Minecraft For Kids

This Minecraft toy is great for children who enjoy board games or even older fans who love board game nights. The concept is co-developed with Minecraft developer Mojang. It stays true to the game’s features and can be played by two to four people.

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  2. Minecraft is also tons of fun in single player mode. If you do end up introducing your child to public servers, you’ll probably want to have a talk with them about online safety, and it may be a.

Virtual and In-Person Camps and Global Design Competitions

Design, create, and make your very own city come alive using Minecraft! In this series of camps, kids will explore a variety of themes centered around scientific, sustainable, innovative, & futuristic city planning and design.

Kids will immerse themselves in Minecraft while applying the Engineering For Kids design process to create a model of their very own, futuristic, sustainable city. On the last day, students will learn how to pitch their ideas and launch their designs to a larger audience to participate in an EFK global design competition!

  • Ages: Apprentice and Master Level (3rd-8th Grade)
  • Skill Level: All Skill Levels

What is Minecraft?

Kids love Minecraft! It has become one of the most popular video games amongst children. The Minecraft game is a motivating and engaging tool that allows for limitless creativity.

The game can be described as a ‘sandbox game’ which means that it’s a virtual world that players can create their own lands and experiences within using various materials. Within the game, students get resourceful and gather building materials from their surrounding environment. They can see how breaking down trees can help them create blocks and entirely new items.

Why Minecraft?

When kids play Minecraft, they’re building on their creativity, problem solving, organizational and planning skills. Kids can work together as a team, or even individually. They can create their own adventure, so all skill levels are welcome to play!

While the soft skills that kids learn from playing Minecraft are amazing, it can also be used to build accurate scale models of buildings, teach kids about programming and coding, as well as gamify other concepts kids learn in school - such as showing students how redstone can be used as an electrical energy source to power certain aspects of their world.

Urban Innovations with Minecraft

Epic Minecraft Camps All Summer Long

The future of the planet lies in the hands of future generations. Sustainable urban development is an achievable goal for the future if we empower our young people with the knowledge and tools they will need within STEM to make a difference.

We’re offering five different Minecraft camp themes that students can attend. These camps are designed so that students can continue to build on their projects no matter their skill level or comfortability with Minecraft.

Students will build on different aspects of their city, focusing on a new theme each time. At the end of all five camps, students will have a complete, futuristic, innovative city within the Minecraft game.

Urban Innovations with Minecraft Camp Themes:

Kids Play Minecraft

  • Gridlock Blocks with Minecraft
  • Scraping the Sky with Minecraft
  • Going Green with Minecraft
  • Maximum Power with Minecraft
  • City Life with Minecraft

Is Minecraft Kid Friendly

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Minecraft For Kids Fire

Urban Innovations with Minecraft Global Design Competition

Minecraft For Kids For Free

Kids play minecraft

Does your child spend all day on Minecraft? Send them to Urban Innovations with Minecraft camp this Summer to take their creativity to the next level and compete against other students across the globe.

We’re launching a Global Design Competition for all students who participate in our Engineering For Kids Summer Camp program this year.