Steam Roulette

Super Rich God: Hold and Win. After getting that message, the roulette ball started to land more frequently on a single number - first time for me it was 17 (saw it 3 times under the 'Recent Results' list of numbers, and it just kept appearing), the next time I tried it, 21 was the number that the ball just kept landing on really frequently.


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When you're in the close company suggest 2 slightly tight men to get toknow whoof them is tighter. Give a felt-tip-pen to each of the players. Put 'ascale' with the grades 20o, 30o, 40o etc behind them. The scale isdrawn onthe large piece of thick paper. The object is to mark the grades on thescale.To do it the participants must bend down and pass their arms betweenthe legs.Of course, the participants want to seem sober. That's why they try toreach theleast number.

Each pair holds an apple betweentheir foreheads. The leader gives thecommands:'Three steps to the left!', 'Three steps to the right!','Squat!', 'Jump!' etc. The pairs fulfill them. If the appledrops, the pair is out.

Each dancing pair holds 'an apple' - a little rubber ball - betweentheir fore heads. The music changes from slow to energetic one. Thetask of theplayers is not to drop the ball while dancing.

With the thick mittens on the hands try to identify the person which isin frontof you. The girls try to identify the youths. The youths try toidentify thegirls. It's permitted to touch the whole person.

Five (5) couples to participate. The guys willblindfold the girl who is holding a long banana in her hand. When themusicstarts, she is required to turn a couple of rounds. Once music stops,the girlwill stop and attempt to feed the banana to the guy, who will besquatting likea monkey. The one with the banana in his mouth, wins.

Lovers Trivia

Sexy Card Game

Romantic Coupons

I Love You In Any Language

Sexy Strip Game

Five (5) contestants will be given blowpipes withbamboo sticks, with balloons as targets. The one that strikes the mostnumber ofballoons within a specified time wins. A mock-up monkey can also beutilized asthe target, different scores being written on its body (e.g. 10 pointsat thechest, 100 points at the male organ, etc.).

Scatter some peas on the stool. Put a bowl near it. The players' taskis to siton the stool so as to move the peas into the bowl (don't use thehands!) Theplayer who manages to do it is the winner. The instructor counts thenumber ofthe peas in the bowl of each player.

Being blindfolded the ladies must recognize their boy-friend's(husband's) handto the touch.

Each lady holds a ball of ribbon in her right hand. The gentlemen takea tip ofthe ribbon with the teeth and wind it round their ladies (not usingtheirhands). The gentlemen who is the first in 'dressing' the lady or whose'dress' is the best is the winner.

The player must drink a tumbler of any alcohol beverage with any hors -d'oeuvrewithout using the hands.

The instructor asks 2 pairs to take part in this game. He/she suggeststheirmaking the evening dress, using only newspapers, pins and scissors. Thewinneris chosen by the spectators.

Divide up into 2 teams: one team consists of gentlemen, anotherconsists ofladies. At the signal the players of each team begin to take off theirclothes (any items they like ). The players put their clothes in one line. Eachteam hasa line of its own. The team which has the longest line is the winner.

Tie strings to the belts of the players. At the end of each stringthere is asmall box or a piece of wet cotton wool. In front of each player thereis acandle. The task is to put out the candle with the help of the smallbox or apiece of cotton wool as fast as possible without using the hands.

2 men take part in this game. They put on the belts and tie thickstrings tothem from behind. To the end of the string there tied an apple. It mustbe 30-35cm. above the floor-level. Each player is given a ball (or a balloon).At thedistance of 10-12metres from the start-line there are 'the goals'(made of chairs). Swinging the apple between the legs the players movethe balls(balloons) towards 'the goals'. The player who copes with the task thefirst wins.

There are several pairs in this game. To the ladies waists tie big shampurses.To the gentlemen's waists tie big sham banknotes. The object is to putthebanknote into the purse. (While doing it the players mustn't touchpurses,banknotes and strings with the help of which the purses are tied to thewaists).

