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Poonam Pandey Forget the jokes on Alia Bhatt as the twitter queen Poonam Pandey recently asked her fans to make jokes on her under the hashtag #IHaveAJokeOnPoonamPandey. Her fans and followers did the rounds online and here are some of the funniest tweets! — Poonam Pandey (@iPoonampandey) July 4, Since Poonam's latest tweet, jokes on her have become viral on twitter. People have started giving weird reasons as to why they want Poonam Pandey’s bra. Poonam Pandey is the ultimate controversy queen on Twitter. She rose to fame and became a celebrity overnight with a couple of tweets and since then has been active all over social media even if she is not doing any films or not. Poonam Pandey Twitter Followers & More. Poonam Pandey has 970.6K Followers on her Twitter account and we can say that Poonam Pandey is one of the most popular people on Twitter. And there is a total number of tweets is 16.4k on her official Twitter account.

Twitter Queen Poonam Pandey is back again with a self clicked picture and this time she is wearing something to cover her silky body folks. But her naughty looks and a teasing peek of that tempting cleavage will kill you for sure.

Millions of eyes are waiting for Poonam Pandey to remove that hand holding the coat just below those mountains and what happens when that coat rolls out is up to your sensuous imagination. Enjoy the covering folks!

Poonam Does It Again!

Poonam Pandey Twitter

Sitting on a spongy wooden chair, here is Poonam Pandey again giving ample view of her shapely thighs and a spicy outline of her bosom. Though her choice of dress is intentional, the way she is raising her legs and hiding her modesty is blasting thermometers.

The semi-nude twitter babe is looking pretty hot in these self shot pictures in a hotel room. But what is Poonam Pandey doing in a hotel room by highlighting her tantalizing skin this way? It’s up to your imagination folks! By the way, Poonam Pandey wants to show her anklets with these pics !!

Poonam Shows Seventh Heaven

The only other meaning for the word semi-nude is Poonam Pandey and here is she showing seventh heaven for youths. If you feel that the heat in town is missing due to heavy rains, her desiring curves are steaming them out.

Poonam Pandey’s mouth watering assets are giving a feast through that white sleeveless top and a silky panty. And the way she is pressing her buxom with her hands is creating sensation for the masses. Though this twitter beauty went nude many times, her alluring body never makes us say NO for again. Enjoy her guys!


The Goa Police on Thursday evening arrested actor and model Poonam Pandey and her husband for shooting an “obscene video”, ANI reported. The arrest led to questions about gender discrimination as actor Milind Soman, who posted a photo of himself on social media on Wednesday running naked on a beach in Goa, did not face any action.

Pandey was detained earlier in the day based on a complaint filed by the state water resources department on Tuesday, according to PTI. She was also charged for allegedly trespassing into government property. The women’s wing of the Goa Forward Party had also filed a separate complaint against her for shooting an “indecent video” at the Chapoli Dam in Canacona on Wednesday, according to ANI.


On Thursday, several residents of Canacona town called for a shutdown as they demanded action against police officials who allegedly provided protection to Pandey and her crew members for the shoot, according to PTI. Following this, inspector Tukaram Chavan and a constable were placed under suspension, according to Superintendent of Police (South) Pankaj Kumar Singh. An inquiry was pending by the state home department, he said, though he did not clearly state why the police officials were suspended.

On the other hand, on Wednesday, Soman had posted a picture of him running naked on a beach to celebrate his 55th birthday, and received praise for his physique at that age.

Social media users were quick to point out the hypocrisy and alleged gender discrimination.

Questioning the double standards, Twitter users said feminism was important.

Another Twitter user pointed out that the woman’s wing of a party filed the case against Pandey and not against Soman. “This is what we mean when we say women are gatekeepers of patriarchy,” the user said.

Actor Arfi Lamba called out the double standards in the matter. “Even the most liberal and forward thinking of us need to pause and understand what male privilege really is,” she tweeted.

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