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If you and your partner love visiting new places together, or if it seems like both of you have a never-ending case of wanderlust, then a travel-themed wedding makes total sense for you when it's time to start planning your big day. Luckily, there are plenty of travel theme wedding ideas you can use to incorporate your love of exploration and adventure into your wedding decor. Whether you're into backpacking, glamorous getaways, or something in between, these ideas will help jumpstart your travel-themed wedding vision board.

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What is a travel-themed wedding?

The travel-themed wedding style tends to be a mixture of boho and whimsical aesthetics, with the ultimate goal of creating an ambience that's both welcoming and eclectic—most importantly, it should be full of your personality and love of travel! Popular decor accents for a travel theme include things like globes, vintage suitcases, postcards, airplane motifs, stamps, and maps. Bright wedding colors are an easy way to give your travel-themed wedding a boost of fun, so we suggest choosing eye-catching colors like yellow, blue, red, fuchsia, and turquoise.

Travel Theme Wedding Ideas

Not sure where to start? We've got you. Here are some of our favorite ideas for a travel-themed wedding—your next adventure begins now!

Event planning by Hazel & Bloom Events; Calligraphy by Cottonwood Print

Travel-themed wedding invitations

Decorate your save-the-dates, wedding invitations, and other stationery with travel-themed details, like a hot air balloon motif, airplane motif, or even the geographical coordinates of your wedding location. Complete the invitations with themed stamps, or source unique vintage ones from Etsy.

Passport wedding invitations

We love this alternative invitation idea if you're having a destination wedding. Work with your wedding stationer to create a themed stationery booklet that looks like a passport—you can include all of the important wedding invitation details, along with helpful travel tips for your guests.

Comfortable wedding attire

Practical attire is especially important if your travel-themed wedding is taking place in an unexpected locale, like at the top of a mountain. Skip the fancy gowns, tuxedos, and footwear in favor of clothes that make it easy to move around (hiking boots optional!) and are appropriate for your venue.

Event planning by Hazel & Bloom Events; Calligraphy by Cottonwood Print

Engraved compass wedding gift

Watches are a popular wedding day gift to give your spouse, but for a travel wedding theme, why not surprise your S.O. with a personalized compass instead? This one has a sweet engraved message on the back that reads, 'So you can always find your way back home.'

Airplane hangar wedding venue

Don't hesitate to think outside the box when it comes to your travel-themed wedding venue. Unique transportation-inspired venues, like airplane hangars, aviation museums, and train stations, will add an extra-memorable element to your special day.

Wedding welcome sign

This wedding welcome sign is elegant while staying on-theme thanks to a subtle postal motif in the top right corner. Vintage suitcases and hurricane lanterns turn the sign into a focal point at the venue entrance.

Vintage map wedding seating chart

Direct your wedding guests to their reception tables with this travel-themed seating chart. Use a vintage world map as the background for printable or hand-written seating assignments.

Event planning by Hazel & Bloom Events; Calligraphy by Cottonwood Print

Luggage tag wedding escort cards

If you prefer individual wedding escort cards instead of a seating chart, leather luggage tags are a creative idea for a travel-inspired wedding. Hire a professional calligrapher to write the guests' names—these also double as wedding favors!

Event planning by Erin Marie Weddings

Vintage suitcases

Vintage and antique suitcases are staple pieces when it comes to travel-themed wedding ideas. You can use them almost anywhere, whether it's to fill an empty corner at your venue, create a unique wedding cake display, or collect cards and gifts.

Event planning by White Lace Events & Design

Up-themed wedding table centerpiece

If you're inviting kids to your wedding, they'll love this adorable Up-inspired centerpiece (and we're pretty the sure adults will, too).

Vintage travel postcards

From table numbers to place cards, there are a million different ways to use vintage postcards in your travel-themed wedding decor. If you can find postcards from your wedding location, honeymoon spot, or another place that holds significance for you and your partner, that's even better!

Globe wedding guest book

Skip the traditional tabletop guest book and ask your guests to sign a globe instead. Not only does it match the travel-themed wedding aesthetic, but it's something you'll actually want to display it in your home after the wedding. Check out local thrift stores for vintage globes, or purchase a customized one on Etsy.


Travel-themed wedding koozies

Koozies are a tried-and-true wedding favor, and they'll come in handy right away if you put them out at the start of your reception. Customize yours with a cute travel-inspired phrase like, 'Our adventure begins' and your wedding date.

Vintage camper photo booth

This vintage-camper-turned-photo-booth is an added source of entertainment during cocktail hour and when guests are taking a break from the dance floor. Browse local event rental companies to find one for your reception.


Personalized wedding favors

Would you believe us if we told you this was chocolate? Treat your guests to a similar wedding favor idea by decorating custom cookies or candy with travel-themed details, like a compass.

Tile inspired-wedding cake

For your wedding cake, pull inspiration from some of your favorite trips and work with your wedding cake baker to design something you love. This tile-inspired wedding cake reminds us of Barcelona or Santorini.

