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Minecraft World

Minecraft World as it appears in Ultimate.
Appears inUltimate
Home stage toSteve
Crate typeNormal
Maximum players8
Bolded tracks must be unlocked
UltimateMinecraft series music
Main: Halland / Dalarna
Alternate: Earth

Minecraft World (マインクラフト ワールド, Minecraft World) is a DLCstage in Super Smash Bros. Ultimate. It is bundled with Steve in Challenger Pack 7, which is also part of the Fighters Pass Vol. 2.

Stage Overview[edit]

The stage is set in Minecraft's Overworld and has a largely standard design, being a flat platform with edges that extend to the lower blast zone. Different materials for mining can be found along the main stage, and breakable blocks of various kinds appear as obstacles. It features a day/night cycle. Two of a randomly selected farm animal (two cows, sheep or chickens) will appear in the background as soon as the stage starts. Some biomes may feature Villagers that perform farmwork during the day. They can be seen occasionally turning to fighters and watching the battle when close. At nighttime, Villagers retire to their homes and two different types of monsters will appear; these may be any pair of a Zombie, an Enderman, a Skeleton, or a Spider, and do not affect gameplay. When morning starts, the monsters will either catch fire and burn up or simply retreat depending on the monster, repeating the cycle.

Normally, the stage randomly loads in different biomes, but a specific biome can be chosen by holding specific buttons before selecting the stage, similarly to Boxing Ring.[1] The stage's biome affects which obstacles will appear. Any obstacles can be destroyed through attacks, including mining, and will not respawn. However, the materials found through mining on the main stage will always be the same regardless of biome.

  • The plains biome is standard, and features a town with two Villagers. Can be loaded by holding L.
  • The birch forest features two platforms on different levels hidden within birch trees. Can be loaded by holding L + R.
  • The savanna features acacia trees, and one platform hidden with a tree. Can be loaded by holding L + up on the left stick.
  • The taiga includes mossy stone and a conifer tree. Can be loaded by holding L + right on the left stick.
  • The snowy tundra includes a single Villager and an igloo in the center. Can be loaded by holding L + down on the left stick.
  • The stone shore includes a single platform and an irregular stone formation in the center. Can be loaded by holding L + left on the left stick.

Ω form and Battlefield form[edit]

In its Ω form and Battlefield form, the stage always loads in the plains biome, but retains its day/night cycle. It is largely the same other than lacking any hazards and being resized and reshaped to match Final Destination and Battlefield, respectively. The Battlefield form's platforms are similar to those found on the birch forest, savanna, and stone shore biomes. The main stage is set on a grass path rather than varied terrain, since the terrain of Battlefield and Ω stages does not affect which materials can be mined. Unique to this stage, the 8-player Ω form's main platform is completely different from the regular Ω form's platform, rather than simply being a scaled up version of it, presumably for consistency with the size of the stage's blocks.

  • Ω form

  • 8-Player Ω form

  • Battlefield form

Hazards off[edit]

With hazards off, the stage will still load one of the six biomes, but all breakable obstacles are removed. The platforms found on the birch forest, savanna, snowy tundra, and stone shore biomes still appear.


A randomly generated world in Minecraft.

In Minecraft, worlds are created through by choosing the 'Create New World' option on the world select screen. Worlds are generated based off of seeds, a value that includes negative and positive integers. Seeds are either randomly generated by an algorithm, or can be manually generated by the player by typing strings of letters and numbers in the seed bar.

Within a randomly-generated world, there are a number of biomes, which determine the weather, terrain, and mobs that will spawn in that part of the world. The variations of this stage represent a selection of the biomes.

