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We recently released a fresh version of rekordbox with major new features and improvements. Ver. 6.0 is available via a new subscription structure, starting with a free option that's available to everyone – and you could be surprised by how much is included.

Phase dj rekordbox pro

Phase has been designed to connect directly to any DVS DJ setup and is compatible with Serato DJ pro (and lite), Traktor, Rekordbox, and Virtual DJ. Connect the Phase Receiver to your sound card through the Line outputs Place the Phase Remotes on top of your.

'Phase is the first wireless DJ controller that lets you control tracks playing from a DJ software without needing turntable needles or timecode control vinyl. Two audio Remotes capture the turntable rotation information and wirelessly transmit it to a Receiver that processes and sends it to your DVS setup. Phase replaces DVS timecode with ultra stable motion detection More accurate and efficient than timecode vinyl and needles Rechargeable batteries with up to 10 hours of use No more issues with damaged needles, defective turntables, or rumble from the heavy bass.

Depending on the features you want to use, and the hardware you DJ with, you might not need to spend any money to get everything you need from the application. So, let's take a look at what's on offer.


Performance mode via PC/Mac

As well as free use of Export mode (for transferring tracks to USB drives and playing them on CDJs and XDJs), you now get access to Performance mode when you control it with your computer. This means you can try out mixes, cues, loops, FX, and more in a professional virtual DJing environment. You can even mix with tracks from Beatport LINK and SoundCloud Go+ if you have subscriptions to those streaming services.

Performance mode via Hardware Unlock devices

A number of Pioneer DJ units, called Hardware Unlock devices, can enable Performance mode for your entire setup. Simply connect one of these units and you can use Performance mode freely, even if your other products aren't Hardware Unlock devices.

Phase is DJ controller that detects rotation information from 2 wireless remotes and converts that information into a DVS signal for your software to use. Basically put, your DJ software receives all the timecode signal it expects from the Phase hub but without a needle or actual timecode vinyl. Your Phase unit is ready to be used: your Remotes are linked to the Receiver, they are calibrated (their LEDs are solid) and spinning on your decks, yet you cannot hear your tracks playing from Rekordbox. This is probably because you haven’t properly finished setting up Rekordbox to be used with Phase yet.

Mobile library sync

Download rekordbox for iOS (ver. 3.0) and connect your computer and mobile device to the same network to export playlists, tracks, and folders between them via your shared library. You can also connect your iOS device to selected CDJ/XDJ models with a USB cable and play tracks directly from the unit.

Inflyte integration

If you use the Inflyte digital promo service, you can check out all the tracks in your Promo Locker without leaving rekordbox. Then, simply choose which files you want to import to your library or turn on automatic sync to make things even easier.

Support for Beatport LINK and Soundcloud Go+ in Performance mode

Access tracks from the Beatport LINK and SoundCloud Go+ streaming services (separate subscriptions required) in Performance mode. All your files will be analyzed by rekordbox, enabling you to view waveforms, set Hot Cues, and tag tracks. You can even create playlists with a mixture of tracks from either streaming service and those in your own collection, stored on your hard drive.

3Band waveform

The newly designed waveform is as functional as it is good-looking. Understand how a track sounds without even listening to it. 3Band waveform uses different colors to indicate the volume of each frequency band.

Light option in Skin settings


If the sun's shining on your screen, switch the Skin setting to Light mode and you'll get a much clearer view of all the information in rekordbox.

Auto Relocate

Never 'lose' a track again. If the track you want to play next is missing because you moved it, rekordbox will search all locations within a specific folder chosen by you (e.g. your Pioneer DJ folder) until it finds the track, corrects the path, and plays it from the new location.

Ableton Link support

Synchronize the tempo of the master rekordbox deck with other apps on your device, apps on external devices, and hardware that's compatible with Ableton Link technology.


Music management

Organise your tracks in different playlists, set cue points and loops, and prepare for your performances.

Performance Recording (with a Hardware Unlock device)

Capture your mixes, whether you're practising or livestreaming on a setup that includes a Hardware Unlock device (not available when playing tracks from streaming services).

Recording in Export mode

Enjoy free use of the recording function while you're using Export mode. It's perfect for making high-quality digital copies of your vinyl via the PLX-500 turntable, which features a USB output for easy connection to your computer. rekordbox even detects the silence between tracks, so you can play a whole album and the application will split the recording into separate files.

Export mode

Transfer your playlists and rekordbox-analyzed tracks to USB drives and play them on CDJ/XDJ units.

Link Export mode

Use your computer like a giant USB drive. Connect it to a CDJ/XDJ setup and access your entire rekordbox library without needing to export files or playlists.

DVS mode (with selected Hardware Unlock devices)

Use the exclusive control vinyl (available separately) to scratch intuitively when selected Hardware Unlock devices are connected to your setup. The DVS system offers high-quality sound and responsive performance that feels just like you're playing with analog records.

Lighting mode

Spend less time and effort preparing for performances. Exciting, editable lighting sequences are automatically created to sync with the phrases in each track. You can use these sequences to control lighting equipment via the RB-DMX1 – available separately.

And if you're keen to see what else the application can do, read our guides to the Core plan and the Creative plan.

