Skinny Paint Brush

I love painting with my little girl. We love exploring different techniques, canvases and tools to paint with. Forks are a great painting tool and we were just thrilled with how these fork painted spring meadow landscapes came out.

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What you will need:


Skinny Paint Brush Articulated Art Doll Kit. You are going to LOVE this cool Doll Kit!. The doll is made of sturdy 1/8' Masonite and is easy to assemble with just a bit of glue and the included specialty art brads!. Including the brush and wings, the doll measures approximately 7' tall x 2.25' wide. Lettering Brushes. Lettering brushes are a type of brush used for brush lettering, sign painting, lining, outlining, and pinstriping. The surfaces where these types of brushes are used vary widely, from murals, small sign cards, and vehicles, to awnings and glass windows or doors.



When working on painting projects with my 6 year old, I usually cut the paper in half. I find that working with my youngster that it is better to work with smaller canvases, as she can lose interest if the project is too big. It also extends the life of my watercolor paper. This is probably not necessary with older children.

Paint the top 1/3 or 1/4 of your paper in the color of a sky. Paint the bottom in a light shade of green. Use plenty of paint and keep your paint wet.

Scrape the wet paint with the fork. Drag the fork in short or long strokes to form blades of grass.

Dip your fork into a darker shade of green and stamp and scrape the darker shade of green over the lighter shade. Keep stamping and scraping your fork across the paper until you are happy with the look of your grassy meadow. Once you have completed this step, you can leave it as is or add to your sky and your meadow.

For our first meadow, we just added a few simple flowers. We dotted the meadow in yellow.

Then we used a skinny paint brush to paint white petals around just a few of the yellow dots.

We made meadows with colorful flowers, mountains and trees.

My little girl really enjoyed this one. She put a lot of thought into her landscape and added a large sunset behind her mountain and even painted a little bunny in her meadow.

She finished her meadow right before bed and told me that she wanted to make more the next day.

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In order to start the quest you need to talk to Vermeer at Luhua Pool, and it is recommended to start this quest at least at Level 30. He will ask you to bring back his tools, which will allow you to unlock the way into the Luhua ruins that contain the reward chests.

Vermeer's Paintbrush Locations

There are two Vermeer's paintbrush locations, which can be found on the opposite sides of the Luhua Pool (see the map above for the exact spots).

There you will find two backpacks filled with paints and paintbrushes. Take both of them and bring them back to Vermeer.

This will allow you to proceed with the rest of the Luhua landscape quest.

Defeat Abyss Mages

Skinny Paint Brush

After talking to Vermeer you need to investigate the stone markers on the terrace ponds. These strange stones you will find need to be inserted into the two statues at Luhua Pool.

Skinny paint brush svg

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Inside the ruins you will face three abyss bosses:

Skinny Paint Brush
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  • Hydro Mage
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Skinny Paint Brush

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Skinny Paint Brush Line Svg

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