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Twitter has been going crazy after a video has gone viral of rapper Yella Beezy caught on camera half-naked, with no trousers on, walking through his home in the USA. The video has gone viral on Twitter, and many are meme’ing this moment and commenting on Yella Beezy’s “assets”. Stream Yella Beezy - 'Keep It In The Streets' Here: Yella BeezyTwitter: The relationship between Yella Beezy and Mo3 has been complicated and some suspect antagonistic in nature. Both Texas rappers have been closely tied to street relations. In 2018, Beezy was shot at.

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Yella Beezy - 'That's On Me' Remix (Official Music Video)Click Here to watch Restroom Occupied Music Video Dallas rapper Yella Beezy is the number one trending topic on Twitter today, after an explicit video showing the rapper walking around with his pants down has gone viral, MTO News has learned. The original source of the video is unknown, but it leaked onto social media, and quickly became shared all over the internet.

Dallas rapper Yella Beezy, is presently moving subject on Twitter today, after an express video indicating the rapper strolling around with his jeans down has turned into a web sensation.

The original source of the video is unknown, but it leaked onto social media, and quickly became shared all over the internet.

The video is very strange. In it, Yella Beezy is seen penguin-walking around his home, with his pants around his ankles and the Dallas rapper’s d*ck is swinging and swaying left and right as he struggles to move across the room.

The video appears to have been taken by some sort of a security camera.

Yella Beezy became a star as a teenager and sold drugs to support his family. He was often quarrelled out of school and dropped out of school without having a diploma.

Beezy began writing lyrics and rap when he was 13 years old. Being inspired by artists such as Kelvin Gates and Boosie Badazz, he presented his first mixed band, Mash Mode Overload when he was 14 years old.

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A video that alleges Yella Beezy was arrested by Dallas Police has been making rounds. Amid this, Twitter has been wondering if there is Mo3 connection. However, that is NOT the case. Here’s what happened.

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Yella Beezy, real name Markies Deandre Conway, started trending on Twitter after a video of him surfaced online. In the video, the rapper was seen getting detained by the Dallas police. Many were left confused as to what happened. Some were quick to question the arrest on Twitter.

Why was Yella Beezy arrested?


Several theories have been going on Twitter as to why the rapper was arrested. With videos and screenshots being shared on Twitter, people wanted answers. Amid this, Trapboy Freddy broke his silence on his social media and revealed the rapper just got tickets. “Lol, the internet hell. Chill, he just got tickets,” he wrote.


This comes after several people tried to connect Mo3 case to the rapper’s current arrest. As of now, no official statement has been released by the police. At the same time, Yella Beezy has not broken his silence on this matter.

Yala Beezy’s upcoming single

The news of his arrest comes weeks after he released the music video for ‘Is You F**kin.’ The rapper also opened up about releasing another video by the end of the month. He spoke about working on his music all the time as he noted in an interview, “I’m about to go record in 20 minutes. Whenever I get a beat, I try to go record right then, when it’s fresh on my mind.”


Even during the quarantine, he had been working as he said “I didn’t take no break. Quarantine stopped everything, at least halted it. And I didn’t want to rush the music. It was just a matter of us being able to get out and travel. You had to work harder and take the time to get together and sit down and look at the music.”