mutual recognition of their countries’ “green passports” for citizens fully vaccinated against COVID-19. No timeline has yet been unveiled for the plan.

Netanyahu and Gove also talked of increasing cooperation in the research, development and production of vaccines and in combating future viruses. Gove said that Britain is interested in learning from Israel’s experience in returning to a post-pandemic routine.

After a separate meeting on Tuesday with Gove, Foreign Minister Gabi Ashkenazi tweeted that the two had discussed “our strong bilateral ties, the need for a travel corridor,’ regional strategic issues and the Iranian threat.” He ended by stating: “The #Uk is a great ally of #Israel.”

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The Israeli Ministry of Tourism said last week that Israel will begin receiving vaccinated tourists from abroad through a phased plan that will begin on May 23.

Tourism Minister Orit Farkash-Hacohen and Health Minister Yuli Edelstein have agreed on a framework for receiving tourists, after a ban lasting more than a year due to the global pandemic.

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Michael Gove 's Twitter account likes picture of porn before it's swiftly deleted

The Chancellor of the Duchy of Lancaster's social media page appeared to 'like' a pornography image, which has since been deleted

On the Chancellor of the Duchy of Lancaster's social media page, which has 186,000 followers, it appeared to 'like' an image of pornography.The like has since been deleted from the MP for Surrey Heath's account.The image was a gif of a woman performing a sexual act, along with the words so hott!!!

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The activity was flagged up on social media. One person tweeted: 'Nice # #michaelgove #goveporn #oops'.Another said: 'cannot believe michael gove has liked a graphic porn gif on here this is the best day ever.'A third remarked: 'This is fantastic, we love you Gove,' another amused person tweeted. 'Thank you for this, its made my day so much better than it already was.'

A source close to Michael Gove told the Mirror: 'This is obviously embarrassing but we are not sure how it happened.:As soon as we saw this, it was deleted. Many people have access to the account and the password has now been changed and the security upgraded as you would expect.' headtopics.com

Earlier this week, the cabinet office minister was trying to defend Dominic Cummings, who claimed to have made a 60-mile round trip from Durham to Barnard Castle to make sure he was fit to drive.Mr Gove insisted he, like Boris Johnson's aide Dominic Cummings, had got behind the wheel to see if his eyes were good enough for a long journey.

Mr Cummings prompted incredulity when he tried to explain a 60-mile round trip to a beauty spot by saying he wanted to test his eyesight before a 260-mile journey from Durham to London.But Mr Gove, who as Education Secretary from 2010 was Mr Cummings' boss, suggested he too had taken the unusual step of testing his eyesight through driving.

Michael Gove Twitter Account

Asked on LBC if he would have gone 'on a 60-mile round trip to test your eyesight?', Mr Gove replied: 'I have, on occasions in the past, driven with my wife in order to make sure, what's the right way of putting it … ?'Mr Gove later admitted the point he was 'seeking to make' was that he was 'not an authority on driving' as 'someone who took seven attempts to pass their driving test”.

Michael gove twitter account

He added: “I'm not going to pass judgement on other people's driving.'Mr Gove, a long-term ally of Cummings, said he did not break the letter of the government's coronavirus lockdown guidelines and was simply trying to look after his wife and 4-year-old son. headtopics.com

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Read More Top news stories from Mirror Online Mr Gove said he only found out that Mr Cummings had travelled to Durham when the story was revealed through the media.Further defending the senior Government aide, Mr Gove said: 'People can then form their own judgment about whether or not what they thought he did was wise. My own view is that it is entirely reasonable.

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MirrorPolitics goveporn - surely this has to trend? Man likes women. Get over it Don’t want to picture that face busting a nut 🥜 MirrorPolitics In fairness, he looks the type 🤔 MirrorPolitics So the serial backstaber Gove really is a wanker MirrorPolitics In Mr Gove's defense, he left his phone on in his pocket whilst dealing with an important matter of state. The movement in his trousers accidentally caused an app to open, find its way to select an inappropriate image. In no way does the 'like' indicate Mr Gove's sexual tastes.

Michael Gove Attorney

MirrorPolitics There are many ways in which you can test your eyesight. I mean he might be going blind with all that...... MirrorPolitics Michael Gove - another Cabinet ‘tosser”. As they say - ‘it does make you blind’. Nothing to do with Coron-19. Seems to be a habit within No 10 - first Cummings, then Benny Hill Johnson(lying about it-been wearing glasses for years) and now Gove. Oh, Rees Mogg needs strong specs.

MirrorPolitics Will probably be avoiding Peston then in case he gets asked if he has knocked one out in the green room MirrorPolitics This doesn't surprise me MirrorPolitics Was he cummings at the time? And Stereotype........lying pervy dopehead Might go someday to explain the eyesight problems they’ve been having over recent months

I wish just for once he’d take off the gimp mask before a photo shoot 🤷🏻‍♂️ Now this is a story the UK does not want more info on... ChristineJameis it don’t matter unless it’s child porn! or grafic animal porn! they should be all in truth! closed down JohnEgan13 Fuck sake take it you don't follow me then...... fucking abismal 'news'

Michael Gove Education

Parasite maybe the mirror uploading porn to twitter, to try and trap someone, you fake pictures of british soldiers torturing iraqi`s so dont be surprised that no one trusts a thing you print. For once, plenty of BJ but no sign of Cummings. What a berk🙄 must have searched bbc Konjinaba More cummings 💦 Sick twt

'No no'

Donald Trump uses official White House account to re-send 'violent' banned tweetThe president used the official White House Twitter account to re-share the offending tweet, which was hidden from view on his own account for 'glorifying violence' I see he is handling this maturely then as we all expected him to. I hope they block that one too. Asshole Reported. Look at the difference in his tweets. Notice something?

Michael Gove Interviews

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