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Buy your favourite Musical Instruments and Professional Audio Systems online from Orchestra Megastore, the leading Pro Audio and Musical Instrument Retailer in Middle East. Among the most distinctive VOX AC30 models are the two-tone amps that dominated the British rock scene in the early 1960s. Today, you can own that same style with a unit like the VOX AC30C2 Limited 30W 2x12 Two Tone TV Front Tube Guitar Combo Amp. Vox MSB25UJ Mini Super-Beetle 25-Watt Guitar Amplifier. Fly the flag that launched a thousand bands. 50W mini stack amplifier. Union Jack design. Output power: Maximum approx. 50 W [email protected] ohms, 25 W [email protected] ohms, 12.5 W [email protected] ohms. Save money on Used Vox Amplifiers & Effects at Guitar Center. All pre-owned items are rated and scored. Buy online or at your local store today!

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Best known for its amplifiers and electric organs, Vox made some groundbreaking strides when it came to making electric guitars. Vox guitars are visually unique; this is one company that, unlike most others at the time, didn't just make copies of what was already popular (although their initial guitars were Fender copies), Vox soon gave their guitars a new, defining shape. The Mark VI and Phantom VI soon became two of their most-popular guitars and are still easily recognized by their unique shapes. Vox' greatest contribution to the world of electric guitars, however, was their extensive willingness to experiment with sound and electronics in ways that other guitar-makers had not.

Brian Jones of the Rolling Stones played a Vox Mark VI that was specially-designed for him.

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Vox ac30 for sale
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1964 Vox Ac30 For Sale

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Ac30 Vox Amp For Sale

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1964 Vox Ac30 For Sale


Vintage Vox Ac30 For Sale

Original Vox Ac30 For Sale

If you’re reading this ad you know exactly what this is! Here we have an unbelievable sounding and nearly bone stock JMI 1963 Vox AC30. The AC30 is arguably one of the most sought after vintage amplifiers in history and this one shows you why. Excellent clean tones as well as nice and fat breakup. The trem sounds fabulous and is nice and strong. Original Woden transofmers and aside from a partial recap this baby is all original. Don’t miss out on this one……We’ll even throw in the original footswitch!Year: 1963.Model: AC30Serial: 8739 B.Condition: Overall in fantastic condition less some minor tolex wear on the bottom left side, the middle handle being broken, and the bottom missing for the footswitch. Otherwise this AC30 is exceptionally clean.Modifications: NoneComments: Incredible 1963 Vox AC30.