The youths are given the cards with the figures. The girls are giventhe cardswith the letters. All the players get into a circle. They choose theleader. Theleader is not given a card. He is in the center of the circle. Theleader namesthe figure and the letter. The girl whose letter was named must kissthe leader.But it's not easy! Because the youth whose figure was named tries toprevent thegirl from kissing the leader. He tries to kiss the girl himself. If theyouthmanages to prevent the girl from kissing the leader, he gives the cardto theleader and becomes the leader himself.

Each gentleman sits with the balloon between his knees. The ladies haveto sitthemselves on the knees of their partners so that the balloon is burst.

In each pair the partners (the lady and the gentleman) stand facingeach other.They hold a small rubber ball between their bellies. The object is toroll thisball to a chin of the shorter partner by rotary movements.

The player who manages in a fixed time to get as many kisses aspossible is'lips'. The kisses are counted by the signs of lipsticksleft on the players.

In each team 5-6 players form up a line. Between each player in theline thereis a ball. The players hold the balls with their backs and chests. Theymustn'ttouch them with the hands. Their task is to run the distance as fast aspossible.

The instructor asks some couples to participate in this game(preferably marriedones). The couples are asked to leave the room. Then the instructorasks onecouple to return and 'to create' 'The love statue'. Afterthat the instructor asks one of the gentlemen (of those who are amongthecouples behind the door ) to come into the room. His task is to changesomethingin this 'statue'. The gentlemen changes the poses of the couple. Thenthe instructor suggests him to take the place of the gentleman in'statue'. Then the lady (one of those behind the door ) is asked tocome in. She is also asked to change something in the statue and totake theplace of the girl in 'the statue'. This game goes on until all thecouples took part in it.

Line up into 2 teams. In each line men and women take their turns. Ineach linethe players choose a tailor. The tailor takes a wooden stick ('aneedle') with the thick thread in it (you'd better wind the thread intoaball). At the command the tailors begin 'to sew'. The tailor'sews' the gentlemen's trouser-legs (passes the thread from one leg toanother) and lady's sleeves (passes the thread from one sleeve toanother). Thetailor who 'sews' all his team the first wins the game.

Usually two or more couples play this game. Each couple is given alarge sheetof paper and explained the rules. The leader asks them to imagine thatthere iswater around and that they can save themselves only on the littleisland(standing on the paper). At first the couples stand on the sheet, thenit isfolded in two, then again in two and so on. The couple who is the firstto'stumble' into the water (to touch the floor) looses the game.

In each pair the partners stand with their backs to each other. Theyhave an eggbetween their backs (or a little bit lower). The object is to put anegg on theground, so as not to break it. The pair which succeeds in it wins thegame.Instead the egg you may a small rubber ball. In this case the object ofthe gameis to put the ball on the ground so as it doesn't roll.

Line up into 2 teams. In each line ladies and gentlemen take theirturns. Thefirst person in each team is given a ball to place under his/her chin.He/shemust pass the ball to the next in line but neither may use his/herhands. Theplayers can use all the parts of their bodies to pass the ball but it'sforbidden to drop it. The first team to get the ball all the way to thelastperson is the winner.

The male-participants of this competition put on the black fillets onthe eyes.The task is to make as many press-backs as possible. As the playershave testedthe strength the leader suggests to put big stripes of paper on thefloor,because it is not clean. ( The participants don't move the fillets awayyet). Onthese big stripes of paper there drawn the naked women life-size. Sotheparticipants continue to do their press backs over 'the naked women'.Then the leader asks the participants to move the fillets away. Theparticipantscontinue to do their press - backs over 'the naked women' without thefillets. The supporters count the number of the press-backs, encouragetheparticipants.

3-4 players take part in this game. The players put the hobby-horsesbetweentheir legs and take the mugs of beer or any other beverage. The playersareblindfolded. At the command the players race to the circles drawn onthe floor.As they reach the circles they put their mugs in them. If they succeedin doingit they drink the content of the mugs themselves, otherwise they givethe mugsto the spectators.

A player who manages to tie a kerchief on the lady's neck using onlyone of hishands may be called 'the real man'.

Several pairs take part in this game. Each player is blindfolded. Thentheleader puts some clothes-pegs on different parts of the players'clothes. At theleader's command the players must take the clothes-pegs off thepartner'sclothes. The pair which copes with the task the first wins the game.

