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WordPress Website and XAMPP. WordPress is the most popular Blogging platform around the World that used by Hundred of thousand of Professional and Personal Blogger and Writer. Even many top sites Ranking under 500 by Alexa using WordPress as their CMS (Content Management System). XAMPP is an acronym for cross (X) platform, Apache, MySQL, Pearl, and PHP. In the above, ‘Apache’ is the webserver software, while ‘PHP’ is a programming language and ‘MySQL’ is a database management software. It would be a daunting task for any beginner to install each software individually to make WordPress run.

Which is one is better? WAMP or XAMPP?

Install wordpress locally xampp

The battle of XAMPP vs WAMP has been a long-standing one. Which server is better? Well, we are going to do a comparative study of XAMPP vs WAMP so that we can find an answer to this query.

Both XAMPP and WAMP are available for free downloading. We have been using them to the local web server on our computer.


Both constitute of MySQL, PHP and Apache Server. Both empower you to develop and run web-applications locally on your PC or laptop. Before you make your website live, you can make modifications on your website locally with the help of WordPress.

You can try different plugins or play with the look and feel of the website by editing the theme. Alternatively, you can create articles locally before you launch your website.

Let’s explore XAMPP vs WAMP below.

XAMPP vs WAMP – A comparison in 2021

Speaking of XAMPP vs WAMP, let’s start with XAMPP.


  • It has more extensions compared to WAMP.
  • XAMPP package comes with Perl, Apache, MySql, and PHP.
  • XAMPP is known for its clean, simple interface; ideal for beginners.
  • XAMPP is supported by MAC as well as Windows/Linux.

Now it is time to learn more about WAMP to find out the winner of XAMPP vs WAMP.

Xampp Wordpress Setup


  • In comparison, WAMP has less number of extension.
  • WAMP packages contain MySql, PHP, and Apache; doesn’t have Perl.
  • The interface is simple. There are several options attached to it, programmers will appreciate it.
  • WAMP is supported only by Linux and Windows.

Decoding XAMPP Server in 2021

It stands merely for Cross-platform, Apache, MariaDB, PHP, and Pearl. XAMPP is an open source platform which is available for free downloading. We have already mentioned that it is a cross-platform server, supported by Mac, Windows, and Linux. Apache is the web server you need to run PHP.

As for MariaDB, it is merely the database where you store your content. MySql’s latest version is referred to as MariaDB. Speaking of Perl and PHP, both are programming languages supported by Apache server.

We use these programming languages to develop new websites. XAMPP is lauded for being a lightweight local server. There is nothing complicated about the setup of the XAMPP server. Using as well is simple.

XAMPP comes with features like mercury mail, supporting Perl and Filezilla, etc. Thanks to XAMPP server, it has become straightforward for you to test without any problem. Given XAMPP is free, open-source software, anybody can download it and use it as per their wishes.

Thanks to the XAMPP server, you will be able to test you will be able to test your website as many times as you need. WordPress users will tell you that XAMPP is extremely useful to them. We can see that XAMPP has a slight edge in the WAMP vs. XAMPP battle.

Xampp wordpress login

WAMP Server

Now we will see the case of WAMP server. We will start with the full form: Windows, Apache, MySql, and PHP. One significant limitation of WAMP server is that it works only with the Windows system.

What you will find most endearing about WAMP server is that there is nothing complicated about the set configuration. As far as the elements that are important to WAMP is a programming language, database, web server, and Operating System.

Speaking of the operating system, it works well in Windows. It also works in the Apache web server that is compatible with Windows. To store the content of your website, you rely on a MySql database.

All these are connected via PHP, the programming language. The package is referred to as the stack server.

Web Hosting

You have a combined package here for this purpose. All that you need is to install it on your computer. You will install all the necessary services. If you are developing your website, then you can use this package to develop and test your website locally before you make it live on the internet.

WordPress web-developers are the biggest beneficiary of this. It’s a powerful tool for WordPress web development.



XAMPP is a cross-platform service, as it works with platforms like Mac, Linux, Windows, etc. That’s not the case with WAMP as it only works in Windows.

You can easily configure and set up XAMPP compared to WAMP.

XAMPP supports Perl, PHP, MySQL whereas WAMP supports only PHP & MySQL.

When it comes to starting the process, all that you need to do is to click on the start button in the case of XAMPP. There is no such button in the case of WAMP.

XAMPP comes with additional features like a file server, mercury mail and Perl compared to WAMP.

XAMPP is appreciated for its light weighted design compared to WAMP.

Xampp Wordpress Slow


It’s time to figure out the winner of XAMPP vs WAMP battle. WAMP and XAMPP are efficient local servers you can rely on. Both come with their advantages.

Web developers find both the tools useful. Developers can test their websites locally before they make it live thanks to both these local servers. If you ask us, we would say WAMP is an ideal choice if you are only using Windows OS and PHP programming language. If you are a beginner, then WAMP is the ideal choice.

However, when it comes to experienced programmers, XAMPP is the ideal server. Here they get to add additional features. Also, they can work on multi-language. You can create a unique website with the assistance of XAMPP.

  • Hey there,

    I’m just getting started with WordPress, and currently using an XAMPP server to try and get a local installation working. The localhost environment is working fine, and I’ve successfully followed the steps here to create a database and user account for WordPress using phpMyAdmin.

    However, when nevigating to localhost/wordpress to enter my credentials into the relevant fields and begin the WordPress installation, I get the error:

    Error establishing a database connection

    I also discovered through a fluke that when I enter no password at all in the password field, I get a different, more specific error that claims my credentials are correct:

    Can’t select database

    We were able to connect to the database server (which means your username and password is okay) but not able to select the hashim_wordpress database.

    Are you sure it exists?

    Does the user Hashim have permission to use the hashim_wordpress database? On some systems the name of your database is prefixed with your username, so it would be like username_hashim_wordpress. Could that be the problem?

    However, this can’t be the case because that user account definitely has a password set.

    My database name is hashim_wordpress, my user account is Hashim, and my password is definitely correct. phpMyAdmin lists my server as, but I’ve also tried localhost.

    What could I possibly be doing wrong here?

    Thank you in advance, I’d really appreciate the help.

Install Wordpress Locally Xampp

  • Did you start the MySQL process?
    Were you at localhost/wordpress or localhost/wordpress/wp-admin/install.php ?

    In phpMyAdmin, did you give the db user the permissions to access the database? That’s what the page is asking you also.

    Does the user Hashim have permission to use the hashim_wordpress database?

    Create test.php

    Your default port is 3306?
    Now delete test.php

    if this also doesn’t work in the host field select localhost instead of any host .. first you have to delete the user and then recreate it

    any host indicates remote access to any ip while the server is blocked on the local ip. I’m glad you solved it and after reading that a charity site I can claim to have done something good for today 🙂

Xampp Wordpress Login

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