Woocommerce Google Shopping

This is the ultimate WooCommerce Google Shopping feed plugin that consists of multiple features to optimize your product feed and display your products on worldwide selling channels. It enables advanced category mapping to map your store product categories with the channel categories. Google Shopping ads are a great way to improve the reach of your WooCommerce products. In addition, due to the detailed nature of Google Shopping ads, which have product image and pricing information, conversion possibility is high too.

Google Shopping is a very important channel for online store owners with a great conversion rate. All you have to do is to observe the Google specifications. Thus, it is sensible to choose a plugin to generate and update the same. Leave a comment if you have a query on creating Google shopping ad campaigns for your WooCommerce store. The Google Product Feed extension is a WooCommerce Google Shopping plugin that helps you to create a real-time feed to submit product information to Google Merchant Center. It makes your products more discoverable in Google searches. It also helps you display Google Shopping Product Ads. You can also use this plugin for Bing’s Merchant Centre. The ELEX WooCommerce Google Shopping Plugin (Google Product Feed) for Google Shopping Integration is a robust and handy plugin to feed your WooCommerce products to Google Shopping for displaying your products and shopping ads when online shoppers search for it.

Google Ads & Marketing by Kliken is a streamlined, automated Google Shopping solution that is designed to help you reach customers to drive traffic to your store and grow sales.

We want to see your store succeed so we have compiled some tips and tricks below to help you along the way. You can get your products on Google in just a few minutes and there is no marketing experience required

About Google Ads & Marketing ↑ Back to top

Google Ads & Marketing is the easiest way to promote your products across Google so you can get discovered on any budget. Our solution manages and automates everything you need to:

  • Create or link a Google Merchant Center Account
  • Optimize Smart Product feeds with daily inventory sync
  • Access free listings on surfaces across Google and the Google Shopping Tab
  • Run paid Smart Shopping campaigns to promote products across Google, Gmail, YouTube and the Display Network .

How to install Google Ads & Marketing to your Woo store ↑ Back to top

  1. Install and activate the plugin for your WordPress website
  2. Select ‘Get Started’
  3. Complete the short sign-up form to create your account and password
  4. Grant Google Ads & Marketing the necessary permissions once prompted
  5. Once permissions are granted, you are ready to get your products on Google

How to get your products on Google ↑ Back to top

Once Google Ads & Marketing is installed and you have set up your account, you can begin the process to optimize your store and promote your products.

Step one: Targeting – Select where you would like to show your products.

Step two: Store Setup – Select your store category and choose which products you wish to advertise. This helps ensure that your products show up at the right

Step three: Store Review – Our campaign diagnostic tool will scan your store settings and selected categories to check for common errors or policy concerns. If there are any errors, we will provide detailed instructions on how to fix them.

For example, selling apparel requires that you provide specific item attributes such as color, size, or gender. In some cases, it could be a lack of tax and shipping settings, which are required in certain countries.

Step four: Store Preview – Preview your store selections to proceed to checkout.

Step five: Checkout – Choose how you want to market your products and complete your purchase. The $10 Kliken automation fee covers:

  • Create or link a Google Merchant Center Account
  • Optimize Smart Product feeds with daily inventory sync
  • Access free listings on surfaces across Google and the Google Shopping Tab
  • Run paid Smart Shopping campaigns to promote products across Google, Gmail, YouTube and the Display Network

You can choose your budget for Smart Shopping Campaigns.

Step six: Bundled purchase (Google Shopping Free Listings + Google Shopping Ads) – Confirm your settings for your Smart Shopping campaign. You can update your campaign settings or use the same settings you selected for free listings.

Option one: Use the same products and settings you selected for free listings

Option two: Update your campaign settings

Once your purchase is complete, we’ll automatically verify and attempt to claim your website. Lastly, Google will do a final review of the campaign’s content. Once your products are approved, they will start showing up across Google!

If we cannot get your store approved, we offer a 100% Money Back Guarantee.

How to Manage Your Google Ads & Marketing ↑ Back to top

Since your campaigns are automated, you do not need to manage them each day. However, if you need to update any of the following, you can do so by navigating to Google Shopping → Manage, then click the pencil button to visit the Edit Active Campaign page.

