Tellraw Text Format It would be nice to have a way to format String and Number in the current JSON tellraw command. Indeed, if I want to print, for example, my X coordinate position. Currently, tellraw clickEvents do not support JSON text while hoverEvents do. In this example, there is a player selection menu of all online players shown to all players where the player clicks on the name to set their TargetPlayerID score to the ID score of the clicked player. #minecraft #コマンド #BEコマンド講座・応用編「tellrawコマンド」について紹介いたします。Ver1.16.100からプレイヤー名の表示やスコアボードの値の. Cd /path/to/tellraw then python -m http.server 8000. Navigate to localhost:8000. If you do not have Python 3, Python 2 supports: python -m SimpleHTTPServer 8000. 'Minecraft' content and materials are trademarks and copyrights of Mojang and its licensors. This site is not affiliated with Mojang.

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Create a MOTD for your server. Select the right text and colors, and get the final MOTD for your server config.

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Votifier tester

Is the port open, and do the player get the right rewards? Test your Votifier setup and listeners, and find out.

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Whitelist creator

Tired of typing /whitelist too many times? Type a list of usernames and get a ready-to-use whitelist.json file.

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An easy way to create the wildest banners. Select the color and pattern.

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View and search in all blocks and items. Find the id or ingame name of your favorite block.

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Server status checker

View the status of Minecraft servers, without having to open the game client.

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Armour stand

Easy and handy tool to create an armor stand and get the command to spawn it in-game.

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Minecraft JSON

Create /tellraw, books, signs and much more very easy.

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A tool to spawn anything, and set the NBT data and more.

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Formatting Codes

Not really a tool, but a handy reference for formatting codes and how they work.

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Paste, share and analyse your server logs via a website, plugin, mod or API.

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