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We dj nyc presents: dj vlad z. Starting up as a sound designer for roundabout, he soured in his feild to fully engineer the broadway show “urinetown” in american airlines theatre in the heart of times square. ‎Get the party started with WeDJ for iPhone. Developed by Pioneer DJ – the brand known for its club-standard DJ equipment – this app offers a flexible and seamless DJ experience. Play and mix music from streaming services such as Beatport LINK and SoundCloud Go+, as well as tracks stored on your iPho. How to enable soundcloud on WeDJ I have recently purchased a pioneer DDJ-200 controller and upgraded my soundcloud account to soundcloud+ to be able to use it with the WeDJ app. The problem is I can't figure out how to enable soundcloud within the app and cannot find a how-to anywhere online. WeDj also has Soundcloud Go integration to mix their songs. With FX effects, you can mix your songs by selecting up to 11 sound presets (the set, of course, is not large, but for phones and live non-profit performances, they are enough). More details: WEDJ PIONEER.

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Wedj Soundcloud

Wedj Soundcloud Android

Wedj Soundcloud

Since our mission is to provide you with the best creator tools and resources to grow your career, we’ve partnered with Serato, Virtual DJ and DEX 3 to bring streaming to DJ applications. Today we’re adding Pioneer DJ to the list, giving you another way to level-up your workflow and find more music for your next set.

Or your first set. Even if you’re new to DJing, Pioneer DJ’s easy-to-use WeDJ app simplifies things so that anyone (👋) can start mixing SoundCloud’s millions of tracks within their DJ app using a SoundCloud Go+ subscription. Here’s how:

  • On iOS, download and log in to WeDJ to use on the go, or connect the app with Pioneer DJ’s DDJ-200 controller.
  • Enable SoundCloud within the app and sign in to your account (you need to be a SoundCloud Go+ subscriber).
  • Restart your WeDJ app to pull in tracks from your SoundCloud playlists, and to search, mix and stream from SoundCloud’s catalog of official releases, emerging creator content, and everything in between – directly from the app, in real time.

In addition to accessing this growing list of DJ integrations, SoundCloud Go+ gives you offline and ad-free listening to SoundCloud’s entire catalog and the ability to stream in high quality audio. If you haven’t upgraded yet, that’s okay. There are a few different (and discounted) ways* to get SoundCloud Go+:

  • Looking for the best value for DJs? Get our premium creator subscription Pro Unlimited and then add SoundCloud Go+ for half the cost; this option gives you industry-leading creator tools to grow your career, plus the ability to mix with select DJ apps.
  • Are you a college or university student? Get SoundCloud Go+ for 50% off here.
  • Just want to keep it simple? You can purchase a standalone subscription here.

We’ll be rolling out integrations with other leading DJ applications later this year, so stay tuned. If you’re a label or distributor that doesn’t have a deal with us yet and would like to be involved in partnerships like this one, reach out to [email protected].

Wedj Soundcloud

*Note, offers cannot be combined.