  • The plains are the most generic biome: a mostly flat, grassy area filled with typical wildlife such as cows, chickens, pigs, and sheep.
  • A birch forest is a variety of forest biome, filled with birch trees and other flora across a hilly landscape. However, like the Plains, there are no other particularly unique features.
  • The savanna is a warm, mostly flat biome filled with tall grass and acacia trees. It is possible for horses, donkeys, and llamas to spawn in a savanna, and it will never rain. Savannas often border plains and desert biomes.
  • Taigas are cold counterparts to forest biomes, filled with spruce trees, sweet berry bushes, and other flora. Rabbits, foxes, and wolves often spawn in taigas.
  • The snowy tundra is an uncommon biome filled with flora that has adapted to the cold. Igloos, which often contain treasure chests and other items, can be found in snowy tundras. It is also possible to encounter polar bears and Strays, a variant of the Skeleton mob that has frozen. It only snows rather than rains in a snowy tundra.
  • Stone shores are variants of beach biomes that are usually found bordering mountainous regions. These beaches are filled with varieties of stone rather than sand, and it is common to find waterfalls and lavafalls. Turtles, which are generally found on beaches, cannot spawn in stone shores.

Villages are unique structures that can be found in a variety of biomes, including Plains, Savannas, Snowy Tundras, and Taigas. The Plains variant, which appears in Smash, is the type that has been in the game the longest and represents the most generic village, where villagers farm in wooden houses. Villages often contain loot, but it is possible to trade with the villagers, as well. At night, all villagers will retreat into their homes to sleep away from Zombies lest they be turned into Zombie Villagers or otherwise killed by one.

Tournament legality[edit]

Due to its recent release, as well as the general suspension of tournaments during the COVID-19 pandemic, there has not been a decisive conclusion on Minecraft World's legality. As the breakable blocks are removed with hazards off and the specific layout can be chosen, there have been talks of making specific forms of the stage legal—specifically the savanna, forest, tundra, and/or stone shore biomes. However, the stage also provides a mild advantage to Steve due to being designed with his mining mechanic in mind, and its size has proven somewhat controversial.


Texture sheet for the blocks in Minecraft World.
  • Masahiro Sakurai's original concept for the stage was to include a level editor that would allow stages built in Minecraft to be imported and played in Super Smash Bros. Ultimate. The concept was abandoned early on, as technical issues made it impossible.[2]
    • In the texture files for the stage, there are unused block textures for several blocks that don’t typically belong with any the six biomes of the stage. This may be a leftover of the scrapped level editor feature, or more biomes for the stage may have been planned.
  • The stage's aesthetics are distinctly styled after Minecraft Java Edition. This can be best seen in the tundra biome, as snow does not occupy the same space as plants, unlike in Bedrock Edition.
    • However, there is one plant in the background that does occupy the same space as snow, which is only possible in Bedrock Edition.
    • The distant backgrounds are 2D panoramic screenshots taken in Java Edition, similar to Great Plateau Tower, and are noticeably lower in quality compared to the stage model. Because all possible worlds in Minecraft can be traced to a specific seed, there is an ongoing fan project to find the seeds used to create these backgrounds.[3]
  • While torches are capable of melting snow in Minecraft, the torches in the the tundra biome do not melt the snow around them.
    • However, there are torches visible in the skybox of the tundra biome that do appear to melt snow.
  • One block in Minecraft is one meter (~3.28 feet) wide in all axes. The default form of Minecraft World is 20 blocks long across the X axis, meaning that — assuming the stage uses the same scale — it is 20 meters (~65.62 feet) wide.
    • The Ω and Battlefield forms of Minecraft World are 16 blocks long, meaning that they and, by extension, Final Destination and Battlefield (as well as all Ω and Battlefield forms), are 16 meters (~52.49 feet) in length using the same metric.
  • Minecraft World is the only stage in the game which allows Steve to 'mine' blocks like in actual Minecraft, as any buildings or trees on the stage will crack and break when mined.
  • The Nightmare, Tiki, Phosphora, Kapp'n, Nikki, Dillon, Yuri Kozukata, Arcade Bunny, Squid Sisters, and Rathalos Assist Trophies are unable to appear on this stage. Additionally, the Abra, Alolan Exeggutor, Scizor, Gogoat, and Lunala Poké Ball Pokémon are unable to appear on this stage. Coincidentally, the Super Mushroom also cannot appear in the stage.
    • Despite this, the Abra Poké Ball Pokémon can appear in the Enderman spirit battle.
  • Several scenes in Steve's reveal trailer imply the players were able to explore more of the stage at some point in development, as Steve is seen entering a house to trade places with Alex, the Zombie is seen breaking down a villager's door, and Steve is seen sleeping in a house before an Enderman walks up to him. However, all of these are impossible to perform in the final game, as the houses are inaccessible on the stage in the final game, and the background Zombies do not break down the doors.
  • There are numerous texture errors on Minecraft World, such as the snowy tundra using both the new and old snowy grass block textures and the texture for an empty item frame being used in place of the inner texture of the acacia wood in the savannah biome.

