Telescopic Paint Brush

Great for attaching non-threaded tools such as paint brushes, scrapers and more to an extension pole. Flexible design allows you to discover even more uses for this handy tool! Allows user to attach non-threaded tools to an extension pole Adjusts up to 270°, set and lock angle in 13 different working positions. This car wash brush features a telescoping handle that provides a 76 in. Reach when fully extended, making it easier to clean large vehicles, RVs, high windows and siding. Water flows through the head for fast cleaning action while 2 in. Soft feathered PVC bristles clean without scratching surfaces. Features include a soft comfort grip and an instant on/off mechanism to conserve water. 3-ft to 6-ft Telescoping Threaded Extension Pole. This light-duty twist-lock 3 to 6-ft adjustable extension pole is perfect for light-duty applications such as paint rolling, window cleaning, dusting and more. Made of quality, coated steel and a nylon standard acme thread end to fit paint rollers, dusters and brooms.

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Whether you intend to clean, coat, paint or treat your roof with some kind of chemical solution, first, you need a brush or broom to clean out the unsightly moss, leaves, and debris which have accumulated on your roof over time.

You have a variety of brushes to choose from; telescopic, long-fixed arm, handheld, hard/soft-bristled, flow and non-flow through brushes etc. Selecting the right broom will depend on the type of roof surface and the nature of the task at hand.

Following are some of the best brushes for cleaning, scrubbing or coating your roof plus a guide on factors to consider, and features to look when shopping.

Top Roof Brushes

Following are some of the top roof brushes for various roof works including, cleaning, removing dirt, applying coat, paint and treatment chemicals

Garelick 89600 Roof Brush

This an 18” wide hardwood ash brush head with 2 palmyra bristles, 1 angled tube neck and 2 aluminum braces. It is by far the most popular and most sought roof brush on the internet.

It is best for general light-weight dirt and debris on roofs. You can use it to get clean off leaves, pine cones and needles that collect on roofs

Can also be used for lite snowfall removal, satellite dishes, solar panels, and shake roofs. It is compatible with 1″ round diameter roof rake extension poles that use a snap-button pole connections.

Fuller Brush Angle Broom – 10” Sweeping Path – Steel Handle & Head Casing

This is a both indoor and outdoor multipurpose broom designed to collect all large debris and small particles.

It comes with long lasting split-ended polypropylene bristles that are designed to gather all dirt and small particles while resisting all chemicals, oil and grease. The angling of the broom allows reaching into corners of your roof while removing dirt.

OX Tools 9341231038730 Pro 3-Knot Roof Brush

This is one of the best applying roof tar & heavy coatings. Adding an extension pole to can also make this brush work in removing off moss.

White Tampico Fiber -Mixed blend of 80% natural hair and 20% synthetic hair. It also comes with quality smooth timber block for durability

Gam Paint Brushes PT03980 Driveway and Roof Brush with Squeegee

This is a carded 18″ long 2-in-1 coater brush and squeegee for professional application of driveway and roof coating and sealers

The sturdy fibers from which it is made, make it easier to apply heavy blacktop coatings and crack fillers.It also comes with an inbuilt-in squeegee for smooth surface finishing.

Carbon Steel Wire Deck Brushes – 12″carbon steel wire deck brush w/o h

This is stiff bristle brush that can be used on parts of the roof where soft-bristled brushes have failed. With a lot of care, it can be used for roof moss and loose paint removal.

Features one tapered and one threaded handle hole, staple set in a smoothly sanded hardwood block and a rugged carbon steel deck brush

What is the best Conservatory roof cleaning brush?

Conservatory roofs are made of glass and caution should be taken since a cleaner should never stand on glass since standing on glass can cause it to crack and shatter considering how fragile glass is. You need a long and soft-bristled brush (to avoid scrubbing marks on glass). Telescopic brushes with water pumps are the best options.

Features to look for When Selecting

Roof cleaning brushes can be classified into different categories depending on where and how they used, length of their handles and the types of bristles they come with.