Usually several pairs take part in this game. Each pair is given 2ping-pongballs. The gentleman must roll the ball from one sleeve of the lady'sdress tothe other. The lady rolls the ball through the gentleman's trouser-legs(fromone trouser-leg to another).

6 players participate in this game: 3 gentlemen and 3 ladies. Eachplayer isgiven his/her own number. The first player throws a dice. The number onthe dice( from 1 to 6 ) stands for the part of the head the player must kiss: 1- lips,2 - nose, 3 - forehead, 4 - cheek, 5 - ear, 6 - crown. Then the playerthrows adice for the second time. The number on the dice stands for person whomhe/shemust kiss (the number on the dice corresponds the number of theplayer). Asthe first player has fulfilled the tasks, the second player throws adice etc.

Each pair holds a big ball between their foreheads. Their task is torun thedistance as fast as possible and not to drop the ball. (One of theplayers ineach pair runs with his back to front). The pairs may hold a ballbetween theirshoulders, ears or backs.

Put a long stripe of paper on the floor for 'a streamlet'. Ask ladiesto walk along 'the streamlet' with their legs apart: one leg is on theright side, another is on the left side of 'the streamlet'. After thatask the ladies to repeat it being blindfolded. All the ladies are intheneighboring room at the beginning. They are asked to go along 'thestreamlet' one by one. Having gone along 'the streamlet'blindfolded, the lady takes a kerchief from her eyes and sees agentleman lyingon 'the streamlet' with his face upwards. (The gentleman lies down onthe paper 'streamlet' after the lady's going along 'thestreamlet', but before she takes off the kerchief). The lady isconfused.Then the following lady is asked to go along 'the streamlet', then thethird and the fourth� The game goes onin the presence of the Ladies who havealready passed 'the streamlet'. They laugh at a joke. Everybody ishaving a good time.

The instructor asks 2 men and 1 woman to participate in this game. Theyfrom upin file sideways to the spectators. The instructor says:
- This is a steam-engine team. The first man is an engine driver. Thewoman isan engine-driver's mate (she stands between the men). The second man isastoker. They are in the steam-engine. Usually the steam-engines keep tothefollowing signals while shunting: at one whistle they move forwards, attwowhistles - backwards, at three - stand still. The instructor rehearseswith thesteam-engine team.
- Now let's begin to play. I ask you to act quickly and precisely,according tothe signal.
The instructor gives 2 whistles. The engine driver makes a mistake: hemakes onestep forwards.
- It's bad. You mustn't mistake. So you must become a stoker. This isour rule.
The instructor leads him to the end of 'the steam engine'. 2 otherplayers - the engine-driver's mate and the stoker move one stepforwards.
- This is a new steam-engine team. The game begins anew. On finishingthe gamethe instructor says: with the help of this game we checked howattentive ourplayers are. The shunting is over. The steam-engine may be come in at.

Suggest the players to manufacture Suvorov's favorite vodka. It must beof 47o strength.Each participant is given a half of the glass of water. They mustmanufacturevodka of 47o by tasting it. The instructor checks the correctness ofthestrength with the help of the alcoholmeter.

All the players who wish may perform 'the stomach dance'. Eachparticipant must move the wooden sticks (both ends of them are passedthroughthe string) with the help of the stomach. The players do it to themusic withoutusing the hands. Each participant has his/her own strip of sticks. Thefastestand the most artistic participant is the winner.

Fasten the belt on the waist of each player. Tie the string with theapple atits end to it. In front of each player there is a plank with the nails.Theobject is to pin the apple on the nail.

The players divide into pairs. They hold the balloons between theirstomachs.The task of each pair is to burst the balloon between the stomachs.

The gentlemen are blindfolded. The task is to identify the lady bytouching herknees.

It's a relay race game. It's common knowledge that all the tipplers aredividedinto 3 groups: those who drink little, those who can go only leaningagainst thewalls and those who cannot go at all when drunk (they are usuallycarried awayby the drinking companions). In each team there are 3 participants -theparticipant who 'drinks little', the participant who 'leansagainst the wall when going', the participant who 'is carried away byhis drinking companions'. Those who 'drink little' must devastatethe bottles (drink the remains), those 'who lean against the walls'must make a diagonal wall out of these bottles (the bottles must be atsomedistance from each other), those who are carried away' must gather allthebottles into the shopping bag. The players must do it as fast aspossible.

