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  1. Because of the limited information (no DMX details, manufacturer) we cannot add this fixture. However there plenty of other fixtures with the same DMX channels that you can use instead like:-Hong Yi Stage Lighting: GF-G90-A-Hong Yi Stage Lighting: HY-90G-Illumsolid: G90W Spot. On behalf of Pioneer DJ.
  2. Coming complete with a license key for our DJ performance software, rekordbox dj, you can sync lighting sequences straight out of the box. Pioneer DJ RB-DMX1 DMX rekordbox Lighting Mode Inteface Features: Compact, robust chassis Take the RB-DMX1 out on the road with confidence.
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The Pioneer RB-DMX1 interface is Pioneer DJ’s proposal for synchronizing music and lighting via Lightining mode in Rekordbox DJ. In this review we analyze the device a little better and in future tutorials we will explain how it works together with Rekordbox DJ.

Construction and durability

This video shows how loading up two song in rekordbox, one on deck 1 and the other on deck 2, allows for two light shows that you can change using the crossf.

It is undoubtedly one of the aspects in which this Pioneer RB-DMX1 stands out the most, its housing is entirely made of metal and as soon as you touch it you can tell that it is a product that can last a long time with minimal maintenance.

It must be made clear that the DMX interface itself is a fairly small and very sensitive device, that is why the manufacturer has taken great pains to provide it with a housing that protects it from possible shocks, falls, etc.

The absence of plastic in this RB-DMX1 is noteworthy, just the built-in USB type B connector that is perfectly integrated into the housing and that, even being plastic, seems extraordinarily strong.


The Pioneer RB-DMX1 basically what it does is communicate the computer with Rekordbox DJ installed with the different lighting devices that you have connected, this is done through a compatible cable and of course through the DMX protocol, universally accepted to connect lighting devices and that allows absolute control over them.

It must be made clear that Rekordbox DJ is the only application compatible with this Pioneer RB-DMX1, the free version of it, that is Rekordbox simply, is not compatible. And of course no other software intended for that purpose.

The interface through its DMX connection connects to any lighting device and this in turn to another, etc, etc.

So the interface works as a master and the other devices as slaves, this in practice means that you can control each device separately or synchronize them all to make any type of movement, colors, etc.


It is important to clarify that this DMX interface is designed for small or medium format events. It will not meet the needs of large-scale events at all.

The limitation is based on the fact that it can only handle one universe, with which you will have 512 DMX channels, more than enough for small and medium events but which will surely fall short in a festival or an event with a large lighting setup.

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Before continuing, we must explain that those famous 512 DMX channels are distributed among all the connected devices, so a beam can use 8, 10 or more channels, a led bar can use 4 or 5 and thus all the connected lighting that is more or less measure occupies channels and whose limit is 512.

If we have a single universe it means that the number of channels that we can use is 512, on the other hand if we handle 4 or more universes as the most complex interfaces, we multiply by 4 those 512 channels, hence the technical limitation of this interface.

Pioneer Dj Dmx

Other important features

Both the DMX and USB connectors have a security system by which when connecting it a click is heard as if the cable has been correctly connected.

Pioneer DJ has provided the interface of this security system that retains the cable so that it does not disconnect by accident, so it is normal that you have to exert some pressure when disconnecting both the DMX cable and the USB.

Of course, it is a very important feature if we take into account that if either of these two cables are disconnected, the lighting would stop running directly.

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Another important detail is the only LED lighting that the interface has, when it is connected to Rekordbox DJ it stays lit in blue, on the other hand if we connect it via USB but do not run Rekordbox DJ it stays blinking.

With which, after a quick look at the device, you will be able to know at all times if it is correctly connected to Rekordbox DJ or not.

Pioneer Dj Rb-dmx1 Lighting Interface

final thoughts

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The Pioneer RB-DMX1 is perfect to complete your sets, the possibility that you can synchronize all your lighting with the audio that is playing makes it a perfect option for small events such as those run by mobile discos or medium-sized assemblies such as those that they are made in nightclubs or places outdoors.

It is undoubtedly easy to use and comfortable due to its small size (it is half the size of an iPhone Plus) and its low weight, not to mention how easy it is to connect it both to the computer and to the different devices you have installed.

Pioneer Dj Rb-dmx1 Dmx Interface

In future videos we will explain how it works, how it connects to Rekordbox DJ and we will show you how it integrates seamlessly with the Lightnining mode of the popular Pioneer DJ software.