  • Adjust your target location for where your product placements show
  • Modify which of your store’s categories/products you’re advertising
  • Add your own Google account to the Google Merchant Center for your campaign

Track Sales Performance & Campaign Results↑ Back to top

Campaign statistics provide valuable insight like how much traffic you’re getting and how many sales Google Ads & Marketing has generated.

Track performance straight from your Woo Store by navigating to Google Shopping → Dashboard. Once there, you’ll be presented with your campaign analytics.

You can view stats at the campaign level, category level, or even the product level. This way you can figure out exactly what products may or may not be performing to your standards. Understanding reports can help you fine tune your campaign for the best results!

Google Ads & Marketing Advanced Settings↑ Back to top

Advanced options are available if needed. Some examples where this could be useful are if you need to change which store or website is linked to your Google Ads Account.

There are 3 settings under Advanced Options, and they should not be modified unless instructed to do so:

  • Account ID: This ID is created when you make an account in our system. This is used in combination with the application token to connect your store to our system, allowing us to sync your store with your campaign, track sales from your ads, and much more.
  • Application Token: This is a unique token generated to connect your account and store to our system. It is used in a similar manner as the account ID and also serves as an extra layer of security for your account.
  • Google Verification Token: This token is used to help verify your website for Google. The token is installed as an HTML meta tag on your website, and let’s Google know that you are an authorized owner of your website’s URL.

We will look to publish additional help center content, as well as a walkthrough video to make sure users have all you need to succeed. In the meantime, feel free to leave a comment, or reach out to us directly with any questions.

Please be aware that Automattic and our partners Sitewit/ Kliken and Google have access to business metrics for each user so that we can optimize each account. This data includes views, clicks, conversions, cost per click, cost, and revenue.

Shopping is always exciting and interesting. And, most of us are already addicted to online shopping as we can simply scroll through the products by sitting comfortably at home. So, this is the best opportunity for sellers and eCommerce store owners to showcase their products by pushing them to the shoppers’ smartphone screens.

There are many online marketing strategies to improve your business and attract potential customers to drive more sales. But, one of the most effective and quick resulting marketing strategies is, advertising your products through Google shopping ads.

Google shopping ads are quite popular for us – when we search for any products in Google, some products will be displayed in a row on the top or in the right side corner of the Google Search Engine Result Page (SERP). Check an example in the screenshot below:

If you click the Shopping tab, you would get a dedicated page for Google shopping ads listed by various stores and sellers.

Here, you can see the product image, price, title, a small description, and the sellers’ name on each product. If you click on one product, you will be redirected to the product page on the seller’s website. From where you can purchase the products in a couple of clicks.

Benefits of Listing your Products on Google Shopping?

As you can see, almost all details including the seller of all products are visible in a single tab where customers can make quick purchase decisions. Thus, customers can compare these products and prices offered by different sellers and choose one which satisfies all their requirements. If they need to apply filters to sort the products for fast shopping, they can use the filter options on the left side corner.

Sometimes, the customers may come to the Shopping platform after long research on the product and they only need to purchase it as soon as possible. In such cases, they can check the prices and buy it from the store which offers the products at the lowest price. Hence, it helps the customers to compare and purchase the products.

Another advantage of using this method is that you would be able to list your products with the already established sellers in the market. So, if your online store is new in the market, you can use this strategy to attract new customers by providing attractive images and interesting prices for the products. This means it doesn’t matter whether you are an experienced seller or a new seller in the market.

It is basically a virtual market as all sellers will display their products and try to convert a simple product visit into sales. So, there is a tight competition between sellers. The same reason offers an opportunity to sell your products with competitors and make the customers choose your store by providing interesting offers and price drops.

When we consider the customers’ side, they do not need to hover through multiple eCommerce sites and apps to get the exact product they want. Instead of visiting multiple stores, they can come to the Google Shopping tab and search for the products. They would definitely get to see and compare the products from multiple sellers. Similarly, if some customers couldn’t find a product from their favorite stores, they can come to this platform and find it from other sellers.