In other languages[edit]

Japaneseマインクラフト ワールドMinecraft World
EnglishMinecraft World
FrenchMonde MinecraftMinecraft World
GermanMinecraft-WeltMinecraft World
ItalianMondo di MinecraftMinecraft World
SpanishMundo de MinecraftMinecraft World
Chinese (Simplified)《我的世界》的世界'My World' World
Chinese (Traditional)Minecraft世界Minecraft World
KoreanMinecraft 월드Minecraft World
DutchMinecraft-wereldMinecraft World
RussianМир MinecraftMinecraft World


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December 7, 2018

  • CERO: A
  • ESRB: E10+
  • ACB: PG
  • OFLC: PG
  • PEGI: 12
  • USK: 12
  • GRAC: All
  • GSRR: 6+



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Super Smash Bros. Ultimate (langue japonaise: 大乱闘スマッシュブラザーズ SPECIAL) est un jeu de combat sorti sur Nintendo Switch le 7 décembre 2018. C'est le cinquième opus de la série Super Smash Bros. Il a pour particularité d'intégrer tous les personnages et la majeure partie des terrains de l'ensemble des épisodes précédents.

Minecraft content was added to the game as paid downloadable content on October 13, 2020.

  • 1Minecraft contenu
    • 1.1Steve

Minecraft contenu[modifiermodifier le wikicode]

Steve Minecraft Super Smash Bros Ultimate Moveset

Steve[modifiermodifier le wikicode]

Steve est un personnage jouable dans Super Smash Bros Ultimate. Il a été confirmé en tant que personnage jouable le 1er octobre 2020 en tant que deuxième personnage téléchargeable du Fighters Pass Vol. Pack de 2 DLC. Alex, un Zombie et un Enderman ont également été annoncés comme costumes alternatifs pour le combattant. Le pack DLC est sorti le 13 octobre 2020 pour 7,99 $ US.

Moveset[modifiermodifier le wikicode]

Descriptions taken from the in-game move list.

  • Neutral Special (Modèle:Nsbtn): Mine/Craft/Place Block - Collect materials from the ground by mining the floor. Craft tools while at the crafting table or place blocks while in the air.
  • Side Special (Modèle:Nsbtn + Modèle:Nsbtn Left/Right): Minecart - An iron minecart will travel along the rails. Powered rails can be placed with the right materials. If empty, the minecart will carry an enemy away.
  • Up Special (Modèle:Nsbtn + Modèle:Nsbtn Up): Elytra - Equip an elytra, accelerate with a firework rocket, and glide through the air. Adjust the trajectory by inputting up and down.
  • Down Special (Modèle:Nsbtn + Modèle:Nsbtn Down): TNT - Use several materials to create an explosive block. Hold the special-move button and left or right to use redstone and place a plate that can set off the block.
  • Final Smash (Modèle:Nsbtn after breaking a Smash Ball or getting a full Final Smash meter): House of Boom - Create a big piston that strikes out to one side. The piston can hit multiple opponents, but only one will be launched into a dark room that then explodes.

Stage[modifiermodifier le wikicode]

Minecraft World is a stage in Super Smash Bros. Ultimate. True to the source material it can take the appearance of various biomes, affecting the stage layout. The stage also has a day-night cycle, synced to the music. The background of this stage is seemingly based on Java Edition, due to terrain differences such as more abundant grass in the Plains stage and snow layers not occupying the same block as plants in the Snowy Tundra stage.