Extendable &Telescopic Brushes

The ability of a roof handle to extend is equally important. This enables a brush to reach hard places and thus effectively clean tough, hidden spots.

A telescopic pole is essential for cleaning high roofs and there are two types which are available in the market:

Water fed telescopic cleaning pole

This pole is attached to a garden hose and it pumps water constantly to the soft bristle brush while the cleaner scrubs the roof. It is a great option since it allows a cleaner to safely scrub dirt and debris easily. The water fed pole has a squeegee attached that removes water from the roof, allowing it to dry faster.

Manual telescopic pole

Thispole has no water pumping mechanism so a bucket of water is used along with thebrush while cleaning the roof. A brush and a squeegee can also be attached tothe pole but this will take longer while cleaning the roof.

Bristle Type-Stiff/Soft

Soft bristle brushes are the best for coated, plastic, glass or rubber roofs. These type of bristles are not too harsh to cause damage.

Extendable paint brush homebase

Scrubbing Wire Brush

A wire brush is effective for scrubbing the roof. They are handheld. When one brushes the edges of shingles, they push all dirt and debris either into or under roof edges. The only problem that arises from using wire brushes is that edges often get worn out from the action of wire bristles. Roof paint also gets scrapped off due to the rough nature of the wire bristles.

Size of Handle-Long Arm/Pole Brushes

This is an important factor considering that some roofs have hard to reach places such as roof peaks and high ledges. For such dangerous spots, it is essential to purchase longer handles as opposed to smaller roofs that require shorter handles.

These come with long arms, handles or poles that are not necessarily telescopic. Their bristles can be made from any material. The handles are usually composed of wood or plastic or light metal.

Factors to Consider When Buying a Roof Brush

According to a patent filed by Julius Mekwinski, a roof brush comprises a horizontal arm pivotally attached to a vertical arm at a pivot assembly. A cleaning head is disposed on the vertical arm, and has bristles at a predetermined bristle angle to the horizontal arm to maximize the effectiveness of the instant roof brush in cleaning debris off a roof. Following are the factors that will determine which brush to pick


Roof brooms come in different sizes depending on the nature of the task to be performed. Sizes range from that of a toothbrush, 36-inch deck brushes to the household version which is usually accompanied by a dustpan. Following are the roles of brushes on roofs

Cleaning the Roof

Thisis the fundamental purpose of using brushes on roofs. Some clean tiny cracks onthe roofs while others are for cleaning enormous roof surfaces. Brushes performvarious cleaning tasks such as

  • Scrubbing stains off roof surfaces
  • Removing dirt and debris
  • Removing grime from roof surfaces
  • Dusting off the tiny figurine

Roof Coating

Coating brushes make applying heavy coatings easy and first. Coatings can help protect your roof from severe weather conditions that end up damaging your roof. With roof coatings, you have an additional layer of protection from these conditions.

Application of bleaches and other roof cleaning chemical solutions

Brushesare used to apply regular bleaches on rooftops. Some bleaches contain chlorineand harsh chemicals that may be harmful when it comes into contact with nakedskin.

Design of the roof-corrugate


Roofscome in different designs; one should pick a brush type that perfectly fitsinto a corrugate. For flat roofs, flat brushes would be ineffective.

Specific areas of roof to clean

Specificbrushes are only suitable for cleaning specific regions on the roof. Hard brushes cannot be used on soft spotssince they would cause damage to the roof. Contrariwise, soft brushes can neverbe used to clean tough stains since the brush would be ineffective.


Oneconsiders the cost of purchasing a roof cleaning brush before purchasing.However, one should purchase an effective brush despite high cost consideringthat cheap sometimes proves to be expensive.


Aperson also considers the lifespan of a brush before purchasing. Longer lastingbrushes are more preferable since it would save on cost and time taken topurchase the brush frequently.

Extendable Paint Brush Wickes

Ease of use

Brushes that are not complicated in assembling or dismantling are most preferable. Ease of use saves on a cleaners’ time.

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