Do you consider yourself a Phase expert? Or you just recently purchased a Phase and you’re still feeling new to the community? Let’s put your knowledge to test and at the same time, let’s debunk some myths about Phase, shall we?

Let’s begin!

“Phase is a French product

“Phase doesn’t work with Traktor, only with some specific DJ software

“Phase allows you to save money from buying needles.

“Phase is made by DJs.

“Phase is a wireless product thanks to a Bluetooth connection.

Phase needs to be updated to bring new features or improvements

I need to buy a Phase for the Serato integration.”

“Phase only works when plugged to a wall outlet”

A big company is behind Phase.”

I can turn off my Phase and save me some battery.

There are only 3 engineers behind Phase.”

I need a DVS interface to use Phase.”

“Some Phase users experience a cue drift and some others don’t

“Two Remotes can discharge at different times

Let’s see the answers!

“Phase is a French product

Oui! Phase is developed by MWM, a French company based in Paris. However, we ship Phase worldwide (with free shipping anywhere!) and we work with a global network of retailers to bring our products closer to you.

“Phase doesn’t work with Traktor, only with some specific DJ software

Not at all! Phase was designed to work with most of the main DJ software available (Serato DJ Pro, Traktor, Rekordbox, Virtual DJ and more).

“Phase allows you to save money from buying needles.

This is true, because even if it depends on the use you give to your needles and the brand you purchase, in the long run, Phase can save you hundreds of dollars in needles and cartridges since acquiring a Phase represents a one time purchase of equipment. Save your needles for reading real records. We love that too!

“Phase is made by DJs.

DJs are working at MWM and particularly working for the Phase project. Their insight has been extremely helpful to identify the specific needs of the DJ community and to be able to deliver a product that provides the best user experience. Our project manager Cedric is a DJ himself!

“Phase is a wireless product thanks to a Bluetooth connection.

No, because even Bluetooth 4.0 wouldn’t be strong enough to work for Phase (and Wi-Fi is cool for internet browsing, but not so much for those precise DJ sets). Phase works thanks to a custom-made radio communication protocol designed by the Phase engineering team. Read more about it here.

Phase needs to be updated to bring new features or improvements

Yes! Phase has been conceived in a way in which users need to upgrade their Phasevia updates, which is possible to do remotely thanks to our configuration software Phase Manager, and the hard work of our team on delivering new firmware versions. We encourage you to check if you Phase is up to date with the latest Firmware version, since this will guarantee the best performance of your product.

A lot of brand new features are coming your way since some Phase components have much more to offer in terms of development, so update your product regularly.

I need to buy a Phase for the Serato integration.”

No worries! The Phase x Serato integration will be available to all Phase owners. There is no need to purchase another Phase or additional equipment, just to update the product. The integration will be available as a Firmware update for all Phase users.

“Phase only works when plugged to a wall outlet”

This is false. If you are up to date with the latest Firmware, you can power your Phase by plugging it to a wall outlet, laptop, or even USB hubs. Plugging your Phase to a wall outlet or laptop won’t damage your product or affect the charging process.

A big company is behind Phase.”

Phase Dj Rekordbox Pro

Phase is a project launched by MWM, a startup specialized in the development of digital and hardware products for the music industry. There is a team of 8 people dedicated to the Phase project exclusively.

I can turn off my Phase and save me some battery.

Phase Dj Rekordbox Software

Of course you can! The Remotes automatically turn off after unplugging the Phase Receiver, according to the shutdown timer you can set with the slider on Phase Manager. So when your product is off, the batteries won’t drain. Read all about the battery in this post.

There are only 3 engineers behind Phase.”

Within the Phase team (Part of MWM) 8 people are working exclusively for the project, and 3 of them are the hard-working (and pretty smart too) engineers in charge of product development to always take Phase to the next level.

I need a DVS interface to use Phase.”

Yes, to use Phase you will need a working DVS interface. Most of the mixers now have DVS directly built-in, in this case you don’t have to buy anything else.

“Some Phase users experience a cue drift and some others don’t

Phase dj rekordbox system

This is true, but the drift depends entirely on the environment since it is due to radio information getting lost as packets are sent to the Remotes and the Receiver. This radio information loss varies according to the environment in which you use Phase. That is why some users never experience this kind of problem, whereas others encounter it more. Learn more about Phase radio communication in this article.

“Two Remotes can discharge at different times

Phase Dj Rekordbox System

Yes! Since the Remotes are constantly communicating with the Phase Receiver, this function represents a battery consumption of nearly 70% and explains why two Remotes’ batteries can drain at different paces, even if we have set everything in place to make this smooth and synched. Phase Remotes have lithium batteries that have a behavior that can vary widely, as is the case for smartphones (that is why two iPhones won’t necessarily charge at the same time).

Phase Dj Rekordbox Online

How many answers did you get right?

Phase Dj Rekordbox Crack

  • 0 to 4: New to the community? Now you know the facts! Welcome on board!
  • 5 to 9: Intermediate level! You are almost there… Keep it up!
  • 10 to 14: You can call yourself a Phase expert! Challenge your friends now!

Phase Dj Rekordbox App

Let us know in the comments if you are a newbie or a Phase expert! If you have any questions concerning your Phase, please visit our website and support section, or directly contact our product specialists at [email protected]