Each biome can be forced to load by entering inputs in the stage select screen. The biomes are, as follows:

  • Plains - the default biome. Features a village in the background, with a bell and animal pen. The layout includes a broken-down house and a pile of hay bales. This biome is also used in the Battlefield and Omega layout of the stage. Load by holding Modèle:Nsbtn.
  • Birch Forest - features two platforms hidden in two birch trees. Can be loaded by holding Modèle:Nsbtn + Modèle:Nsbtn.
  • Savanna - has a double-canopy acacia tree, which hides a platform. Can be loaded by holding Modèle:Nsbtn + Modèle:Nsbtn up.
  • Taiga - features a single taiga village house in the background. The stage layout contains a cobblestone boulder and a spruce tree. Can be loaded by holding Modèle:Nsbtn + Modèle:Nsbtn right.
  • Snowy Tundra - features a snowy tundra village house in the background, along with a sheep pen and a lamp post. The stage layout has two platforms and an igloo in the middle. Can be loaded by holding Modèle:Nsbtn + Modèle:Nsbtn down.
  • Stone Shore - features a single platform and a cave-like stone formation, with an ocean separating the main stage from the mountains. Can be loaded by holding Modèle:Nsbtn + Modèle:Nsbtn left.

Musique[modifiermodifier le wikicode]

  • Halland/Dalarna - a remix of the two camp themes from Minecraft Dungeons. Along with a faster tempo, it incorporates electric guitar riffs, a modern drum kit, and string sections.
  • Earth - a remix of the main theme from Minecraft Earth. It is done in an upbeat orchestral style and also contains a drum-and-bass beat, compared to the original's calm slow-paced piano. However, it still retains the piano in some point of the track.
  • Clockwork Crafter - one of the Legacy Console Edition Battle Minigame themes. It is the only song to not be remixed and is taken directly from the original game.
  • Toys on a Tear - a new remix of one of the Shrunk Battle Minigame themes. It is faithful to the original, but it also includes acoustic and electric guitars as well as the FM synth style instrumentation from the Sega Genesis/Mega Drive's chip in place of the chimes.
  • Dance of the Blocks - a new remix of one of the Shrunk Battle Mini Game themes. Like the previous remix, it is very faithful to the original, but it also includes lighter percussion as well as a timpani, and is generally more subdued and calmer.
  • Glide - an orchestral remix of Glide Vanilla Map 1 Track 1. It also incorporates a loop and new instruments like the acoustic guitar.
  • The Arch-Illager - a new orchestral remix of the Arch-Illager's boss theme from Minecraft Dungeons. It remains faithful to the original complete with a choir, but also incorporates a modern drum kit and elements of piano.

Bold denotes rearranged tracks.

Mii Costumes[modifiermodifier le wikicode]

  • Creeper Outfit - a model replacement costume for the Mii Brawler. The Mii's limbs are replaced by floating creeper legs.
  • Pig Outfit - another model replacement costume for the Mii Brawler in a similar vein to the Creeper Outfit. The costume may be based on the famous pig model error.
  • Diamond Armor - a suit costume for the Mii Swordfighter, giving it diamond armor and a diamond sword.

Spirits[modifiermodifier le wikicode]

  • Slime (Minecraft)
  • Villager & Iron Golem

Fighter Spirits

  • Steve
  • Alex

Steve Minecraft Super Smash Bros Ultimate

Videos[modifiermodifier le wikicode]

Official Steve reveal trailer
Official Steve gameplay demonstration

Galerie[modifiermodifier le wikicode]

Official artwork
  • Steve's render from Super Smash Bros. Ultimate, featuring the old bearded texture.

  • Alex's render from Super Smash Bros. Ultimate.

  • Tennis Steve's render from Super Smash Bros. Ultimate.

  • Tennis Alex's render from Super Smash Bros. Ultimate.

  • Scottish Steve's render from Super Smash Bros. Ultimate.

  • Swedish Alex's render from Super Smash Bros. Ultimate.

  • Zombie's render from Super Smash Bros. Ultimate.

  • Enderman's render from Super Smash Bros. Ultimate.

Minecraft Joins Super Smash Bros. Ultimate

'Minecraft World' stage
  • Plains biome.

  • Birch Forest biome.

  • Savanna biome.

  • Taiga biome.

  • Snowy Tundra biome.

  • Stone Shore biome.

Minecraft World Super Smash Bros Ultimate

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