Are you a keen traveler? Can’t live without travelling and planning your trips? Then you should definitely express your passion in home décor, let it be a home of a traveler! I have some cool ideas to share, they will show your favorite hobby in a stylish way, without being tasteless or excessive, let’s have a look.


Maps scream travelling like nothing else! We advise to incorporate a world map into your home décor: make a statement wall in your bedroom or living room, hang it in your home office to inspire yourself to work and earn for more travelling. You can not only hang a map but use more creative ideas, for example, removable wall decals and various types of wall art: string wall art, graphic wall art, paper map art with lights or others. Point the destinations of your trips there and maybe attach some photos to bring the great memories. The good thing about it is that you can realize all these décor ideas yourself, just for cheap or almost for nothing!

cover a wall in your home office with a large map of the world or some country and point the places where you've already been

a world map headboard is an interesting solution for a travel-inspired bedroom (Gaile Guevara)

industrial bedroom design with a headboard wall covered with a world map

map collage with lights that point the trip destinations

a vintage world map on a wall is a great way to show your travel addiction (Ana Williamson Architect)

kitchen wall mural of wood featuring the map of the world

white brick wall with black graphic map of the world as a wall art

cozy Scandinavian bedroom decor with a wolrd map wall mural

bold eclectic dining room with a mpa of the world as a statement decoration

Travel Themed Nursery

string world map wall art with photos from the trips

vintage-inspired world map wall art for traditional spaces

minimalist black and white living room with black world map wall decals

seaside bedroom decor with map bedding to dream of travelling before falling asleep

black and grey world map wall mural looks contrasting with a neon yellow sideboard

make your living room more inspiring with a world map and point your trips on it

This is how you could rock both, a stack of vintage suitcases and a world map in a kids room (Jeni Lee)


Travel theme decor

Suitcases, especially vintage ones, can be repurposed into various pieces of furniture and just décor, and all of them have a big advantage – they can be a comfy storage space! Paint them if needed to match your colors and style and then stack them on each other in your bedroom and create a cool bedside table, or use just one if it’s enough. You can also repurpose a suitcase into a console or a table for your hallway, just add legs and it will be a comfy storage piece with a unique look. suitcases can be also repurposed into shelves of any kind, and here you just need your trip souvenirs and photos – and a perfect travel-themed display is ready!

vintage suitcases stacked in your entryway can be not only a source of inspiration but also creative storage

a vintage suitcase coffee table is a great way to bring a travel vibe to a living room (Pavilack Design)

vintage suitcase turned into a console table for an entryway looks cool

a vintage suitcase can become a great nightstand in your bedroom

repurpose an old suitcase into your nightstand and rock it for storage

you could make a beauty table from a vintage suitcase

a stack of old suitcases fit nice into an awkward corner and even acts as a console table

feminine bedroom with two suitcase stacked for a bedside table, they look so dreamy and inspiring

a small home bar could fit into a large vintage suitcase

painted vintage suitcases could be used as a bedside table in a beach-inspired bedroom (sususu)

rustic bedroom decor with a vintage suitcase nightstand

old suitcases stacked on each other and a mirror on top for a unique nightstand

a black and white gallery wall is an elegant idea for every home

suitcase bookshelves will be great for any room, and you can add your travel photos there

Travel Gallery Walls

What can be better than a gallery wall with photos from your own trips? I guess, nothing inspires more than those amazing memories and picturesque places! You can create a gallery wall with different configurations, shapes and looks, it may be eclectic or regular, with one type of frames or various, with one size of photos or different – just remember that it should perfectly fit your space. When you introduce metallics, stained woods, colored frames, etc. things can start to become visually distracting, so prefer something more neutral to focus at the photos themselves.

perfectly arranged gallery wall with pics of different sizes

make a wall art of decorative plates that you've brought from various countries

light-filled and sweet photo gallery wall with pics from trips, all of them in white frames and of the same size

Travel Themed Bedroom

hang globes in your nursery as a kid's mobile - it's a very inspiring idea

photos in black frames covering the whole wall as a statement

a world map in the center and lots of pics from trips around it


You can make or buy various accessories and decorations – there are a lot of DIYs on the web and lots of items to buy, look at some of them here to get inspired and turn your home into a traveler’s cave!

Travel Themed Bags

photos from different places of various sizes and in various colors

Travel Theme


create a wall art of foreign coins from the countries you've been to

a gallery wall dedicated to the favorite trip with the map and pics

open shelves is a perfect solution to display all stuff you bring from your trips (Alison Damonte Design)

displaying vintage building plans is a great alternative to displaying vintage maps (Hoedemaker Pfeiffer)

a wall covered with oriental masks is an interesting solution for those who like africa-inspired decor

Travel Theme Decor

oriental plates from all around the world could be used to decorate a wall behind a daybed (Patty Kennedy Interiors, LLC)