Thus, advertising on the Google Shopping platform would always help you to boost sales, increase the potential customer flow into your store, and establish your brand value in the industry!

How Does it Work?

When we consider the process theoretically, you have to feed your product details into the Google Merchant Center, meeting all the rules and guidelines demanded by Google. After feeding the products into the Merchant Center, you have to link it with your Google Ads account for creating and displaying the ads of products into the Google Shopping feed. You can track the ads’ performance, reach, and conversions using your Google Analytics account.

You can create the product feed manually by entering the details of your products one by one in a Google Sheet and upload it to the Merchant Center. But if you need to feed hundreds of products into the Merchant Center, it is a bit tedious task. In such a scenario, you can integrate a Google Shopping plugin into your WooCommerce store.

Which is the Best WooCommerce Google Shopping Plugin in the Market?

I would recommend ELEX WooCommerce Google Shopping Plugin (Google Product Feed). There are so many benefits you would get by using this handy and robust plugin. It helps to generate a proper and accurate Google product feed of a large number of products in a systematic way. Within a couple of clicks, you can generate the product feed and add it to your Merchant Center account.

Woocommerce Google Shopping

This plugin will fetch the required product information from your WooCommerce store and add them into an XML/CSV/TSV file to upload to the Google Merchant Center.

Let us go through its major features to get an overview of this plugin.

Woocommerce Google Shopping Feed

Major Features of ELEX WooCommerce Google Shopping Plugin

  1. Seamless configuration of basic product feed information
  2. Easy mapping of product categories and attributes
  3. Option to exclude selected products from adding into the feed
  4. Option to set scheduled refreshment of product details
  5. Efficient management of unlimited feeds
  6. Multi-language support for Google product categories

These are the core features of this Google shopping feed plugin. Let us go through each feature briefly.

1. Seamless Configuration of Basic Product Feed Information

Woocommerce Product Feed Google Shopping

Generating a product feed to upload on the Merchant Center requires some basic information such as choosing a country in which you are targeting to sell your products, considering product variations, choosing a file format such as XML, CSV, or TSV, and so on. You are also required to add a unique project name and description for each feed to distinguish it from other feeds.

2. Easy Mapping of Product Categories and Attributes

For displaying your products as Google shopping ads, you are required to map your product categories with Google’s default product categories, and individual products to Google’s default product categories if some products need to be directly mapped with Google’s product categories. Also, you must map your product attributes such as Product ID, GTIN, Price, and so on with Google’s default attributes.

While mapping product attributes with Google attributes, you can append or prepend any individual product attribute with other attributes. For example, you can prepend the brand name with your product title.

3.Option to Exclude Selected Products from Adding into the Feed

Woocommerce And Google Shopping

If you want to exclude specific products from fetching their details to list on the shopping feed, you can set it on this plugin. You can choose the products by typing the first few letters of their name and choose them from the drop-down pick-up list.

4.Option to Set Scheduled Refreshment of Product Details

Your product details might change rapidly and dynamically. So these details must be reflected on the Google Ads as well. Hence, you can set a scheduled refresh to fetch the data frequently to ensure all the product details are updated on the Google Ads concurrently. You can choose the refresh for daily, weekly, or monthly.

5. Efficient Management of Unlimited Feeds

You can create unlimited product feeds with this plugin and manage them individually using the below options. All generated feeds will be listed in separate rows with the following buttons.

  • Edit: For a quick edit on the feed.
  • Copy: Generating a copy of the feed.
  • Pause Schedule: Pausing the schedule from the refresh.
  • Regenerate Feed: For a quick refresh even though you have set a frequency to refresh the feed.
  • Download Feed: For downloading the feed.
  • View Feed: For a quick view of the generated feed.
  • Delete: To delete the feed.

6. Multi-language Support for Google Product Categories

You can choose a language of product categories based on the country in which you target potential customers. This plugin supports English, Russian, Spanish, German, and French.

To sum up,

Woocommerce Google Merchant Center

To know more details about the plugin, its installation, and activation, you may go through its detailed product documentation. With this simple yet robust plugin, you can generate Google product feeds seamlessly and efficiently.