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The Valorant Champions Tour is approaching the first Masters event of 2021 for each region. Gen.G Esports, Luminosity Gaming, 100 Thieves, FaZe Clan, XSET, Immortals, Sentinels, and Team Envy make up the eight team bracket for North America. Sentinels was one of the first teams to qualify. This was after a dreadful winter storm hit their home state of Texas, leaving them without power for several days. Now, another obstacle comes their way in the form of losing Jay “sinatraa” Won.


The latest tweets from @Sinatraa. Cle0h released a nine-page document via Twitter on March 9, detailing her experiences with Sinatraa during their nine-month-long relationship. The pair dated back in 2019. According to cle0h’s statement, she experienced sexual abuse from early on in the relationship. Tw for sexual abuse // my last relationship

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Jay “sinatraa” Won suspended before Masters

In a statement made by Riot Games via the VALORANT Champions Tour NA Twitter account, sinatraa has been suspended. That means he is unable to compete in the Stage 1 North American Masters event. This ruling comes on the tail end of sinatraa being accused of sexual abuse by an ex-girlfriend.

It wasn’t long after that Sentinels made their own announcement regarding the situation. Both Riot and Sentinels have launched investigations into the accusations. That leaves Sentinels without one of their star players during the investigations of the accusations against him.

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Sentinels has not made an announcement regarding the team and their Masters aspirations. While they did not directly comment on the situation, both Michael “dapr” Gulino and Shahzeeb “ShahZaM” Khan tweeted about not playing with sinatraa during the tournament.

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Per ShahZaM, it seems like a substitute is the most likely step going forward. Sentinels has played with stand-ins, but the core roster has been assembled since June 1, 2020 when dapr was signed. The team will be hard pressed to find a replacement for the player with an OWL Championship and OWWC Championship under his belt. At this point, however, they don’t have a choice.

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