As the instructor pronounces 'to roll up' he/she stretches the handswide as though he/she wants to embrace the whole world. He/she askseveryone todo the same. As the instructor pronounces 'to unwind' he/she embracesthe player next to him/her. Everyone does the same. The tempo israisinggradually. This games is a good warming-up at discos or parties.

The object of the game is to fill the glasses with the help of theteaspoon. Theplayer who manages to do it the fastest has an opportunity to propose atoastand drink the contents of the glass.

Five (5) contestants to participate drinking 'tuak'(a native brew of Sarawak) from a bamboo. The bamboo is actually filledwithbeer. The fastest, and without spilling, wins a prize.

The instructor asks 2 pairs to participate in this game (in each pairthere is alady and a gentleman). 'Try to open the network of banks as soon aspossible.You deposit only one banknote in each bank. Receive your entrance fee!(theinstructor gives the money candy covers to each pair). You may usepockets,lapels and other secluded places for the banks. Try to register yourdepositsand open the greatest number of banks as soon as possible. Now getready, begin!The instructor helps the pairs to fulfill the task. In a minute theinstructorsums up: How many banknotes do you have? And you? Great! All the moneyisprofitably invested. Good! And now I ask the ladies to change thepartners. Yourtask is to take all the money away from the banks. Get ready. Begin!(The musicis playing. The ladies are looking for the money at their rivals'partners).

The players are divided into pairs. The instructor invites all theplayers tovisit 'the wild beach'. At 'the wild beach' the instructorannounces the dancing party. Ladies and gentlemen in the pairs aregiven thegramophone records (ladies-3, gentlemen-1) to cover their 'nudity'.The pairs begin to dance. They mustn't drop the records. That's whythey have tolean against each other very tight.

Keep a few printable game activities in the carthat can also be used in a restaurant to occupy the kids.

When choosing party games for your party, payspecial attention to the age range. If you have an older crowd, youwill need to occupy their interests which would more than likelyinvolve a drinking party game. If it is a party for children, gameslike bingo would suffice.

Fun party supplies and games:
Free Birthday Party Games

Random steam rouletteSteam

Steam Roulette Wheel

Copyright Party Games TMAll rights reserved.

It’s way too easy to build up a huge library of games on Steam, even without trying, or having Scrooge McDuck wealth. Seasonal sales, Humble Bundles, even just normal deals are easy enough for a person with a bit of disposable income to rack up the titles. For the average joe, this usually amounts in games coming in faster than games being completed. What a waste! Who knows what treasures are there, already owned!

Here’s an idea that I saw for dealing with unsightly Steam backlogs that I thought I would try and chronicle on here. Hopefully I’ll find some hidden gems amid the unplayed noise and make all those sales over the years count!



Steam Russian Roulette

  1. I will use the site What Should I Play On Steam to identify and play a game from my library. This site takes your Steam ID as input and randomly selects a game from your library.
  2. I MUST install and play that game for an hour, no matter what. Well, with the following exceptions:
    1. If it’s a game that I’ve actually already gotten all the achievements in, I’ll draw again.
    2. If it’s a random game in an episodic series (Telltale, etc.), I will play the first episode of that series, or the next unplayed episode. For example, if I draw Back to the Future Episode 3, and I haven’t touched that series yet, I will play Episode 1 for my hour.
    3. If it’s an old multiplayer only game that’s completely dead now, I’ll draw again.
    4. If it’s one that’s already come up in the Roulette, I’ll draw again.
  3. After my hour is complete, I will give a quick impressions write-up on here and rate it in one of the following categories, both here and in my Steam library for later.
    1. Want to Come Back To – This was actually fun! A diamond in the rough. The Steam experiment was a success!
    2. Maybe Later… – I didn’t have the greatest time, but if I ever find myself unemployed or stuck with an abundance of free time with all my main interests completed I’ll think about it.
    3. Garbage – This was a crappy game that I have no intention of playing again.