Very Fine Paint Brushes

Discount prices on a variety of fine art painting brushes from some of the most popular brands including Raphael, Princeton, Winsor and Newton, Loew Cornell, Yasutomo Japanese brushes and more! Brushes for watercolor painting, landscape oil painting, and more. Don't forget Brush Storage Holders & Brush Cleaners.

  1. Rigger – These long, thin round brushes work well with fluid paint. Originally used to paint the rigging of ships in paintings, they are the fine liners of the brush world. Rigger brushes, also known as liner brushes, make long continuous strokes that are useful for painting fine details like branches, as well as for lettering and calligraphy.
  2. This set of ultra-fine paint brushes are good for miniatures, nail art, or painting. The brushes have unique triangular grips which make for a secure and comfortable hold for extended periods of time. There’s one flat, one liner, and five rounds. Pros: Unique ergonomic grip makes for a comfortable hold, comes in a carrying pouch.

Bought the brushes as new replacements for old (30+ years!) fine brushes that were originally used with fine model building activities. Haven't used them yet, but very pleased with the finish/build quality, and small detailing that I'll be able to do with the brushes. Along with the MA-Brushes you will get the Magic Canvas, which is a Photoshop file that includes 26 very special Fine Art Canvas Textures that also harmonize with the Brushes! This file has a 5000.3299 resolution so it is constructed for large paintings and prints.

Landscape Brushes are hand shaped and made according to precise specifications for Bob's wet on wet technique, these top quality, natural bristle brushes achieve superb, predictable effects. Imitations and substitutes simply cannot duplicate the extraordinary performance of these precision painting tools.

Floral Brushes are small and precise. These soft, natural bristle brushes create those special effects unique to florals from tiny florets to expansive petals and muted, subtle blending to the finest details. Hand shaped and individually inspected.

Established in 1929 by Frederick Mink, the FM Brush Company has over 85 years of experience in creating high quality brushes that feature the right blend of form and function. Here at Hofcraft we carry a variety of popular art and craft brushes in the Dynasty Black Gold series, Dynasty Black Silver series, Decorator 300 Series and other assorted brush lines.

Ideal for varnishing, painting or staining. Any application where brushstroke marks or hairs left in the finish will be a problem.

Your favorite, high quality golden taklon brushes are back in this exciting 9 piece starter brush set from King Art! King Art, part of the Cornell family, is pleased to offer this Decorative Painting Golden Taklon Brush Set as part of the 'Original Gold' 9000 Series of golden taklon brushes.

Loew Cornell Brushes

We carry most of the Loew-Cornell brush line as well as their brush cleaners, brush tubs and Betterway products. Loew Cornell brushes represent outstanding value for the serious artist. Tole Painters, Decorative Artists, Rosemalers, Watercolorists or Canvas Painters in Oil or Acrylic. Hofcraft The Painters Source has the Loew Cornell brush for you.

Professional Permalba brushes are made from the best quality materials available in the world to offer artists hand-crafted, exquisite painting instruments. Professional Permalba brushes are a mix of pure red sable and white bristle.

Very Fine Oil Paint Brushes

Princeton Decorative Mini-Detailer 3050 Series - NEW!
Princeton Velvetouch 3950 Series - 50% off
Princeton Neptune Watercolor Series 4750 - 60% Off

Raphael has been crafting brushes outside of Paris for over 200 years. We cannot promise that the Raphael brushes you buy will be this old, because Raphael brushes sell rather quickly and are hard to keep in stock. The point? The Raphael brushes are well made by experienced people in France where brushmaking has a long history.

Robert Simmons has been making popular brushes for many years. Teachers have come to our warehouse with Robert Simmons White Sable brushes that they have treasured for 30 years. We carry the Tolemaster Brushes for Decorative Painters and White Sable brushes for Watercolor.

We have Robert Simmons Skyflow, Goliath, and Skyscraper brushes for watercolorists...

Other Robert Simmons brushes are available via special order. Allow 3 to 4 weeks delivery. Minimum quantities of 3 to 6 of a particular brush may apply...

Royal - A good quality Golden Taklon brush for those who are looking for the best value.
Langnickel - Blend of badger Hair is soft yet has good snap. Is very wear resistant. The secret to their spring and capacity lies in a substantial amount of hair set in the ferrule. Some of our artists have brushes in use that are over 20 years old.

Winsor and Newton has a long history of making fine art products. We have a great selection of Winsor and Newton products. From Artist Oils, Alkyds, Watercolors, Acrylics, Pastels, to Brushes, Art Mediums, Papers, Portfolios, and Derwent Pencil Sets. Check out our prices and wide selection. If Winsor and Newton makes it, we can get it.

Ultra Fine Paint Brushes


Hake Brushes for Watercolor, Oil or Ceramic

Extra Fine Paint Brushes