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Your regional NEU office is Northern Region. Call 0191 482 77 00 or use the email contact form. If you need to speak to a member adviser, call AdviceLine on 0345 811 8111 or use the email contact form. Sean highlighted the difficulties of getting constructive input from NEU.” Harford had singled out the NEU for being too oppositional, arguing the union was the “outlier” among the teaching unions. However, Bousted retorted that Harford’s tweet was “on twitter for all to see” and said she would be writing to Spielman about the matter.

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Mehdi Abedi

Mechanical and Industrial Engineering
  • 617.373.4427

Emad Aboelela

Associate Teaching Professor and Vice Chair for Undergraduate Education,
Electrical and Computer Engineering
Wireless Sensor Networks, Internet of Things, Embedded Systems, Quality-of-Service for Multimedia Networking, Computer Networks Management and Design.
  • 617.373.3386

Gregory D. Abowd

Office of the Dean
Human-Computer Interaction, Ubiquitous Computing, Software Engineering

Ali Abur

Electrical and Computer EngineeringNeu Twitter
Power system monitoring, estimation and optimization, fault location and identification in power grids
  • 617.373.3051

George G. Adams

Mechanical and Industrial Engineering
Contact mechanics including adhesion, friction, and plasticity; modeling and analysis of MEMS; modeling and analysis in nanomechanics
  • 617.373.3826

Laura Adrien

Cooperative Education
Area of Focus: Telecommunication Networks, Software Engineering Systems, Internet of Things
  • 617.373.3585

Michael Ahern

Cooperative Education
  • 617.373.5578

Muhammad Noor E Alam

Mechanical and Industrial Engineering
Applied operations research, healthcare, supply chain, large scale optimization, and big data analytics
  • 781.353.9136

Brian Albrecht

Associate Co-op Coordinator & Assistant Director,

Kelley Neu Twitter

Cooperative Education
  • 617.373.6836

Muhammad Ali

Electrical and Computer Engineering
  • 617.373.6992

Michael Allshouse

Mechanical and Industrial Engineering
Nonlinear dynamics, geophysical fluid dynamics, computational fluid mechanics, disaster response, experimental fluids
  • 617.373.2138

Akram N. Alshawabkeh

Senior Associate Dean for Research and Graduate Education,
Office of the Dean
Geoenvironmental engineering, soil and groundwater remediation; electrokinetic and electrochemical processes; contaminant fate and transport environmental restoration
  • 617.373.3994

Christopher Amato

Electrical and Computer Engineering
  • 617.373.5807

Mansoor Amiji

jointly appointed in Pharmaceutical Sciences & Chemical Engineering
Polymeric biomaterials, drug delivery systems, nanomedical technologies
  • 617.373.3137

Rouzbeh Amini

jointly appointed in Mechanical and Industrial Engineering & Bioengineering
Biomechanics, mechanobiology, biotransport
  • 617.373.7688

Mahshid Amirabadi

Electrical and Computer Engineering
design, modeling and control of power converters, power electronics for renewable energy systems, microgrids, variable speed drives and wireless power transfer
  • 617.373.8177

Parisa Andalib

Electrical and Computer Engineering
  • 617.373.5185

Gregory Anderson

Engineering Computer Center
  • 617.373.4848

Teiichi Ando

Mechanical and Industrial Engineering
Rapid solidification processing, droplet-based materials processing, powder metallurgy, material processing by severe plastic deformation, processing-structure-property relationships in materials
  • 617.373.3811

Javier Apfeld

Studies how the brain regulates aging and resilience to oxidative stress in the nematode C. elegans
  • 617.373.4495

Ian Armstrong

  • 617.373.8591

Cheryl Arruda

Cooperative Education
  • 617.373.3988

Anand Asthagiri

cell and tissue engineering, quantitative principles of cancer cell biology and developmental biology
  • 617.373.2996

Debra Auguste

Chemical Engineering
Bioresponsive drug delivery; cell and tissue engineering; tissue architecture; targeted therapeutics
  • 617.373.6243

Joseph Ayers

jointly appointed in Bioengineering, Civil and Environmental Engineering&Electrical and Computer Engineering
Development of underwater robots for civil infrastructure and explosive sensing; neurophysiology and behavior biomimetics
  • (781) 581-7370

Ruobing Bai

Mechanical and Industrial Engineering
Solid mechanics and large deformation, soft active materials: hydrogels, liquid crystal elastomers, and biomaterials, fracture and adhesion of materials, multi-physics of materials: mechanics, thermodynamics, chemistry, optics, and electromagnetism, instability of materials

Ambika Bajpayee

drug delivery; bio-electrostatics; transport phenomena in biological systems; biomechanics; osteoarthritis
  • 617.373.7018
Emily neu twitter

Luca Baldesi

Electrical and Computer Engineering

Albert-Laszlo Barabasi

Mechanical and Industrial Engineering
  • 617.373.7774

Sumner Barenberg

Design Medical Implants; Medical Implant Due Diligence; Biomaterials, Biopolymers, Biomemetics, Polymer Physics; Biodegradation; Interfacial Phenomena, Chemotaxis, Accelerated Aging
  • 617.373.7805

Jennifer Barnhart

Edward G. Galante Engineering Business Program
  • 617.373.4722

Stefano Basagni

Electrical and Computer Engineering
Wireless networks; ad hoc networks; underwater and terrestrial sensor networking; protocol design and testing
  • 617.373.3061

Sarah Batista-Pereira

Development and Alumni Affairs
  • 617.373.3931

James Bean

Office of the President

Anxhela Becolli

  • 617.373.2031

Mehdi Behroozi

Mechanical and Industrial Engineering
Geographic resource allocation, logistics, scheduling, multimodal transport systems, shared mobility, decentralized systems and resilient networks, data visualization, computational social science; Data-driven robust optimization, computational geometry, geometric probability theory, and geospatial analysis.
  • 617.373.2032

R. Edward Beighley

Professor & Associate Chair for Undergraduate Studies,
Civil and Environmental Engineering

Neu Twitter Mary Bousted

Hydrologic and hydraulic modeling; remote sensing of the hydrologic cycle; hydrologic impacts of climate and/or land use change; flood hazard and risk assessment
  • 617.373.3368

Deanna Beirne

Senior Director of Research Computing and Technology Transfer,
jointly appointed in Gordon-CenSSIS, ALERT&Gordon Institute of Engineering Leadership
  • 617.373.3473

Chiara Bellini

Diseases of the cardiovascular system; effects of cellmediated growth and remodeling processes on tissue and organ mechanics
  • 617.373.2550

Sidi A. Bencherif

Chemical Engineering
polymer chemistry and engineering; biomaterials; biomedical engineering; drug delivery; tissue engineering; regenerative medicine; immunotherapy; immunoengineering; vaccines
  • 617.373.7103