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Minecraft Forum Mod List - A list of Minecraft mods compiled by the community. 177 mods listed on 1.6.1. Mar 12, 2015 Minecraft 1.6 - ZachDeyo Unblocked Games Minecraft 1.6 Here is Minecraft 1.6 its for free and its the full game, but YOU NEED JAVA TO PLAY. Click on the arrow to download!

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A new Minecraft 1.6 version with new chips! You can see and try them out for yourself in the Minecraft for Android beta version.

Novelties in Minecraft 1.6.0 for Android

The list of novelties in 1.6.0 for android is small for now:

  • In Minecraft 1.6.0, a feature making phantom mobs to appear in the night sky if the player has not slept for three game days has been added.
  • Barrier blocks have been added. They are perfectly useful when creating maps to limit Minecraft 1.6 players in certain areas. They can also be placed in any mode, but they are not visible in survival and adventure mode. Blocks can only be obtained using commands and are not displayed in the interface.

Changes and bug fixes in Minecraft 1.6.0 for Android

Minecraft improves and corrects the existing game crashes every time, which is nice of course! Remaining fixes:

  • A crash occurring when using the Pick Block in the place where the mob just died has been fixed.
  • The loading speed menu has been accelerated.
  • The water leaking incorrectly from the ladder containing water source blocks has been fixed
  • Maps are being updated correctly when held in the main hand.
  • Players can now return to Overworld if the portal is located in the place of their generation in Minecraft 1.6
  • The skeletons that could not leave the water to attack players have been fixed.
  • Observers will now detect changes regarding droppers, dispensers, breweries, agricultural land, seedlings, fire, grass and sugar cane blocks.
  • If the Craftable filter is disabled, and the player has enough materials to create, elements can be processed from the Recipe Book again.
  • Wolves no longer get stuck while attacking skeletons above the water in Minecraft for Android.
  • Blazes attack Snow Golems now.
  • Players can ride donkeys and mules only after taming them.
  • Using the '/ setblock' command on Redstone components will now correctly update and enable the mechanism.
  • The command blocks control the Redstone power correctly now.
  • The gamepad cursor can be used to navigate trades with the villagers now.

What has been added in Minecraft for android

First of all, it is worth noting that a phantom mob and a barrier have been added in Minecraft 1.6.0. Here is a little detailed information about each of them in Minecraft for android.

Hostile Phantom Mob

Minecraft 1.6 Servers

As it was known before, the phantom looks like this:

This mob is quite specific, it attacks only during nighttime, and it burns out during the day. The mob is generated only on the third night after the player’s sleep, so if you sleep every night, you will never see it. The mob’s health is not small: 20 points! The mob’s strike power is from 4 to 9 points.

Also beautiful particles fly behind it:

Barrier block

The new block was announced a long time ago, but it was introduced for real just now. The main features of the barrier unit in Minecraft 1.6 are that it cannot be broken in survival mode and it is impossible to obtain it. You can get it only by typing the command: / give @s barrier. Generally, the block is very specific and you can create almost invisible obstacles with its help.

Minecraft 1.6.0 Beta version:

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Download Minecraft
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Download Minecraft

Download Minecraft 1.6.0 for Android

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Uploaded bywuestman
Game Version1.16.5


Note: Forge version 1.16.5 - 36.1.0 is required at a minimum.
Minecraft 1.6
Release -

1. Fixed an issue where the player could generate infinite structures.

Release -

1. Fixed an issue where stained-glass was not generating correctly in some circumstances.

2. Updated the Tree Nether Gate to remove the Wither Rose which was incorrectly provided in the generated structure. This breaks Vanilla and Mod progression and was therefore removed.

3. Fixed an issue where the default configuration functionality was not re-loading the mod configuration file appropriately.

Release -

Minecraft 1.6.1 Download

First release available for 1.16.5 of Minecraft!

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This release contains all of the fixes/updates from the version of the mod.