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Earlier this morning, Nintendo announced that Min Min from ARMS will be the next DLC fighter added to Super Smash Brothers Ultimate. She will be available on June 29th and is the first of six fighters to be released in the game's second Fighters Pass bundle. The 30-minute presentation by Masahiro Sakurai also revealed that Vault Boy from Fallout will be available as a new skin for the Mii Gunner character. Ninjara from ARMS, Heihachi from Tekken, and Callie and Marie from Splatoon will also be available as Mii costumes.

Sakurai continued to note how Twitter's troubles caused Nintendo to face a rather unique scenario that prevented the company from Tweet about Minecraft Steve. 'Minecraft is in Super Smash Bros. Though he kept it vague, Sakurai also stated the music for Minecraft gave the team quite the headache. Check below for the column’s full translation by Nintendo Everything’s Oni Dino. On October 1, 2020, at 11:00 p.m. (JST) Twitter broke in Japan, North America. YR: Sakurai grants his future son-in-law the right to choose any one character for Smash YR: Sakurai's son-in-law is Hideo Kojima I have no objections. PSN: Deviruki 3DS: 0963-0357-5360.

Fans reacted to the announcement with the usual mix of excitement and memes, but many Twitter users also took the opportunity to remember Etika, the streamer who passed away last June after an apparent suicide. Etika was well known for his over-the-top reactions to Smash news, was a fan of Arms and had a particular fondness for Min Min. While the announcement was exciting, many wondered about the joy the announcement would have brought Etika, whose name trended on Twitter alongside Smash-related topics.

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>Min Min is the next Smash Ultimate character
Somewhere in the afterlife, Etika is smiling, knowing that his favourite character from ARMS got into Smash😌

— SSSS.D180223 (@180223) June 22, 2020

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this community is strong af

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— im salt 🕵🏾 (@imsaltYT) June 22, 2020


You know damn well Etika would’ve lost his shit to Min Min being revealed. Rest easy Etika.

— YuYuHyper (@YuYuHyper) June 22, 2020

Etika would have been so happy Min Min got in. He was a big fan of Min Min way before Arms was announced for

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— SwAKIB (@S_w_AKIB) June 22, 2020

A few days after the one year anniversary of his death, Etika finally got MinMin in smash. Fucking iconic gamer moment.

— Brin (@bigbrainbrin) June 22, 2020

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While the choice to include Min Min over other ARMS characters probably was not related to Etika, the inclusion was a touching albeit bittersweet moment for fans remembering Etika's passing.