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I miss you

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so much!! Remember when we were besties? Walking to class everyday together? Staying up late eating Lean Cuisines and watching marathons of ANTM?! Or when we transferred to different schools...how we didn't talk for a year and than visited each other and it's like we stayed the same...nothing changed. Remember how we used to text each other during class and call each other while walking to the next class!
Than you let me down.Xoxbell
XoxboxAnd all those happy memories faded, revealing the fact that I wasalways there for you when you were barely there for me. I went above and beyond what I should have so that we could hang out and you complained when you had to let go of one day of work...what kind of best friend does that?
I stood by you through the worst and best times in your life...when you were pretty much only there for the worst times in mine. I'm really sad you're not here to be a part of the best times in my life. You held on too tight to what you thought life should be and left no room for change!

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Why do I still miss you when I don't deserve you?......