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21.8m Followers, 69 Following, 762 Posts - See Instagram photos and videos from PewDiePie (@pewdiepie). Twitter wants to cancel PewDiePie as 'Coco' is too offensive Cancel pewdiepie this hurts me feelings so deeply oh my god 😠😠😠🤬🤬🤬 — Ðestıny (@crimsonxdestiny) February 14, 2021.

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  • PewDiePie has spoken about his feelings towards the social media website, saying that he hated Twitter and thought about deleting his account a lot, according to Reclaim The Net. He delved into criticizing what he saw as “constant posturing” on the social media platform where users “can’t seem to help themselves from pointing out what.
  • Twitter’s latest hype is all about Pewdiepie receiving the award Most Handsome Face of 2020. Pewdiepie has outshined David Beckham (26th), Idris Elba (13th) and other star stunned faces. The silver medal went to BTS’s rapper V who took home the title as the second Most Handsome Face of 2020.

PewDiePie (YouTuber)

His real name is “Felix Arvid Ulf Kjellberg” Swedish 30 years old popular YouTuber commonly known for his comedy, commentary and gaming videos. He is one of the famous YouTuber, who has reached 105 million subscribers this year and received Choice Award.

PewDiePie created YouTube channel in 2010 and primarily posted Let’s Play videos of horror and action video games. It was a pure gaming channel in star, but drastically it become one sort of vlogging and commentary channel, He continued with posting gaming, videos, funny and comedy videos along with personal lifestyle clips. His channel seek extreme growth in last 6 years and reaches in the list top top 10 YouTubers ever. There was a tough competition between Tseries and PewDiePie as fans were eagerly waiting, which one will first reach 100 million subscribers milestone. Moreover, He was voted Most Popular Gaming Web Star at the Teen Choice Awards. He become a part of Machinima and later Maker Studios, but now he is working independently and didn’t joined any network. PewDiePie started his own merch, where he sells variety of stuff for fans. It is a good source of income for him alongside YouTube monetization.

Interestingly, being a popular celebrity, he use his internet popularity to raise funds for such charities as the World Wildlife Foundation and St. Jude Children’s Research Hospital. He already contributed million of dollars in charity work. Somehow, he left Chalmers University of Technology to pursue a career as an internet personality.

Family Life:

Felix Arvid Ulf Kjellberg born on October 24, 1989 in Gothenburg, Sweden. He born to Lotta Kristine Johanna and Ulf Christian Kjellberg. His famous sister name is Fanny. He dated Marzia Kjellberg before marrying her in August 2019.


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  • Address: Felix Kjellberg aka PewDiePie, Gothenburg, Sweden.
  • Address 2: Felix Arvid Ulf Kjellberg aka PewDiePie, Brighton, England, United Kingdom.

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What’s up these day!

He given a tribute to Actor Sushant Singh Rajpoot in his recent video. Moreover, he gained 26,210,987,873 views so far on his videos.

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By/Aug. 10, 2020 12:35 pm EDT

No one could have predicted that PewDiePie's taste in music could have led to a bit of an uproar on social media, but it did. Last week, screenshots from PewDiePie's personal, verified Spotify account were uploaded to Twitter, where they were picked apart by fans and detractors alike. Now, PewDiePie has taken the time to address the entire odd controversy in a new video.

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When the screenshots of Pewds' Spotify account were first posted, some people gave PewDiePie props for his varied and eclectic music taste, while others seemed baffled by his choice in favorite artists. Some of the artists that PewDiePie listened to outright said that they didn't want PewDiePie to listen to their music. This was apparently done by the artists in an effort to distance themselves from some of PewDiePie's past actions and his fanbase.

In one of his latest uploads to his YouTube channel, PewDiePie addressed the situation, which seemingly confused him as much as it amused him. He started the video by telling his viewers that he had been 'cancelled' once again. He then admitted that he was kidding about being cancelled, but he had noticed that he was trending on Twitter, so he assumed something was up.

In an aside that seemed to point out how weird it was that he was trending, PewDiePie pointed out that the top story from the day was the massive explosion that shocked Lebanon last week. The contrast of that story to PewDiePie being a trending topic on Twitter certainly puts things in perspective. This is especially notable because PewDiePie included a link to the Lebanese Red Cross in the description for this particular video, encouraging his viewers to donate to that cause.

While investigating why he was trending, Pewds found a headline talking about how his music taste had caused such a ruckus. This led to Pewds' first fake apology of the video. As the screen turned to a somber black-and-white filter, PewDiePie said, 'That's right, everyone. The news is out. I'm ashamed to admit this, it's something I've been hiding for as long as I can remember: Yes, I listen to music.'

Pewdiepie Twitter

According to PewDiePie, the apparently 'leak' of his Spotify account wasn't really much of a leak, after all. He actually already leaves his account public and had never thought to be concerned over whether or not someone found it. In other words, he was surprised that people even seemed to think that his music taste was meant to be some kind of secret.

PewDiePie then dove into the bizarre back and forth between people who were surprised by the leaked playlist. PewDiePie explained that he's usually cautious when sharing what he's been listening to or watching with people online. In particular, he seemed very annoyed by the idea that someone would stop listening to an artist just because they found out that PewDiePie likes the same music.

'You're not special,' PewDiePie said to those people. 'Most artists have a following already.'

PewDiePie also addressed the artists who had spoken out against PewDiePie after learning that they were on his Spotify playlist. 'Boy, do I feel stupid for listening to music online,' said PewDiePie with a laugh.

'I can understand maybe if I publicly announced, like, 'Yeah! Y'all should check out this artist!' said PewDiePie. 'And maybe they don't like it ... But you literally went through what I listen to and then went, 'I don't want you to listen to me!'

PewDiePie also went on to explain that he did not actually recognize a good number of the artists that were displayed in the screenshots. He said that he thinks maybe he had listened to an album that featured some of the artists he wasn't familiar with. In other words, some people may have been reacting to seeing something that PewDiePie had only ever listened to once or twice.

He then showed viewers his 'recently played' artists and showed off what he listens to on a regular basis. Basically, it seems like the supposedly 'leaked' Spotify account was never really a secret; PewDiePie just didn't see a need to share it before now.

Overall, PewDiePie was disappointed by what he saw as 'gatekeeping' from the artists and fans who came down on him for his playlist. PewDiePie compared it to him going online and telling certain people not to watch his videos.

Felix Kjellberg Twitter

Pewdiepie twitter icon

Hopefully this video clears the air for some of his fans who were confused by the recent uproar. PewDiePie is no stranger to controversy and has made his opinions clear on 'cancel culture,' but it's obvious that PewDiePie thinks this whole thing was blown out of proportion.